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In this episode Joel and Antonia dive deep into the needs and desires of the ESTP personality type.

In this podcast on the ESTP personality type you’ll find:

ESTP – Sensation/Accuracy in the Genius System.

Antonia’s dad is an ESTP

Car Model

The driver process is Extraverted Sensing (Se), which we have nicknamed “Sensation.”

Sensation is about real time kinetics. Real time sensory processing. They move thru the world with their senses wide open. 5 senses plus all the rest.

Detail oriented. In touch with body. They see world thru tactile means. Right now. In the moment.

Se picks up details differently than Si (Memory). Real time vs over time.

ESTPs are great at body language and spotting What is out of place.

Si types like reliability. Se like verifiability. Se likes experiences. They have extremely high kinesthetic intelligence.

Good athletes. Performers.

Mind remaps the body to include whatever instrument the Se is using – musical, tools, cars, etc.

Not everybody with Se as Driver function is necessarily an athlete. But usually when they give it a try they are naturally proficient.

Antonia’s father was interested in chemistry.

The co-pilot is Introverted Thinking (Ti), which we have nicknamed “Accuracy.”

Accuracy likes to ask, “What makes sense?”

It is very analytical. It looks for congruency. Very technical.

ESTPs can get inappropriately stereotyped as dumb jocks.

They like to go into fields of study that require a lot of analysis and quick thinking. Science is filled with ESTPs.

They like a lot of high pressure deal making. Marketing. Stocks.

They are great at spotting leverage points to create the greatest optimization.

ESTPs can get an adrenaline rush from a cerebral experience.

Survey revealed that ESTPs feel challenged in social situations.

ESTPs 10-year-old process is Extraverted Feeling (Fe), which we have nicknamed “Harmony.”

When Fe is done well it is about getting everyone’s needs met. At a 10 yr old level this could cause anxiety. If Fe supports Ti, it works. If Ti is skipped because of social anxiety, Fe can become defensive or critical.

Don’t skip copilot in preference for tertiary.

Accuracy’s (Ti) radical honesty can be difficult if it brings antagonistic responses from society.

ESTPs can become paranoid of what others think of them if they skip their copilot process of Accuracy.

Se is great at reading body language. Paired wrongly with Fe, it becomes paranoid.

Ti is fair and equal. ESTPs have a soft place for the underdog. The most overlooked component of ESTPs is how much of a soft spot they have for the disenfranchised.

If ESTPs skip the copilot, they can end up worrying about propriety and social expectations.

The fear that people will think negatively of you goes away when you develop Ti. Now you’re not being a dick, you’re being radically honest, fair and egalitarian.

The 3-year-old process is Introverted Intuition (Ni), which we have nicknamed “Perspectives.”

Perspectives is about watching your own mind form patterns so you can understand how other people’s minds form patterns.

Lot of speculative, future pacing thinking. As a Driver, such people can shift perspectives and see things from another person’s point of view.

As an inferior process this will show up with unsophisticated speculative thinking. Paranoia people are seeing you as less than you are.

Ego. “I Don’t care what other people think.”

Fear of future. ESTPs are good at improvisation. They can Show up at a situation and dance their way thru thanks to their ability to improvise. Ni will keep ESTPs from realizing how good they are at improvisation.

Ni May show up for ESTPs as endless possibilities for the future. Pie in the sky dreams. Never truly finding satisfaction and going onto new opportunities.

Ifl ESTPs rest into one thing and focus on that they can root themselves and excel.

Sensing Podcast

Se is Adrenaline oriented. If your mind is always ready to hit an adrenaline rush and your world doesn’t give you that opportunity, you are going to get bored.

ESTPs can craft their life any way they want. Surgeons. Pilots. Educators.

Having an adrenaline fueled life is a great way to rest into rooting for the underdog.

Precision in life will improve the ESTPs contentment.

ESTPs may unconsciously sabotage relationships because they’re bored and they are hoping for something more interesting.

If work is boring, try to find a hobby. ESTPs will have better relationships if they aren’t bored.

Optimize each experience through the Accuracy process. Optimize and perfect your craft. Become an artisan at what you do.

In this episode Joel and Antonia dive deep into the needs and desires of the ESTP personality type. #podcast #ESTP #MBTI

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  • Ken
    • Ken
    • December 21, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    As an ISTP I relate to some of these things. My accuracy gets me looking and sounding like a jerk in social situations with people who lead in the Harmony position. Frustrating because they don’t see or care that the inaccuracy is unfair or hurting people.

    I also relate to the being bored thing. I’m going through that right now and it causes my world to feel like it and me are stuck. This podcast is very helpful and informative. (looking forward to the ISTP podcast when it comes out!)

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