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On this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia dive into how ISFPs can use personality know-how to embrace and love who they are. The conversation also touches on what the other 15 personality types can learn from ISFPs about self-love.


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  • Sean
    • Sean
    • March 19, 2024 at 10:41 am

    (INFP) Sorry, but my Fi and Te is compelling me to communicate this thought. Being difficult or complaining about bad service is actually an effective change agent. Business owners and corporations are taking advantage of society’s Fe where people are willing to be compliant and docile out of sympathy for the poor worker and out of fear of being seen as rude. Retail purchases are still business transactions and when you take a job you are signing on to represent that company. If the company’s policy and inability to staff their business cause customers to be angry and disruptive then the employees will most likely quit and the business will eventually fail, if not changed. I know full well the employee is not to blame, although sometimes they are because they don’t have the skills for the job. Either way though, we must voice our displeasure and fight the system. When consumers and employees are abused they must become disruptive to the system. Being polite allows the unseen and uninvolved owners to continue selling poor service and poor products by taking advantage of society’s goodwill and oligarchical systems that aren’t truly free markets. I say, get angry and disruptive until those in power are forced to deal with the consequences of their corruption and greed. If the franchise owner’s store manager walks off the job in the middle of the day that will be heard.

    Oh and love is conditional, always has been and always will be (especially when you say it’s a verb). When you describe rules and mutual respect that is needed in a relationship, those are by definition conditions. Also, to be clear I’m not saying these things out of anger or hurt. These are universal truths that can be seen throughout history. Weak and friendly people will always be taken advantage of by evil and greed and relationships are always transactional to one degree or another. Be kind and loving but also be smart and know when to stand strong and go against the grain and be strategically disruptive. Poor customer service and long lines may seem a petty thing to fight but it’s a larger cultural shift that is affecting our mental health and quality of life. Don’t accept abuse from those in power.

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