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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the judging functions and how we are compelled to use them when they are part of our personality.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • In our previous podcast we spoke about John Beebe’s 8 function model, including the shadow functions.
  • Why do we focus primarily on the four functions in our “stack”?
    • Why are we compelled to use these functions?
  • How the 10 Year Old and 3 Year Old functions are connected to our Dominant and Copilot as polarities (for more on polarities – check out episode 256 and episode 257)
  • The relationship we have with a specific function is determined by where it falls in our stack – what this means in terms of sophistication, territory and discretion.
    • A Harmony (Fe) 3 Year Old example from an ISTP in Joel and Antonia’s life.
  • What does the relationship with the 3 Year Old judging function look like for each personality type?
  • IxTPs – Harmony (Fe) as a 3 Year Old:
    • The struggle of being unaware of what information creates connection
    • Your limitations with keeping a vibe going as an IxTP
  • A side note on shadow functions – why we’re actually compelled to “go against” them
  • ExFJs – Accuracy (Ti) as a 3 Year Old:
    • How your compulsion to tell the truth as an ExFJ can give you a lack of discretion with information
    • The risk of oversharing to maintain a vibe
  • Remember – you have a compulsion to use the other functions in your stack too.
    • An example of how Accuracy (Ti) could show up in the 10 Year Old position
  • IxFPs – Effectiveness (Te) as a 3 Year Old:
    • Your desire to have impact as an IxFP, but the challenge of not knowing the “right” action to take
    • A redefinition of the term “sloth” and how this can be a struggle for IxFPs
  • ExTJs – Authenticity (Fi) as a 3 Year Old:
  • How our 3 Year Old functions see the world
  • How do our judging functions show up as a strength in the Driver or Copilot position?
  • xxFJs – Harmony (Fe) as a strength:
    • How an Fe user gets needs met to facilitate group connection
    • Why is Fe as a strength a master of context?
  • xxTPs – Accuracy (Ti) as a strength:
    • The gift of understanding which information a person needs
    • Accruary (Ti) and the respect for “privacy of thought”
  • xxTJs – Effectiveness (Te) as a strength:
    • Why xxTJs are more careful about how much they “take on”
    • How Te brings the gift of realism to understanding systems
  • xxFPs – Authenticity (Fi) as a strength:
    • A healthy reframe of “role-person merger” when applied to xxFPs
    • Fi’s gift of context for expressing the darker parts of the self
  • What’s the benefit of understanding how our judging functions compel us?
  • Viewing type growth in a dynamic way.

The Judging Functions You Are Compelled to Use #myersbriggs #cognitivefunctions

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  • Jess
    • Jess
    • December 14, 2019 at 9:18 pm

    Awesome, really enjoyed this one! It was fun applying these scenarios to myself and the people i know. Could you guys make one on the perceiving functions? Thanks so much!

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