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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about the need for social technologies in a world saturated in consumer technology and medical advances.

In this podcast you’ll find:

Consumer grade tech is getting more sophisticated by the day.
We have advancements in medical tech.
What does it mean when we thrust our world into a future where consumer technology outpaces us socially?
Social technology needs to go hand in with medical and consumer technology so we can adapt and thrive in the new environment.
We continually see evidence of a shortage of people integrating social tech. We are massively incentivized to live as long as possible and do so with wealth.
There are definite rewards that come with advancing medical and consumer grade tech.
There isn’t as much clear reward in social tech.
In the world of social tech, we are going backward.
If you don’t like what somebody is saying, instead of creating a platform of discourse and dialogue about the difference we can block whoever we disagree with.
Or attack and bully them into silence, so we don’t have to hear them
Social tech is regressing. It requires we listen carefully and use our cognitive abilities to work together and improve the quality of our lives.
If we want ecology, we will have to think in ecological terms.
A tool can still be useful even if it isn’t backed up by empirical data.
Generational Theory podcast with Jessie Newburn
Millennials have experienced a time where social media is part of their life.
They are in the most information-saturated period in history
We have created a culture where people are less trusting of sources
Systems thinking is everywhere.
When we deny the importance of social technologies, we don’t make any progress.
Millennials are the furthest from lab coat mentality. They want info and aren’t too worried where it comes from.
Unfortunately, they also deny the importance of history.
GenXers need to step into positions of leadership and Boomers need to let go of leadership.
Why are we so resistant to upgrade on social technologies when we are so eager to upgrade consumer technologies?
New Social technologies can cause a hit to our ego.
We assume we should know everything, which is why we keep doing what previous generations taught us to do.
Social lie: “We should all inherently know what to do in relationships and parenting.”
We come from a long history of demonizing new social technologies.
Millennials grew up in a school system that was designed around “teach to the test.”
They weren’t taught how to think but only to perform well.
Ancillary info was unnecessary.
That is not how you teach creative thinking.
The world gives you problems to solve.
We are taught to believe that there is a single answer to each question.
We are massively stratified as seen in the model Spiral Dynamics
We are entering a space where Graves Level 6 is taking over, and there are still Graves 3s in positions of power.
People die due to a lack of social technologies.
Consumer technology has removed people’s need to learn the skill of social technology
The reason humans have been able to crawl out of the food chain and become dominant is due to their resilience.
Our humanity comes from our need to get better and evolve.
Black Mirror on Netflix has some fantastic episodes that explore where technology can take us at the risk of social technology
Social divide is more damaging that technological divide.
If we don’t get our messaging right, we can make things worse
We are not always right
If we only connect with others who share our values, we can become myopic because we live in an echo chamber and block anyone who has a different perspective
Social technology is models and frameworks that explain how we interact with others: MBTI, Enneagram, Generational Theory, Spiral Dynamics, etc.
No, we aren’t going to use different terms or phrases to make you comfortable
“Holding space” is a social technology where we allow a person to express what they need to express without judgment
We use the term “Nodes in the system” to encourage people to absorb the concept that everyone is doing what makes sense to them.
We are not dissing consumer-grade technologies. We love them all.
We feel that we as people need to catch up
Imagine it is ten years in the future and you are wearing glasses that allow you to block people from your vision if you don’t want to see them.
Consumer technology is going to keep outpacing social technology unless we choose to make social awareness an essential part of our lives.

In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the need for social technologies in a world saturated in consumer technology and medical advances. #technology

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  • Michelle the INTJ
    • Michelle the INTJ
    • May 13, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    I have already told 3 or 4 people about Graves Model after I listened to this podcast just in the last 3 days! I just learned about it in your podcast and a tiny amount of “Google research” and already presented an informal presentation on it! I already feel like an expert when I know I’m just getting started. I was skeptical when listening to your podcast but you’re right; it’s an amazing model with a lot of crossover potential in other fields. I think people only think I’m the automatic leader when I’m around people of a similar level. Thank you for providing the insight. I’ve been a regular listener for a while now. I love the ideas you play around with.

  • Emily Hall
    • Emily Hall
    • May 10, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    I found this topic very thought provoking. I am a mother of two boys, they are really young so this won’t be an issue for me for a while, but I was thinking about how this relates to children adopting cultural technologies (I think that’s what y’all called it), i.e. social media, tinder — all that. But this adoption is occuring way before they are versed in the very basics of social technologies and interpersonal skills. Parent’s argue about some sort of ‘golden age’ that their kiddo can get on these apps or get a phone. In reality, if the personal skills and social technologies are not developed putting kids on these forums could be devastating, for them and others.

    Just a thought! Love you guys! Thanks for doing what you do.
    - Emily (ENFJ from OK)

  • Misha
    • Misha
    • May 4, 2017 at 6:29 am

    Great podcast as always! Can you do one on how to spread ideas and memes that matter and good for humanity. I think that’s a whole huge area in itself. It would be great to learn how to go about it from what you have learned through your models, work and personal experiences

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