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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia continue their conversation about Strauss and Howe’s work on Generational Theory and how it might help us understand current world conditions.


In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Get the foundation of generational theory by listening to our previous podcast, Generational Theory and Archetypes (Part 1).
  • Discover which generation you are in: the official dates for each generation.
    • Find the full list of dates for all generations on wikipedia.
  • What are the 4 generational archetypes?
  • What is the generational archetypal energy of the Boomers?
    • How does each of the 4 seasons of generational theory show up for the Boomer’s generational archetype?
    • What are some main concerns and issues that are showing up for Boomers in the current season?
  • What generation is approximately born during the season of “Summer” in generational theory?
    • Why are they often considered to be the neglected generation?
    • How does this generational archetype usually approach the world?
    • How does each of the 4 seasons of generational theory show up for this generational archetype?
    • Why is there generally a harshness around this generational archetype?
  • When is the generational archetype energy known as the “hero” born?
    • Why is this generational archetype energy called the hero?
    • How does each of the 4 seasons of generational theory show up for the hero generational archetype?
    • What is one of the main issues that this generation is dealing with right now?
    • What kind of energy does this generation bring?
  • What is the last generational archetype energy?
    • How is this generation treated and what are some expectations for this generational archetype?
    • Why are they called “artists”?
    • How does each of the 4 seasons of generational theory show up for this generational archetype?
    • Which areas do they usually become influential in?
  • Why all the generational archetypal energies are important
  • What is happening right now in regards to the generational archetypal energies?

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  • Teish
    • Teish
    • January 9, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    I’m a late Gen X—born in 1980–and I listened to Parts 1 & 2 just today. I had to smile at one point because I had a conversation yesterday where it was said, “Why are people so sensitive and just get offended over everything now?” I think our generation was showing! LOL!

    My perspective on my childhood is that I had to “grow up fast” and figure things out on my own because it’s just what I had to do. As a mom, I’ve noticed that I’m not comfortable letting my kids take on some things that I did at their age. My thought is that this may be a generational thing. I’ll have to ponder that a bit.

    My kids are the Artist generation—my oldest will turn 18 next month. It’s interesting that I’m from a more independent generation, and so are my kids. It does tend to explain the very independent streak we all have in our house!

    The part where you mentioned kids in my generation missing out on a “normal childhood” resonated with me. That’s one thing that I’ve felt so bad about over the last 2-2 1/2 years—that my kids have missed out on so much, and that I don’t know when things will be back to “normal” for them. Though, I guess if we take generational theory into account, what I consider “normal” isn’t really coming back anytime soon.

    Fascinating stuff! I’ll have to ponder it more. Do you recommend a particular book as the starting point for reading more?

  • Dan
    • Dan
    • December 27, 2022 at 3:05 am

    Congratulations! That was a good presentation on the theory. This Xer has been studying it for a long time, and I think you guys have pretty much all the basics down. I really appreciated when Antonia emphasized that each archetype and generation has a part to play, each is necessary. Off the top of my head there are a couple of things I want to add. One is not to write the Boomers off just yet. There’s likely almost a decade left in this Crisis and I have a feeling they still have a big contribution left to make. The other thing has to do with superhero movies. As Joel pointed out they’ve been big this Crisis. Well guess what? In yet another example of history rhyming, where this Crisis might be the Golden Age of superhero movies, the previous Crisis is also known as the Golden Age of the superhero comic book. That was when the genre came into being.

  • Jess
    • Jess
    • December 26, 2022 at 10:09 pm

    This was helpful in understanding why I never felt like I fit the archetypical energy of the millennial’s around me. I spent three formative years of my childhood in Israel during the gulf war. I definitely got the “be compliant because the stakes are too high” messaging and resonate with the artist generation energy. Telling my children to mask up during COVID gave me a kind of dejavu to the gas masks of my childhood. My younger sister who has no memories of our time in Israel has the true millennial energy.

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