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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk through the four main productivity killers and how to overcome them in your life.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • What are “the four thieves of productivity?” Antonia explains the “four thieves” post she discovered on Twitter from @fatehshernu – and how we can apply this as a personal growth tool.
  • What does productivity mean in today’s western culture – and what stops us from being productive?
  • Making a distinction between productivity and achievement.
  • Thief no.1 – Poor brain chemistry:
    • Thinking about brain chemistry as our interpretation of reality
    • Examining your relationship with your habits in a healthy way
    • The role of mindfulness practices
  • Thief no.2 – Environments that don’t support your goals:
    • Joel shares a workplace analogy to illustrate the importance of environment
    • Different personality types have different environmental needs
    • Joel and Antonia give us a personal example about changing their environment to improve productivity
  • Thief no.3 – Tortured relationships:
    • The importance of setting boundaries with the people in your life
    • The role inner work plays in adjusting the dynamics of your relationships
  • Thief no.4 – Not saying no:
    • Why saying “yes” to something is actually saying “no” to something else
    • How do you begin to build inner trust?
  • Looking at our relationships and boundaries as a reflection of ourselves.
  • How doing growth work initially feels like the antithesis of productivity.
  • Why small positive changes matter too.
  • “Live your life as if you’re going on vacation tomorrow” – how goals and aims help you to be more productive.

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1 comment

  • Alexandra Proulx
    • Alexandra Proulx
    • August 27, 2021 at 7:34 pm

    The mindfulness leading to more anxiety is kind of what my chiropractor told me when I started correcting my scoliosis: “now you feel pain in you’re upper back but along the way it will move to new places that will hurt.” Which he explained was because my pain was from a posture that compensated for other pain which I didn’t correct in the past..
    Anyway I made the connection and was pretty convince of that counterintuitive result in the short terms. It’s the same phenomenon of a system running without the essentials oil and maintenance.

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