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In this podcast Joel and Antonia chat about the deeper differences between extraversion and introversion.


In this podcast you’ll find:

  • What are some current trends in how Extraverts and Introverts are viewed?
  • What’s the definition of Extraversion and Introversion?
    • What are some of the associations with Extraversion and Introversion that can be misleading?
    • What fuels an Extravert and what do they seek from the outer world?
    • How does an Introvert interact with the outer world and how does it impact them?
    • Are we purely just one way or the other?
    • What’s the easiest way to determine whether you’re an Extravert or an Introvert?
  • How can you leverage your Extraversion or Introversion for growth?
    • Why growth changes your experience.
    • Do Extraverts and Introverts always feel comfortable in their preferred world?
  • The pitfalls of oversimplifying the concept of Extraversion and Introversion.
    • Why may an ExTJ think they are an Introvert?
    • Why may an IxFP think they are an Extravert?
  • What are the advantages and benefits of being an Introvert?
  • What are some challenges to being an Introvert?
  • What are the advantages and benefits of being an Extravert?
  • What are some challenges to being an Extravert?
  • How does burn-out show up differently for Introverts and Extraverts?
  • What’ is a fundamental component for truly understanding Extraversion and Introversion?

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  • Ryan INFP
    • Ryan INFP
    • August 17, 2022 at 12:06 pm

    I have seen burnout from an extravert now never realised people struggle to regulate their body i am learning a lot from these podcasts.

  • Eric B
    • Eric B
    • July 12, 2022 at 12:31 am

    What you’re describing throughout, about introverts who like people and extraverts who are the opposite is “responsiveness”, where the common “social” view of I/E is “expressivness”. Responsiveness (which was the other factor in classic temperament theory; often called “people vs task focus”) is represtned in type theory in what Keirsey and Berens called “informative vs directive” communication. It’s actually T/F (for S types) and J/P (for N types) that shapes that factor. So ENJ’s, for instance, do commonly think they’re introverts. (Then, there’s ENP’s that are supposed to be the big “introverted extraverts”, but I believe that is a bit overrated, and comes from comparing them to the physical activity of the extraverted Sensing types; but ENP’s are actually both expressive and responsive socially). And TJ types (“Efficiency”-preferrers) always do end up on the “directive” side, as they’re either NJ’s or ST’s, which encompass the directive types. So the ETJ’s especially, do get “tired” of people, and then retreat, and hold this as evidence the’re introverts. And FP’s (as either SF’s or NP’s, which are the "informative: groups) are “informative” or people focused, even if introverted! (though they don’t look it, because of the outward reservedness.
    While you can’t overgeneralize and stereotype it (especially in terms like “liking people”, etc.) it is true that there is a “people” vs “task” focus (and corresponding “communication” styles) that tend to go along with these type groups.

    Responsiveness (or perhaps, better termed “receptiveness”) is a very important factor of personality, that should be discussed more, like introversion and extraversion. It’s said that expressiveness is what we SAY we want, while responsiveness is what we REALLY want!

  • J Robb Wilson
    • J Robb Wilson
    • June 18, 2022 at 10:36 pm

    Excellent podcast on introversion/extroversion (I/E.) Never before have I been able to so fully understand the way your types are explicated as you interact with each other and as you convey your very considerable knowledge. Of course, as an INTP I must cogitate on this more.

    Still, there was one section that had me scratching my head (figuratively and actually.) My concept of energy as it pertains to E/I is that I’s have more, which is a reason that I’s don’t need as much external stimulation and recharge by being alone, especially after interacting with more than one or two others. One the other hand, E’s, who have less internally generated energy, need social contact with a group to recharge. As evidenced by E’s tending to become “the life of the party” while I’s are usually in a corner interacting with one or two others.

    Anyway, again, great podcast. I probably will listen to it at least once more.

  • Kailey
    • Kailey
    • June 22, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    Loved this episode! I’ve been listening to you both for years- listening to you both while on a sunny morning walk is my happy place ?. I’m an INFJ and what you said at 52:30 really resonated about holding idealized expectations of the world and others- that’s definitely been a growth area. What I would add to that discussion is that I also tend to have idealized expectations of myself (Ti in my tertiary) and often times using my Fe and engaging outside of myself helps me get in touch with what is realistically expected from me which is often very freeing. Professionally I am a licensed therapist and I love working with other introverts because I can often help them find their way to a similar discovery as they engage with their co-pilot- which is really rewarding. This episode also helped me notice that for my clients with extroverted drivers, I might be that “Sherpa” helping them explore their inner terrain. I often wonder what I offer extroverts and this helped me get in touch with that. I am excited to reflect on that and consider how I can be more intentional with both language groups that process and holding patience and compassion as my extroverted clients bravely start to engage with their inner worlds- like Antonia said maybe it feels like there are dragons there ?.

  • Ryan INFP
    • Ryan INFP
    • June 17, 2022 at 11:38 am

    I have know idea what you were meaning with burnout extravert introvert I do not think that is a thing. I am not saying that extraverts do not seemingly have more energy but is that not because as well as focusing on the outside world they also express a lot more on the outside. Introverts have know choice but to use there co pilot from the minute you go to school i was definitely more perceived extravert from 16 to 23 there is a possibility it works backwards for introverts.
    I am not sure but as an INFP I think what is happening with this listening thing is when I concentrate I know I am fully engaged in the conversation not because I want to be because I have to be to understand what is going on. Basically was Dario Nardi giving instructions to an INFP when in flow state or was they listening to a story this would make a huge difference.

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