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In this episode Joel and Antonia teach content from our Rapid Customer Rapport program on how to market to different personality types.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Rapid Customer Rapport
  • Marketing is communication broadcasted out to a large group of people
  • Who are you trying to attract? What is your avatar?
  • Most products have a specific audience
  • “If you can articulate somebody’s problem to them better than they can, they unconsciously ascribe to you the solution.”
  • Good marketing is about finding a solution to someone’s problem.
  • Some marketing is about creating challenges in people’s lives that they may not have been aware of.
  • Like makeup: It makes you feel bad about yourself unless you look a certain way.
  • Or marketers try to convince their audience that their product is the solution to a problem that does exist, but it isn’t true.
  • Like Pepsi’s claim that it can solve culture clashes.
  • Become your own messenger for the product you want to create
  • Be in integrity with the product, message, and consumer.
  • Be co-creative
  • 100% of the burden is upon the communicator
  • Marketing is a form of persuasion
  • Which judging (Decision-making) function does your target audience use?
  • Extraverted Thinking – “Effectiveness” Te
    • Te asks “what works?”
    • They like things that make their life easier
    • Open up a magazine to see who they are trying to market to.
    • Inflight magazines target Te because most traveling business people are Te users
    • Matchmaking services
    • Some messaging to Te can be status oriented
    • You don’t have to give a lot of data to Te, just demonstrate results
    • Testimonials, before and after pictures, sustainability, etc.
    • Not just immediate results
  • Extraverted Feeling – “Harmony” Fe
    • Fe is looking for “what gets everybody’s needs met?”
    • Cleaning and cooking solutions are the stereotypical Fe advertisement
    • Hamburger Helper ads that showed mom getting dinner done fast and everyone was happy and well fed in the end.
    • High Morale
    • Safety standards in car commercials
    • Family’s needs are never-ending, so Fe is always looking for things that make their job easier.
    • Sometimes the product is about getting mom’s own needs met
    • Connection, collaboration, shared values & experiences, etc.
  • Introverted Feeling – “Authenticity” Fi
    • Core values, inner alignment, deep desires, and resonance.
    • A lot of people at ad industries often use Fi
    • Fi wants to know what resonates and what will allow it to express itself in its true authentic expression
    • The challenge with introverted processes is that they are internal. It is harder to market to them.
    • Dr. Pepper commercials: “I’m unique. I stand out from the crowd.”
    • “You aren’t like everybody else, are you? You march to the beat of your drum.”
    • A company that does this well is Apple.
    • The introverted functions usually have resistance to marketing because they want others to see them as unique.
    • Your message needs to be authentic when appealing to this crowd.
    • Is the message is crafted well enough you may find yourself wanting a product that isn’t right for you?
  • Introverted Thinking – “Accuracy” Ti
    • Ti asks “What makes sense?”
    • Ti ultimate evaluative criteria is very subjective
    • Most marketers avoid targeting this demographic
    • Ti is fussy, and a small portion of society uses it.
    • Sleek tools: leverage points in the outside world
    • Tech industry advertising usually appeals to Ti (Alienware, high-end instruments)
    • Sales must teach Ti something new.
    • Te looks for the result but is less interested in the process
    • With Ti, it is more interested in process than results.
    • “How did you get to your result? Is it optimized?”
    • Ti gives you the most trust when it gives you info without asking for anything in return
    • It doesn’t make sense to sink a bunch of time into piecing something together when someone else has already done it and done it well.
    • Ti is trying to get all the criteria met: all the things that are important to the individual
    • The bullshit meter is high for Ti.
  • Be truthful with your message
  • Rapid Customer Rapport

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  • Albin
    • Albin
    • August 20, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Do one on dating aswell! I’m struggling to find the right balance of how much the knowledge of others type should effect the dating environment. Letting one go to early because sceptic of the type match, or staying to long because the types are good on paper for the future etc.

  • RMN
    • RMN
    • August 12, 2017 at 2:20 am

    PPS that comment was for the earlier podcast :)

  • RMN
    • RMN
    • August 12, 2017 at 2:19 am

    PS. I really was inspired by the idea that we need to know what we actually want, that that is more important than “will power strength”. Totally resonated and made sense with a part of my journey

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