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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about the dangers and pitfalls of hiding your intuition and “intuitive blending” instead of standing out.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Intuitives are people who use advanced pattern recognition as their primary learning style.
  • Sensors value reliable information. Intuitives prefer speculation.
  • Intuitives navigate the world that’s not created for them. Because of this, their needs are not met. They can start to believe that they’re broken as if something’s wrong with them.
  • They often ask themselves, “How do I see things the way other people do?” “What is it about me?”
  • Intuitives have the tendency to know they’re different.
  • Since Intuitives are really good in pattern recognition, they don’t get the privilege of blissful ignorance.
  • Perspectives users can sometimes be a little detached by how people see them.
  • Most Intuitives pick up easily. They’re different and very aware of it. They do get this feeling that something is different inside them.
  • Because people who uses the sensory style are looking for something concrete and tangible, in their minds they have categories for everything.
  • When Intuitives start to pretend or act as sensors in order to fit in, they are now doing a process called “intuitive blending”.
  • With intuitive blending, they’re able to speak both intuitive and sensor languages. As a result, they end up denying an integral piece of who they are. Intuitive blending by definition means suppressing who you are. If an intuitive starts to blend, they have disqualified themselves from basically being understood.
  • Intuitive blending is very damaging because they are not getting their primary needs met which is Intuitive Conversation.
  • Intuitives want to make an impact regardless if it’s small or big. They want the world to give feedback that they’re doing an excellent job.
  • Intuitives have a great gift for leadership.
  • A sensor is going to make an impact based on something verifiable and tangible.
  • Intuitive Awakening Program – program specifically targeted to Intuitives which is designed to help them become the best version of themselves.
  • Only 25% of the people who are Intuitives and if they all go blending, the world stagnates.

In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about the dangers and pitfalls of hiding your intuition and “intuitive blending” instead of standing out. #podcast #Intuition #MBTI

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  • Anita
    • Anita
    • May 19, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    This was the most validating experience I’ve ever had. Thank you.

  • Helen
    • Helen
    • March 10, 2018 at 11:14 am

    I have been mistyping but am feeling certain of being an ENFJ. As an intuitive my experience is that I didn’t feel like a weirdo as a child. However, surrounded by sensors, my intuitive self wasn’t nourished and therefore didn’t blossom. As an adult I am very much a ‘blender’. I think my intuition has deepened over the years, especially when I became fascinated by the enneagram ten years ago.

    I talk to my family about personality and spiritual stuff and they are quite interested but the conversation flows one way. There is little feedback or interaction about deeper aspects of life.

    I wonder if another reason we want to make an impact is because we weren’t able to impact our environment (in a meaningful way) as children and this becomes an unfulfilled need?

    Listening to your ENFJ podcast and this one have both touched me deeply. I felt quite emotional listening. Internally, it’s as if I’ve been wandering a planet of the sleeping dead and suddenly I’ve met some wonderful, kind welcoming people….the impact is powerfully moving ♥

    I am so grateful I stumbled upon your website, Thank you.

    P.S. I’m going to take a look at your Awakening and ENFJ Programs.

  • Rebecca Hoppe
    • Rebecca Hoppe
    • January 26, 2018 at 1:30 am

    Hi Angie. I’m having the same feelings. I actually have stopped this podcast a couple of times to wipe away my tears that are falling down my cheeks as I sit at my kid’s hockey practice surrounded by people who are probably sensors. I’ve been in therapy for almost a year, and my therapist keeps telling me I don’t need “fixing.” I haven’t believed her until now. You are not alone. And apparently, neither am I. It’s a happy day.

    On another note, I have just hit the part in the podcast where Antonia talks about the fear of walking away from blending when you are married to a Sensor. I’m very much facing the potential cost of being true to myself. As I’ve started on this personal growth journey searching for self-actualization, I have felt more and more detached from my spouse. Hopefully this is a temporary detachment and we will be one of the success stories. If it is a good thing for me, that is.

  • Angie
    • Angie
    • September 25, 2017 at 2:39 am

    For me, this is the most insightful podcast I’ve heard y’all do related to my personality type. I am an INFP and I have mixed feelings about this podcast because it is painful for me to hear how difficult life is for us intuitives and how those difficulties really do wear us down. Obviously I have experienced this my entire life but hearing the detailed breakdown of why things happened the way they did in terms of failed meaningful connection with others is painful to me. I think about lost time and lost opportunities. Once I learned my type, I tried to do some of the things discussed in the podcast like “coming out of hiding” and leading the way for connection with other intuitives but it never sticks and in many ways I did get punished or dismissed (which is a terrible feeling). Maybe it’s like Antonia said and those other folks are probably still blending. Or they just didn’t care.

    I just constantly wonder what else it will take for me to be amongst non superficial people who are genuine in friendship. I’ll always show up in the world and I’ll keep forging onward, to be sure. It’s just that it would be a slight comfort if the hunger for acceptance and friendship could be in the mix somewhere. In the meantime I’ll keep trying to be the example and be out there. I find that apparently I do need this PH community to muscle through this stuff. It certainly helps me feel less solitary in the quest for meaningful friendships and connections.

  • Pontus Resin
    • Pontus Resin
    • July 26, 2016 at 12:34 pm

    Very insightful podcast. Like most other people I concur that I have been lost for a long time but that I am slowly but surely finding my own way back to my authentic self. Thanks a ton. I will have to listen to this every now and then to remind myself of this valuable information!

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