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In this episode, Joel and Antonia are joined by guest host Susan Storm for another conversation to identify unhealthy judging functions in personality types.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest host Susan Storm from Psychology Junkie joins Joel and Antonia to talk about the 4 judging functions.
  • Judging functions are our “should statements”.
  • Effectiveness (Te) – what does it look like when it’s unhealthy?
    • Out of touch with what matters to themselves and others
    • Steamrolls
    • Workaholism at cost of the important things
    • Short term results over long term sustainability
    • Outer accomplishments at cost of “losing your soul”
  • Authenticity (Fi) – what does it look like when it’s unhealthy?
    • Projects intent onto others
    • Self indulgent
    • Will only move forward when it “feels right”
    • Moral superiority and righteous indignation
    • Not verbalising emotional truths
  • Harmony (Fe) – what does it look like when it’s unhealthy?
    • Others needs at expense of the self
    • Bitterness and resentment
    • Martyr complex
    • Knows “what’s best” for everyone
    • Codependency
  • Accuracy (Ti) – what does it look like when it’s unhealthy?
    • “Everyone else is an idiot”
    • Certainty of rightness
    • Debates and clashes at expense of relationships
    • Anti-social perspective
    • Represses desire to be connected
  • How can we achieve a more healthy expression of these functions?
  • ExTJs – healthy Effectiveness (Te):
    • Balance logic and goals with values
    • What’s important to me?
    • Emotions are important
    • Checking in moment to moment
  • IxFPs – healthy Authenticity (Fi):
    • Honesty around intent and motivations
    • Impact is part of “who I am”
    • Less focused on self
    • Metrics to support feelings
  • ExFJs – healthy Harmony (Fe):
    • Recognise “burdens” as “choice”
    • Allows disharmony
    • Analyze beliefs and thoughts
    • Permission to separate from “the group”
  • IxTPs – healthy accuracy (Ti):
    • Importance of connection
    • Truths can be in-flux
    • Refined thought from conversation
    • Testing thoughts in the real world
  • You can find Susan at

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  • Matt Tuttle
    • Matt Tuttle
    • April 20, 2021 at 12:03 am

    This was a great set of episodes. I agree with Antonia that I felt called out during the episodes. I often find myself agreeing with her viewpoint as a fellow xNTP. Thank you Joel and Antonia for the excellent podcast. I’ve been listening for a while now and it’s always a treat to find out what topic you tackle each week.

  • minniko
    • minniko
    • April 15, 2021 at 6:16 am

    Can the feeling and even mirroring somebody’s emotions (like immediately start crying when they cry) be associated with Fi or with Fe or both? I still struggle to identify if I am actually an INFP or an INFJ. I recognise myself in both of them, even though I would say that I am an Ni user.

  • Louise Carlini
    • Louise Carlini
    • April 14, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    I am realizing that I am an INFP who has always had good self-esteem and I didn’t feel that I was different from others but that they were different from me! I was good but they were the flawed ones! At 78 I still feel that way. I like the way I am except for the fact that I will sometimes gather ammunition when I’m overwhelmed and then explode like the atom bomb as, I have been told. My reasons for exploding are usually pretty fair ones but I do need to learn to be assertive and set my own boundaries in a more reasonable way.

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