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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia talk about Strauss and Howe’s work on Generational Theory and how it might help us understand current world conditions.


In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Why do people show up the way they do?
    • What are some common interactions between the generations: Boomers, Gen-X and Millennials?
    • What is happening with the Gen-X generation right now?
    • Which generation is currently setting the dominant values and which generation is fighting to assert theirs?
  • How can generational theory help us understand our world?
    • Listen to our podcast, Generational Theory with Jessie Newburn, to learn more.
    • Why some people have resistance towards generational theory.
    • How can generational theory actually give a sense of relief about the current state of the world?
  • How are the generation divisions created?
  • Generational theory: the overall framework
    • What discoveries did Neil Howe and William Strauss make that are the basis for generational theory?
    • What are the markers of the 4 seasons in generational theory?
    • Examples of the 4 seasons from the most recent history.
    • Which time period are we in right now?
    • What kind of archetypal energy is common for the time period we are in right now?
  • A little piece of understanding that generational theory provides that may bring you a bit of solace about the current state of the world.

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  • Taylor
    • Taylor
    • December 23, 2022 at 12:07 am

    I remember listening to the first podcast you guys did on Generational Theory back in 2015 I think, I really appreciated being introduced to this model and theory. I’ve read their books The Fourth Turning and Millennials Rising since, which, were interesting and did predict quite a few things.

    Another interesting, albeit dense read is “A Study of History” by Arnold Toynbee; he looked at the rise and fall of 19 world civilizations and found that they did so in predictable cycles.

    Thanks again!

  • Joel Mark Witt
    • Joel Mark Witt
    • December 22, 2022 at 11:34 pm

    Thanks for the feedback Lauren. Tell me more. How do you feel put in a box? I’m curious to hear more about your experience.

  • Lauren Losson
    • Lauren Losson
    • December 20, 2022 at 10:09 pm

    Oh, boy! You lost me big-time on this one! I’m 74 and you just put me in a box! Too binary thinking!

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