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In this episode, Joel and Antonia are joined by guest host Susan Storm for a conversation about identifying unhealthy perceiving functions in personality types.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest host Susan Storm from Psychology Junkie joins Joel and Antonia to talk about the 4 perceiving functions.
  • Unhealthy function experiences or expressions last for any time from minutes to years.
  • It happens to all of us, but we can label other people without seeing the whole picture.
  • Self-awareness and checking in is key.
  • Perspectives (Ni) – what does it look like when it’s unhealthy?
    • Living for the future at the cost of the present
    • Always imagining, envisioning and only seeing how something will play out
    • Visions become faulty when unbalanced with sensory data
    • Ungrounded, unrealistic, impractical
    • False certainty and stubbornness about how something will play out
    • Susan’s personal experience with unhealthy Ni.
  • We have more certainty about a function when it’s higher in our stack
  • Sensation (Se) – what does it look like when it’s unhealthy?
    • Can sacrifice the future for the present
    • The “now” becomes everything
    • Quick action at expense of planning and strategy
    • Opportunistic, hedonistic, materialistic and impatient
    • “Image management” at expense of integrating Ni
    • Avoidance of thinking about patterns and consequences.
  • Memory (Si) – what does it look like when it’s unhealthy?
    • Unchecked hoarding – collecting objects that aren’t souvenirs
    • Passively accepting negative experiences as comfort zones
    • Getting stuck in a rut
    • Doesn’t see the possibilities
    • Forgets it can make change
    • Narrow-minded and risk averse
  • Exploration (Ne) – what does it look like when it’s unhealthy?
    • Restless and bored – untethered from ability to “be still”
    • No relationship to a “through line” or completing experiences
    • Opens more loops to solve challenges
    • Lack of acceptance – even with things it can’t change
    • False confidence without follow through
    • Impractical and unsympathetic
    • Detached from “lived experience”
  • Revisiting the definition of perceiving functions and how they can be unhealthy:
    • Perceiving functions: our worldview, how we see reality
    • Unhealthiness: one-sidedness, overdoing it, unrounded, doubling-down
    • Some metaphors and examples from Susan, Joel and Antonia
    • What causes unhealthy perceiving functions?
    • How emotions play into this
  • How can we create permission to “be in” our perceiving functions?
    • Give time or context to allow the dominant function to express
    • Integrate the other side of the polarity (our inferior)
    • Doesn’t have to be from neglect or indulgence
  • How to integrate the opposite side of the polarity:
  • INxJs – integrating Sensation (Se):
    • Gain respect for Se
    • Allow time for Ni to think without Se interruptions
    • Mindful sensory experiences
    • Practice taking action and “making it happen”
    • Presence with the body
  • ESxPs – integrating Perspectives (Ni):
    • Healthy Se experiences and engagement
    • Try physical activities to find meaning
    • Pause to think “where will this lead?”
    • “Right action” versus just “action”
    • Talk to people to find out how their mind works
  • ISxJs – integrating Exploration / Ne:
    • Healthy routines
    • Do you need to keep the things you’ve collected?
    • New experiences feed positive rumination
    • Positive acceptance of change
    • Possibilities become part of reality
  • ENxPs – integrating Memory (Si):
    • Grind something out once started
    • Reap the rewards when you stick to something
    • Learn to view change as based on hard work
    • Achieve authentic self-esteem
    • Gain more present and still energy
  • Check out our follow up conversation about how to identify unhealthy judging functions in personality types here

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  • TG
    • TG
    • June 25, 2021 at 1:09 am

    I definitely experience the “leave me alone” Ni when I need alone time (which is often). How do we get over this? Or maybe just express it in a healthier way? I get so exhausted I can’t even explain myself and I ruin relationships.

  • CareBear
    • CareBear
    • April 22, 2021 at 3:21 pm

    I’ve been listening to your podcasts for about a year now and thought I knew my Personality Type but this clinched it and I know I’m not the one I thought I was. This was so incredibly insightful!!! I can’t wait to listen to the next one.
    Thank you so much!!!!

  • John
    • John
    • April 10, 2021 at 1:45 am

    It’s not a big point, but the moment Susan mentioned most ESPs like sports, I instantly thought, ‘Hence, ESPN…’ and had a quick revelation. ?

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