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In this podcast Joel and Antonia talk about finding the people that can support you on your journey of life and personal discovery.


In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Joel shares a thought exercise.
    • How is the thought exercise a paradox?
    • What brings meaning to our life?
  • How are our tribes created?
    • How has this changed over time and how has it remained the same?
    • How intentional are we when we create tribes?
  • What happens when we choose the default tribe?
    • The most selfish thing you can do.
  • How can curating your own tribe benefit others?
  • How your tribe affects you:
    • What are some of the ways we self-sabotage?
  • The relationship between family and tribe:
    • How can our family influence us?
  • What should you avoid when associating with a tribe?
  • Considerations to you keep in mind when joining a tribe:
    • Which tribes can you get the most value out of?
  • What dangerous conflation do many people make and how does it impact us?
  • What’s a high indicator of relationship satisfaction, happiness and longevity?
    • How does it translate into tribe members?
  • How can you curate your own tribe?
    • How does virtual access affect the way we build tribes?
    • What stops us from creating our own tribe?
    • How to approach building your tribe.

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  • Bryan
    • Bryan
    • March 11, 2023 at 7:25 am

    I have just enrolled in Personality Hackers, Live event coming up in May, 2023. I am just starting to learn Meyers Briggs. I joined knowing little – nothing about MBTI. I’m now working hard to ‘catch up’. Of all must hear podcasts, I zeroed in on this one. Experienced attendees in previous live events gave the highest accolades to having “found their tribe” I had no idea what this meant. As an ENFP, I sought out a podcast led by Joel, also an ENFP. It was on “tribes”. I feel, like experienced attendees related that learning about my tribe, or creating one, may be the biggest life altering result of this live event.

  • Andreas Wellving
    • Andreas Wellving
    • August 20, 2022 at 11:05 am

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for investing your time in exploring these topics.

    These are some of my reflections after listening to this episode.

    Talking about paradoxes, one is that P (erceiver) types that are supposed to want to explore different aspects of a matter ends up in professions being the experts. Like you, working only with MBTI and continuing with it year after year. As a J (udger) you rather settle with “enough” information and are satified with this basic knowledge.
    I want to get the perspectives, comparing MBTI with other personality typings like Enneagram and Michael Teachings. It would be interesting if you looked into Micheal Teachings too.
    What I found out so far, is that these three theories rather complement each other than being describing the same thing from a different perspective. I think all three are needed to really understand personality typing. But what you brings to world is the expert knowledge of one part of personality typing.
    Please comment.

    You ask us to join a tribe. One advantage is to make friends. Personality typing is dealing with the “meta data” of life, not the real life. Why should we put more of our energy on the meta data and not on the real life (I guess this is an Ni-Te perspective compare to your Ne-Ti)? It is good with personality typing as a tool to better understand people around us but it is still just a tool to help us in the real life. With that said we need people like you to drive the knowledge of this area further.

  • Matt Eaton
    • Matt Eaton
    • August 16, 2022 at 1:07 pm

    Couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of INFJs being a tribe. Tried it a few times, not worth the effort. I barely tolerate me, you know?

    When I thought of no one around ever and me being the last person, I was elated. Probably the most joyous feeling I felt all day. Recently people are a real chore to get to and through, so a nice break from all humanity for a few millenia would be amazing.

    I’m okay without family as well. I won’t go into what, but trust me the worst you can think of a family is what they all did. Glad we mutually disowned each other.

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