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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about how Intuitives can avoid developing a superiority complex.

In this podcast you’ll find:

The idea of iNtuitive superiority surfaces when Intuitives encounter Myers-Briggs.

Our mission is to get the concept of the iNtuition/Sensor dichotomy into the public consciousness so each can hold more space for the other.

Intuitives can feel disenfranchised when they have only experienced a dominant sensor environment. They’ve had a lot of feelings of inferiority or marginalization because they’ve never felt like they fit in.

When someone who has felt marginalized encounters MBTI, they have a tendency to run with it and turn it into a reason for superiority.

We see typology, the ability to understand ourselves and others, as one of the foundational elements of personal growth.

When we talk about an iNtuitive awakening, we want it to come from a personal development framework.

The Huge introvert movement has been popping up in recent years in an attempt to empower introverts to feel okay about being different.

Introverts are not broken. They have specific needs. They need alone time. Their mind goes through more channels when making decisions than extraverts.

The Introvert/Extravert movement has encouraged us as to the potential of the iNtuitive/Sensor movement.

There are a couple of differences though that will make it more challenging.

Introversion/Extraversion is generally accepted by the psychological world, whereas Sensing/iNtuition are unique to the MBTI system.

PHQ: Is There Scientific Evidence For Myers Briggs

Introvert/Extravert split is about 50/50 in the population. More numbers to create that tipping point so necessary for societal shifts.

Sensor/iNtuition is a 75/25 split. Less represented. Less understood. Less recognized.

There are clear advantages with both introversion and extraversion.

There tends to be a mystical element when we explain the iNtuitive processes. We have a tendency to romanticize Intuition.

There’s less introvert vs. extravert division in that one doesn’t necessarily feel hugely disenfranchised by the other.

We don’t want to romanticize iNtuition. We don’t want people saying they wish they were iNtuitive. We prefer this dichotomy be seen as mundane because it is mundane in the sense that it is a daily experience for 25% of the population.

The tendency for iNtuitives online to act like dicks to Sensors is only going to challenge the iNtuitive awakening.

In our opinion, an Intuitive Awakening is good for everyone.

If we feel iNtuitives are superior to Sensors we need to root that out. It is wildly inaccurate.

It creates a win/lose scenario which never works.

Podcast: Introverted Intuition vs Extraverted Intuition

Intuition does not equal intelligence. It is just perceiving of the world in a different way – Using advanced pattern recognition to see what is behind the curtain.

Intuitives are not more intelligent than Sensors

Podcast: Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence Theory

Certain kinds of intelligence trend to certain types.

INTJs trend to being the smartest person in the room in the way that society honors analytical intelligence. This doesn’t mean INTJs are the smartest full stop. Just in their type of intelligence.

There are multiple styles of intelligence.

Sensor types will trend toward different styles of intelligence.

Society goes through phases of when they honor the different kinds of intelligence.

Podcast: General Semantics

We use the same word to mean multiple things.

We’d like to see iNtuition awakened on all levels. Even Sensors have an iNtuitive cognitive function in their car model.

Video on being inclusionary when referring to iNtuition.

Where your iNtuitive Cognitive Function shows up in your stack will influence you.

We can’t have “us vs. them” segregation mindset.

Our request is that if you have any inferiority/superiority over your type, (aka type patriotism) recognize that you have some stuff going on inside of you that has nothing to do with being iNtuitive. You are using being iNtuitive as a way to avoid dealing with your stuff.

Let us do everything we can to operate on a high vibration. This isn’t the place to put your wounds on display. This is the place to raise ourselves up and make all of us better. If you see any segregation happening, call it out. Make sure to point out that there isn’t a place for this type of mentality. It doesn’t serve anybody.

In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about how Intuitives can avoid developing a superiority complex. #podcast #MBTI

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  • Marco
    • Marco
    • October 1, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Isn’t that we have an romantic introvert movement, is that the world has made an ideal personality the fits with an extroverted type.

    As every thing we need an balance, as an introvert I grew up thinking that I was broken, just because I don’t fit the extroverted type.

    The core of the introvert movement is that we as an introvert have some characteristics that a extrovert don’t have. Don’t take me wrong I not saying introverts are superior is just we have something to bring to the world.

  • Lee
    • Lee
    • November 25, 2018 at 12:44 am

    … ‘Sensors go on and on about some minute details about some insignificant thing while the iNtuitive try’s to retain eye contact while at the same time praying that the person will find someone else to engage. When the iNtuitive tries to hold the conversation, people simply rudely walk off (or try to) take control of the conversation.’ …

    Holy Cow, Batman! Couldn’t of put it better myself. Thank you, Tom Web. I have just experienced a clarity of mind regarding an aspect of the way I would interact with people that I particularly didn’t like about myself.

    I’m unable to talk about minute details. My thoughts aren’t generated along those lines. In social conversations this leaves a lot of empty space and unfortunately, to fill the gap, I would participate in gossipy topics. I started to feel drained, and my only solution was to isolate myself from social interactions as best I could.

    Your statement about the difference in conversing style has not only help me realise that isolation is not an ideal solution, but that I should endeavour to accept that Sensors need something different in conversations than what I have to offer.

    So I have two challenges. One is to feel comfortable experiencing the reactions of Sensors when conversing, whether it be walking off, or them trying to take over a conversation. The second is to not feel awkward that I can’t match the level of detail in conversations that Sensors require. That I don’t have the capacity, and I’m not obliged, to contribute in a way they need.

  • Sarah
    • Sarah
    • August 31, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    Thank you for bringing up such an important issue. My sister, cousin and I post about this often on our tumblr blog. It’s disgusting to watch other intuitives and even ourselves sometimes make the mistake of feeling superior to sensors.

  • Antonia Dodge
    • Antonia Dodge
    • August 24, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    I’m so sorry you were put on medication that wasn’t necessary. That totally sucks. Glad you came out the other end with a healthier perspective.


  • Antonia Dodge
    • Antonia Dodge
    • August 24, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    You did it the most empowered way! While it may not have been the thing that made you fall in love with yourself, I hope it’s one of the dominos along the way. :)


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