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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the 3-Year-Old inferior cognitive function for each of the 16 personality types (part 1).

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • ENPs value their freedom.
  • They like to explore and pivot to new things.
  • Sometimes freedom can be excessive and limiting.
  • Car Model
  • Inferior Cognitive Function – 3 yr old
  • For ENPs, Introverted Sensing is their inferior function
  • Linda Berens calls the 3 yr old our “Aspiration.”
  • To gain traction in our lives, sometimes we have to honor that 3 yr old process.
  • There is a lot of resistance we feel when we are trying to access the 3 yr old.
  • It should be about creating balance. Never sacrifice your driver in preference for your 3 yr old.
  • When it comes to our tertiary and inferior cognitive functions, it shouldn’t be about developing as much as visiting. 5-10%
  • We can never develop our back seat functions as well as someone who has them as a strength.
  • Back seat passengers will always be blunt weapons we have rudimentary use of.
  • Our inferior function still has some control over us. Shine some light on it.
  • Our 3 yr old is one of the most vulnerable parts of who we are.
  • There is wisdom in creating a life that keeps us in our Driver and Copilot.
  • Spending too much time in the inferior can create depression.
  • The 3 yr old should occupy about 5-10% of your life
    • Driver is Extraverted Thinking
    • Inferior is Introverted Feeling
    • Usually, ETJs avoid checking in with their emotions because it slows them down too much.
    • One way ETJs can get in touch with their inferior function is by contributing to something, like a cause or charity.
    • More sophistication around EQ
    • Introverted Feeling goes into flow when it is listening.
    • Extraverted Thinking goes into flow when it is making quick decisions. It doesn’t involve a lot of listening.
    • ETJs 5-10% can be just listening to people.
    • Driver is Extraverted Feeling
    • Inferior is Introverted Thinking
    • Heavy amounts of info can be overwhelming to EFJs.
    • Their aspiration is teaching and sharing truths with a wider audience.
    • Lots of teachers are EFJs.
    • When an EFJ is avoiding their inferior, it is evident because they avoid telling people the unpleasant info they may need to hear.
    • This creates two-dimensional relationships
    • EFJs 5-10% can be willing to share info with people that gets deeper than surface level communication.
    • EFJs don’t have to fear technical jobs.
    • Many are in caretaking fields where some technical know-how is crucial.
    • Driver is Introverted Thinking
    • Inferior is Extraverted Feeling
    • It is hard for ITPs to connect with other people.
    • ITPs can use their inferior function to build connections with other people by recognizing their need to be well received in society.
    • Reputation.
    • 5-10% could be connecting with other people and showing interest.
    • Break some social rules but stay cheerful about it.
    • Major aspiration is recognizing your impact on others and their impact on you.
    • ITPs impact comes when they learn to sell themselves to others.
    • Driver is Introverted Feeling
    • Inferior is Extraverted Thinking
    • IFPs may feel very strongly about how things need to change in the world, but they lack the skill/know-how to make the necessary change.
    • Extraverted Thinking would give them the tools they need to make the significant changes.
    • IFPs resist this process by pushing away power, influence, and significance.
    • IFPs feel a nobility in being a rogue or idealist.
    • 5-10% is to figure out how projects happen. Become part of a team to learn how to manage resources and get end goals achieved.
    • Not just a matter of working tirelessly, but working smart.
    • Commit to things you need to do whether you feel like it or not.

In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the 3-Year-Old inferior cognitive function for each of the 16 personality types (part 1). #podcast #cognitivefunction #aspiration #MBTI

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  • olivia
    • olivia
    • October 26, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    for me as intp my 3yo is fe harmony. it needs to be satisfied by authentic connection in relationships. but i have zero skill in the outer world to build a social relationship in order to satisfy my needs. it preoccupies me more than 5-10% because i miss it very much. maybe as a woman it s even more difficult. even if i am indeed not interested in social status (so things like reputation, competence feeling, selling oneself are irrelevant for me), personal relationships are a real challenge for me and i don t find my way through it… what do you advise me to do in order to create deep links with people in friendship and love fields? thank you!

  • Hannu
    • Hannu
    • May 25, 2018 at 4:52 am

    Thank you!

    Your advice (for IFPs) on how to use effectiveness as an aspiration was really good. Gathering a group or joining one to be able to accomplish bigger projects is also a way to throw the hat over the fence – as was said somewhere.

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