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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the ways communication can go wrong in romantic partnerships, and strategies that create a good foundation to overcome them.


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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • The #1 question that every person is asking their partner.
  • The top 5 issues happening in our relationships.
  • What are some basic things we can do to clear up relationship issues?
  • Why communication as a couple is top a challenge.
    • What is the annoyingly simple glitch in each romantic comedy that you can avoid in your real life?
    • How do we define communication?
    • What kind of skills can we build for better communication?
    • How much of communication is verbal vs subcommunication?
  • What subcommunication is doing in your relationship.
    • How tone and body language are wreaking havoc in your relationship.
    • Why your energy is just as important as your words.
    • How love gets lost in our behavior.
    • When not communicating becomes a form of communication.
  • Why personality types who are different attract each other.
    • The good, the bad and the ugly of being different.
    • Why the stakes are so high in a romantic partnership.
  • Knowing the effects of the 5 love languages.
    • Why knowing what you value matters so much.
  • What your decision-making cognitive function (Thinking or Feeling) is doing in your relationship.
    • How Joel’s Introverted Feeling (Fi) and Antonia’s Introverted Thinking (Ti) can clash.
    • The thing Antonia says that invalidates Joel’s Introverted Feeling.
    • Why Antonia’s Introverted Thinking has such a different take in a conflict.
    • What is triggering to Antonia’s Introverted Thinking?
  • How typology solves so many relationship disconnects.
    • Why it is so vital for you to know how you and your partner show up in your personality types.
    • What if your partner has no interest in typology?
  • What about issues that have stacked up over such a long period of time?
    • When blow ups and cold wars keep happening in our relationships.
    • Why do we often wait for a breaking point in our relationships?
    • Ways to find inroads to start talking directly with each other.
  • Easy tips to help you during an argument.
    • Why slowing down and taking timeouts matter.
    • Bruce Muzik’s connection communication model.
    • Check out more from Bruce in Episode 369.
  • Why the 2 types of rapport are affecting your relationship.
    • What makes energetic connection so important.
    • Why words don’t always work.
    • Ways you can find the deep connection once again in your relationship.
  • The top simple things you can do when communication goes wrong.
  • How an easy formula helps your relationship success.

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  • Jolene
    • Jolene
    • February 27, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    Thank you for your podcasts! I always mean to comment but seldom actually get over here to do so! So just wanted to show my extreme gratitude for your thoughts, your connection to each other that makes for amazing content for this ENFP (married to an INTP). You guys have sincerely changed my life by your in depth exploration of MBTI. I have listened to every single podcast, many of them more than once or even twice. So, much love and thankfulness to you both! ?? Now that my fan girling is out of the way… My biggest take away from this podcast was the mention of connecting with your partner FIRST, then communicating verbally. I know this will help me/us tremendously. Also the dummy plot of having a simple conversation to solve a problem. I had an example of this recently. In our house it’s dishes. Everyone hates to do dishes. We have the “stand-off” of who can wait the longest before giving in and taking care of them. Recently I just asked my husband “hey can you help me with the dishes after lunch today?” And he just said a simple yes, and we got the job done. How easy was that?? ?

  • Bridget
    • Bridget
    • February 20, 2021 at 12:07 pm

    This podcast was filled with great advice. I have a question, though.. What would you recommend to do when your partner (now ex..) is an struggeling ISTJ, who have few words, don’t like to read, he knows your love language (affirmations), but is unable (or unwiling) to communicate them in any way. The main way to connect (and was from the start also), was physcal interaction. The only words he used was negativitiy and critiscm. And his facial expression is stiff and non-expressive- except when he is angry. To me, as an unsecure INFJ this became a living hell, and I have never regretted that I broke this marriage. I wonder- in what way might it be possible for me to communicate love and affection to him in a way he could receive?. His love language was (is) service and that is my least preferred love language.. He disliked words of gratitude and when I did act of service, he only seemed to demand more of them. Was this relationship doomed from the start? I have learned a lesson though, and your podcasts have made me a far healthier and recilient INFJ then I was.. Thank you so much Antonia and Joel for sharing your experiences! I really enjoy this partnership-podcasts, even though I am trying to a become confident as single.

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