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JOEL MARK WITT: Hi. Welcome to Personality Hacker. My name is Joel Mark Witt.

ANTONIA DODGE: And I’m Antonia Dodge and we’re going to talk about the ENFP personality type in the Myers-Briggs system or Exploration, Authenticity in the Genius Style system.


ANTONIA DODGE: Hey, you’re an ENFP. What we’re going to do is just take a couple minutes to riff on the type. We’ve created content that goes more granular into the personality type, but we just want to do an overview of this type and talk about things that maybe other people don’t know about them.

JOEL MARK WITT: Yes. The ENFP again is the Exploration, Authenticity in the Genius Style. They lead with a process called Exploration. That’s the nickname that we’ve given it here in the Genius System. What this is about is it’s really about going into the outside world and pushing buttons, pulling levers, messing with people and things and then making intuitive connections based on all that stuff we just did. We have a tendency to mess around a lot and mess with people and things and sometimes get ourselves in trouble when we’re going through the world. If you’re an ENFP, you’ve probably had this experience where you’ve gone out and maybe you’ve had a conversation with somebody and you said some things just to see what their reaction was, because you learn information that way and sometimes you come off a little calloused or a little crazy sometimes.

ANTONIA DODGE: You’re giving yourself permission to not be nice to ENFPs. We’ve been nice to all the other types during all the other …

JOEL MARK WITT: Well, I’m harder on myself than other people.

ANTONIA DODGE: … videos and podcasts.

JOEL MARK WITT: I don’t know. What do you think about ENFPs? You’re not an ENFP. You tell me your perspective.

ANTONIA DODGE: I’m going to be nicer than you, because I’m married to one and I think they’re wonderful. Most ENFPs are going to be females and just like you said, they lead with an intuitive process of Exploration.

Exploration is intuitive and so they’re leading with a process that makes them want to learn as much about the world as they possibly can, but in an interactive way. You mentioned pushing buttons, pulling toggle switches. I’ve always thought about it like having a machete and there’s 6 foot high grass in front of you and you’re there to blaze a trail.

Now, because a lot of them are female, it’s really interesting to see how the type plays out depending upon whether or not they’re male or female. I think the gender actually alters the type a little bit. Maybe I’ve got that more on my mind because I’m married to a male ENFP. We haven’t really talked about the gender breakdowns of any of the other types, but I think …

JOEL MARK WITT: I’m sorry. As you were saying that about the females, I bet a word that comes to mind for female ENFPs for a lot of people is flirty.

ANTONIA DODGE: Mm. Yes, I would agree.

JOEL MARK WITT: I didn’t mean to interrupt what you were saying. Keep going.

ANTONIA DODGE: Yes, I would agree. I think for males it can be the same way. Actually, I think that they can be very flirty. In fact, I bet the Don Juan’s of the past have been ENFPs and I think that’s part of what really defines them is this highly charismatic characteristics.

People are just naturally attracted to ENFPs, but what I think is more important than their charisma, which is oftentimes what’s focused on, is that I think ENFPs have a message. I think that they ultimately want to make an impact on the world and that process of authenticity, because we call them Exploration, Authenticity, that process of authenticity is part of how they get to know what’s important to them as an individual. It’s part of how they create conviction and really know what their personal individual message is, whatever that is. That authenticity process is really important for them to develop.

JOEL MARK WITT: However, as an ENFP, I’ve know this in my life and I’ve seen it happen to other ENFPs, if you look at your Car Model, if you’ve looked at the Genius System, you’ll understand that your tertiary process is a process that we’ve called Effectiveness.

ANTONIA DODGE: Ten-year-old, the ten-year-old in the car model.

JOEL MARK WITT: Ten-year-old and basically what happens with effectiveness is you find shortcuts. You find ways to make things happen very quickly and so oftentimes, as ENFPs we’ll result to those things, because they work. They’re effective. They make things happen. We’re pushing buttons and moving through the world so quickly that we need a lot of things to move quickly along with us, but really that growth is coming from growing that authenticity, that part of you that’s really true to your core values, the authentic part of your heart, your mind and your soul.

If you can really focus on that as personality and grow your personality in that way, you can see yourself grow in a lot of ways that are incredible and then you’ll see other things in your life open up.

ANTONIA DODGE: Yes. It takes some patience though. I think that’s why ENFPs don’t like to go to the authenticity process …

JOEL MARK WITT: Yes. I would say so.

ANTONIA DODGE: … because it takes patience and they’re just moving so quickly through the world. They don’t like to have to develop that patient component, but I think that’s what really gets them in touch with themselves and make sure that they show up to the world fully authentic and in the genius Style assessment, if you are an ENFP and you haven’t taken the test, we highly recommend going to Personality Hacker dot com and taking the Genius Style Assessment to discover if you are.

If you have already taken it and you’re definitively Exploration, Authenticity, there’s some really great tips and tools and tricks and hacks that is in the premium content. In the premium content, it really goes through some really great ways to exercise the authenticity process, so that you aren’t just moving through the world as fast as possible and sort of racing to your death, but you’re able to discover who you are, what’s truly important to you, focus on the projects that are meaningful as opposed to just jump from project to project and never actually accomplish anything.

There are some really fantastic tools and tips in the premium content that we recommend that you go check out and become the best version of yourself, so we can all benefit from who you are.

JOEL MARK WITT: Yes. I think you hinted at it a little bit before, but what is a secret you’d say about ENFPs that most people wouldn’t know?

ANTONIA DODGE: What is a secret about ENFPs that most people wouldn’t know?

JOEL MARK WITT: I’m guessing you’re going to go back to what you’ve said before, but maybe not. Maybe you have a different secret. We’ll find out.

ANTONIA DODGE: I was thinking about it and I think that the number one thing that most people don’t know about ENFPs is how much leadership they desire. I think they really desire and have it within them to be strong leaders and most people wouldn’t think that because there’s a sense of ENFPs, especially if they’re really charismatic and always messing with their environment that they might feel a little flighty, but I don’t think they’re flighty at all.

I think that’s a ruse. I think what they really want is to be powerful, strong leaders and to take people to endgame goals that are meaningful to them. I think that’s their secret they’re hiding.

JOEL MARK WITT: Very good. Well, thanks for joining us on this riff of the ENFP personality or the Exploration, Authenticity in the Genius System.

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  • Rachael
    • Rachael
    • February 2, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    I am so grateful that I found this Podcast. I have been different all of my life I am realizing now that I was raised and a house with a nom and a dad that were sensors in my siblings were sensors and I am the only intuitive and I actually thought something was wrong with me. I have spent my life trying to figure out myself I’m a big reader I am constantly thinking inside of my own head I’m very sensitive to people’s emotions in the environment around me their body language and I am just all about what makes one tick. It’s actually refreshing to know that I am different but in a special way. Thank you so much and I am enjoying so much learning about myself at 47 years old. I am a nurse practitioner I have a master’s degree and growing up my parents just thought I was an impatient little girl who never really stuck to anything but yet I have more education than anyone in my family and have accomplished more than anyone in my family thank God I had the personal inner streets to do more and become more and I was ever given a chance to become. They did not have my choke for me lol but I showed them! The biggest sadness is that there are people out there that are special and have been made to feel like they are lacking and it’s just so not true!

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