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In this episode, recorded live in front of a studio audience, Joel and Antonia are joined by Dr. Dario Nardi and a few Profiler Training students for a conversation about personality type ethics, Dr. Nardi’s brain imaging work, and the future of personality type systems and type assessments.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Joel introduces the ‘fireside chat’ he and Antonia hosted between Dr. Dario Nardi and some of our Profiler Training students at our recent live event.
  • Our student’s questions:
  • At the moment it feels like scientists doing brain scanning research are screaming their findings to the masses, but no-one’s listening – is this a weakness or growth opportunity within the field?
    • What are Dario’s thoughts and how did he conduct his research?
  • How can an ISTP prioritize their personal-growth work when there seems to be so many avenues to explore?
    • Antonia shares how the HAT model can help. Check out parts 1, 2 and 3 of our new series to learn about the HAT model.
  • How does Dario see brain imaging research being used in the future? Will this be used to determine someone’s best-fit type?
    • Dario’s thoughts on the limitations of testing instruments and typology systems.
  • How can younger generations carry forward type into the future?
    • What Dario believes typology systems need in order to survive.
  • How do we encourage others to become “stewards” of type and foster a sense of respect for the system?
    • Why ethics should matter for leaders and practitioners within the type community.
  • How do you prevent type from being misused – and allow space for those who are “off-kilter”?
    • Dario and Antonia share some history in ways type has been used, and some distinctions that need to be made.
  • How will human bias affect the validity of type data as both the system and number of profilers grow?
    • Dario shares his approach to guiding yourself or someone else towards a best-fit type.
    • Antonia shares her thoughts on the role profilers should play.
    • Joel shares his thoughts on how humans affect data and systems.
  • Has Dario conducted brain-scanning research on how trauma and drugs affect the brain?
    • Dario shares some of his experiences and observations.

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