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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the power of social media technology and how to use it for personal feedback and growth.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • We talk a lot about social technologies, but there are tangible technologies that affect us on a daily basis.
  • Social media platforms are tools we have developed that have democratized broadcasting.
  • After Gutenberg invented the press, it democratized information and pointed out the differences in people’s comprehension.
  • Social media does something similar. It helps us interact with each other but also highlights our differences.
  • The modern world with all the social media tech is pointing out the discrepancies in our relationships with our egos.
  • People have very public arguments on social media.
  • When someone starts to lose one of these arguments, they will often turn to ad hominem attacks and take the argument out of the realm of info and into personal attacks which is a clear indication that their ego is triggered.
  • If you’ve ever seen one of these interchanges, you may feel a bit embarrassed for that person. They should have just bowed out gracefully.
  • When the ego is triggered, we tend to shut off input. The argument becomes pointless.
  • We have to refine our thoughts when we realize we are wrong. Otherwise, we get triggered and never refine our thoughts.
  • Some people avoid social media because of its lack of personal connection.
  • There is also a compelling opportunity with social media to create an impact on a global level.
  • What are some principles of personal empowerment with a particular technology?
  • When you finally let go of something you want that’s when you get it.
  • It can be a personal development journey just to put something out into the universe and be open to the feedback you receive.
  • Empowerment comes when you stop being triggered by the feedback.
  • Our ego shouldn’t care if a random, anonymous stranger doesn’t like us.
  • Technology is so fast it can force us to grow fast.
  • We may not always be ready for the kind of feedback that comes with massive growth.
  • Leverage social tech to speed up your growth and ego work.
  • As opposed to overvaluing people’s feedback and handing your power over to them to tell you who you are and how much value you have.
  • You get to decide your value and if what you are doing is right.
  • Send out your message if it feels right.
  • Any weapon or technology requires a sense of responsibility.
  • We have a lot of tools and tech that have rules and licensure involved for use.
  • There aren’t any rules or training with social technology.
  • When used for personal empowerment, social tech is incredible.
  • Are we focused on the responsibility that comes with that empowerment?
  • Are we watching for the potential damage?
  • People’s lives have been destroyed by online movements or social bullying.
  • Up your game by recognizing the sense of responsibility you have with these technologies.
  • Exercise: go back 4 years. Who were you 4 years ago? What kind of comments or posts were you making? How do they compare with your posts now? Are you growing?
  • How did you handle your arguments then vs. now?
  • ePrime
  • “So, what I hear you saying is… Do you disagree with this or that?”
  • Social media can be an amazing calibration tool.
  • Think twice before responding.
  • Step back and try to be responsive instead of reactive.

In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the power of social media technology and how to use it for personal feedback and growth. #growthhacking

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