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In this podcast Joel and Antonia talk about making money, the ethics behind it and a way to see money outside of emotion or scarce resource.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • How could you increase your personal development through wealth generation?
  • As soon as companies saw the opportunity to earn money from blogs and podcasts, a lot of businessmen joined the wave. When you get a big enough audience, opportunities arise.
  • We assume that money has two levels of maturity.
  • Money, just like anything else, has a maturity line depending on how you view it.
  • Robert Anton Wilson labels them as green bio survival tickets.
  • How should money be utilized and what are some of the appropriate and inappropriate ways of using them?
  • Money is completely built within the infrastructure of our psychology. In the past, coins were actually made by real precious metals.
  • Ultimately, it’s just us making unspoken social contracts about what value is.
  • Try asking yourself these questions:
    • What’s my relationship with money?
    • How do I see value, what’s my relationship with money?
    • How do I evaluate other people’s services and content?
    • Where am I at in my personal development in terms of my relationship with money?
  • How people view money depends on where they are right now on their personal development.
  • How do you evaluate the services of other people?
  • Where is your relationship with at in your personal development?
  • Exercise: Shift your perspective on money for value and resource. It’s about seeing it as an easy way of the bartering system.
  • Money may be one of the emotional things that impact our lives as humans. We literally spend hours of our lives in exchange of money.
  • Money is emotional and psychological. You can track what level of development you’re at based on your relationship with money.
  • Our relationship with money does change as we grow. Check out the Graves Model podcast to learn more.
  • Majority of people are in Graves level 4 and 6.
  • Graves 4 –No matter where you go and what you buy, it’s always expensive.
  • Graves 5 – Resources are limitless. People tend to overprice, super competitive money-making behavior.
  • Graves 6 – Relationship with money becomes very much about value exchange, making sure you are getting back to people in high value ways.
  • There’s always room for people to create value for others.
  • Fundamentally, here at Personality Hacker, we want to make sure that people become the best version of themselves.
  • What is my current relationship with money? What are the some of the big things in the world that I can turn my attention to?
  • Setup a system where you can focus on making an impact to your community.

Exercises we recommend in this podcast:

  • Shift your perspective on money for value and resource. It’s about seeing it as an easy way of the bartering system.
  • Re-evaluate your life circumstances to ask yourself “could I model what some of my favorite entertainment and business models and make a big impact to the world?”

In this podcast Joel and Antonia talk about making money, the ethics behind it and a way to see money outside of emotion or scarce resource. #money

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  • Erika
    • Erika
    • October 16, 2017 at 11:23 am

    I’m learning to trust that even with the podcast episodes with titles that make me think “hm, I’m not sure if this is going to interest me/be relevant to where I’m at right now” you will go ahead and talk about the topic in a way that’s endlessly interesting to me, and will leave me happy and grateful to have listened to the episode. Thank you for what you do.

  • Omar
    • Omar
    • May 25, 2017 at 6:52 am

    after posting this long rambling comment below I read your comment and realized you said it all in a beautiful succinct way!

  • Omar
    • Omar
    • May 25, 2017 at 6:45 am

    I identify with the INFJ personality type, and the issue with money, for me, is that when I want to provide a freelance service for someone in exchange for money, or working for a company (doing work in exchange for money), I start to tell myself that the work I did was not worth the money I am receiving, that it was somehow not perfect enough, I am not being honest enough, I am not professional enough… Or I end up spending so much time trying to perfect my work that I’m not making so much money any more.

    2 examples:

    Repairing a wall with gypsum board and putty, normally would take someone else a couple of hours and they would charge $250. It took me a couple of days and I got $150.

    Computer drafted drawing of some engineered mechanism that takes other people a few hours takes me the whole day because I want to produce a work of art, while others just speed through it leaving a lot of imperfections (although the drawing would be generally acceptable) If we both got a $100 dollars for the same drawing I’m working for 8 dollars an hour while others make 20 because it takes me so long worrying about if it’s good enough.

    Then I started thinking that I should be a highschool teacher so the material I am working with is a human being, something which is not finite like gypsum board or an engineering drawing; molding a students understanding of the world, a person’s personality, self confidence etc. I have the opportunity to affect a change that could potentially be infinite (helping someone direct the course of their life and that effects them, their family, their children, grandchildren etc.) so that’s work I would not feel guilty about getting paid a high salary for.

    I guess the issue is that “INFJ” or related types of people feel this need to affect the world in an unbounded limitlessly positive way and if we are not doing that, I mean if we are working with restricted, limited things no matter what you pay me it feels like it’s worth $0. (and even if I perfected that repair in the wall or that engineering drawing – what good have I really done? what does it matter? is that worth anything? why should someone pay me money for that?)

    so I guess it’s not about money after all…it’s about doing something meaningful. Then if you want to pay me a million dollars for doing that I would happily accept and more happily spend it to accomplish something even more meaningful
    example: pay me to be a teacher of a student and with my salary I could build a school for a hundred more students. (of course I’m not thinking about paying the bills!!!)

  • Jako
    • Jako
    • May 21, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    I understand the “importance” of money but I’m not in it for the money
    which is ironic since I often find myself wishing for wealth just so that I can donate it to a just cause…

  • _
    • _
    • May 17, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    You are asking the wrong question. You should be asking: Do we need money anymore? The answer is most certainly NO!

    You are completely ignorant about what money is and who controls the supply. Read the article Money Is Slavery By Proxy:

    Nothing in this 3D illusion has any value, and no value can be created, because it is all an illusion.

    You make certain statements that are totally false.

    “We assume that money has two levels of maturity.”

    Money cannot have maturity because it is an illusion.

    “Money is completely built within the infrastructure of our psychology.”

    False. The families who have ruled the world for centuries have made sure to PROGRAM the illusion called money into us, and propagate this illusion into subsequent generations of man.

    “Exercise: Shift your perspective on money for value and resource. It’s about seeing it as an easy way of the bartering system.”

    False. Money is the way criminal thieves and fraudsters called international bankers and financial elites have bought and continue to buy all corporations, all means of production, the education system, the mainstream media, all politicians and puppet “leaders” of countries, and maintain their dominance and tyranny over all of the people in the world and everything in it, while blocking all technologies, discoveries, inventions, and information that would free us from their control and turn the living situation of man into a utopia (by murdering/imprisoning the people who discover these things, and destroying or taking their work and either using for their own interests of the control of man and resources, genocide, destroying the intellectual, mental, energetic, and physical health and capacity of mankind, and world conquest, or shelving it sonewhere no one will find it). Money is also a control system, by which those who create the money, the international central bankers control every man, woman, and child on Earth, and an unnecessary gatekeeper blocking people from obtaining what they want freely without cost.

    “We literally spend hours of our lives in exchange of money.”

    Change this sentence to “We literally waste our entire lives in the pursuit and exchange of the corrupt criminal scam and illusion called money.”

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