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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the journey from personality typing to personality profiling and the differences and lessons of each.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • The true nuances between personality typing and personality profiling.
  • The value of both typing and profiling.
  • What is personality typing?
    • What makes it so fun.
    • Why it’s passive.
    • The feedback loop it’s missing.
    • Why it is often about projection.
    • How much guessing is involved.
    • Typing’s unfortunate pitfalls.
  • What is personality profiling?
    • Why it’s an active experience.
    • How it creates safety and allows connection.
    • Its deep understanding of mental wiring.
    • How it builds rapport in 2 important ways.
    • Why it gives the gift of understanding.
    • How it opens doors for personal growth.
  • What makes personality profiling so powerful?
  • What makes personality profiling an art?
  • Why asking “Why?” becomes an art.
  • Tips and tricks for creating powerful profiling.
  • Why you can find your next level when profiling.
  • The incredible feeling of combining profiling with growth.
  • The powerful personal journey personality profiling takes you on.

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