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In this podcast Joel and Antonia are joined by guest host Dr. Dario Nardi to talk about the 4 subtypes of each personality type.


In this podcast you’ll find:

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  • Jg
    • Jg
    • October 1, 2022 at 1:35 am

    I will note though that I have a tough time following dr Nardi. I do appreciate his efforts but my brain is looking for the framework which thankfully Antonia tried to get him to describe.

    Because of the way he explains stuff I’m left pretty skeptical that brain scans actually correlate in a real way to analytic/holistic preferences, or the four subtypes, or both.

    I’m not trying to tear stuff down, I just appreciate (Antonia) your asking the logical clarifying questions. Like, if it fits into a logical framework, it fits into a logical framework. If it’s doesn’t quite, it doesn’t quite. Doesn’t make it useless; but yeah It throws me off how often dr Nardi talks about stuff without reference to the logical framework but as though it conforms to the logical framework. Maybe the books are more clear organized.
  • Marcy
    • Marcy
    • October 5, 2022 at 9:50 pm

    Harmonizing INFP here, thank you for this! This explains part of what took me a while to understand about the introverted versus extroverted functions, particularly Fi. I heard INFJs and ENFJs describe Fe as extremely empathic, almost absorbing other people’s emotions as though they’re your own, and then them and other NFPs saying that Fi is more a projection of your own emotions, making other people feel yours, and I was like, “….??! Noooo…” For a crazy minute there I even thought I was an ENFJ! Which is actually my shadow type! ? And I don’t think my confusion was because I’m so very developed and evolved. ? I mean, I’m 39, and I’ve gone through some hard things that have forced me to sink or grow, but still. Fi has been a constant, the driver I can’t help but use. I think the holistic version isn’t always quite as individualistic as Joel naturally makes it sound. Of course, since none of these exist in a silo, and simply switching the order of two functions can make a huge difference, I figured my concept of Fi and all the CONNECTIONS it covers mainly differed from his concept of Fi because a) using it as my driver, it covers more ground than his does as his copilot, but also b) Ne is also all about connections, and maybe because of the order that’s bleeding into my Fi ideas more than it does into his? It can be hard for me to isolate either one.

    I think there’s a little bit of truth to the idea that F is more holistic versus T as more analytic, if on… sort of a different axis than the holistic versus analytic subtypes?. I know, I know, but hear me out. You know how you guys describe the perceiving functions as being most interested in what’s in front of the curtain or behind the curtain? (LOVE this explanation, by the way!) So the intuitive functions can see what’s in front of the curtain, they just focus more on what’s behind it. I think this is a very similar polarity, one where everyone zooms in and zooms out, but different judging functions have different preferences and like to spend more time either zoomed in or zoomed out.

    I mean, Antonia, despite your harmonizing style, how often have you described Ti as “slicing and dicing” or “filleting out?” I think Ti likes to zoom in on the individual pieces to make sure they’re accurate. And the logical connections need to be sound too, sure, but it seems like it’s a more isolating function. (Isolating idea elements, not isolating the person using the function.)

    Whereas, to me at least, Fi is all about the connections and relationships and context. And context and connections in the internal world equals — STORY! And I see how my story is connected to other people’s stories, but I do focus in on one individual story at a time, generally — it’s like the introverted versus extroverted functions are on yet another axis of holistic or zoomed out versus analytic or zoomed in. I don’t feel like I’m super individualistic, but I’d say where individualism does show up the most for me, probably, is in all the times I’d say, “It depends…” There are so many factors that shape us, and the more we learn in neuroscience, for example, the more we see that our emotions and reactions to things DO make sense — what might seem like an extreme and unreasonable reaction can be completely accounted for by the particular trauma someone has been through, for example. So yeah. I see F as looking at a bigger picture than T. ?

  • Joel Mark Witt
    • Joel Mark Witt
    • September 29, 2022 at 4:54 pm

    The best place to follow along is Dr. Nardi’s Linkedin Profile. He is posting his research as he develops it on his feed. Eventually he will turn it into a book. But this is a great way to get early content around his findings.

  • JG
    • JG
    • October 1, 2022 at 1:26 am

    Interesting. As an Entp, after hitting some high water marks in my twenties and having life kick me in the face hard enough and eventually getting squeezed hard enough Si stuff (garnishing of accounts, loss of assets for nonpayment even when I had the money etc) and I started losing my kids in a brutal divorce, I found what I at the time considered a “goddesses in every woman” Hestia energy in myself (I’m male) and developed that a lot to become a warm and engaged father, sibling, and friend. now I shrink this has sort of morphed me from a more dominant Entp into a normalizing Entp over 10 years.

    Now I have an exceptionally high number of intimate, warm relationships at work and I’m regularly thanked by people at work for helping them work out things, even though I feel all I’m doing is trying to optimize my network lol. I don’t do any of it because I feel compelled to help them, but because I want to keep talented and creative people in my orbits (or I want to keep orbiting them).

    I’m also building a bookkeeping business for sex workers. I guess that kinda captures the normalizing Entp.

  • Justine G
    • Justine G
    • September 30, 2022 at 7:52 pm

    Sorry I meant ‘Joel’ and ‘2 flavours (US-spelling ’flavors’) of functions’

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