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JOEL MARK WITT: Hey, welcome to Personality Hacker, my name is Joel Mark Witt.

ANTONIA DODGE: I’m Antonia Dodge.

JOEL MARK WITT: Today we’re talking about the ENTJ personality type in the Myers-Briggs system or the “Effectiveness/Perspectives” person in the genius system.

ANTONIA DODGE: Yeah, we’re going to do a bit of a riff on this personality type. Not quite as granular as we will in other forms of content but just kind of do an overview on our impressions of this type and some of the things that they experience and deal with. Now, the very famous component to the ENTJ, if you’re familiar at all of Myers-Briggs, is that they tend to have what we call the CEO personality type. A lot of the great military leaders of the past, a lot of the great CEOs of current and past history, they are of this personality type because this personality type, it has a tendency to be a very strong leader.

JOEL MARK WITT: If you’re ENTJ and you’re listening right now, we’re going to make this snappy so get back to what you got to do.

ANTONIA DODGE: Yeah, exactly.

JOEL MARK WITT: We’ll get it going, don’t worry. We’ll get to the point.

ANTONIA DODGE: Good call. The reason why we call them Effectiveness/Perspectives in the genius style system is that they lead with a thinking process that we have nicknamed “Effectiveness.” That is basically creating systems that have long range sustainability. Effectiveness is a little bit more than expediency or even efficiency. Effectiveness is about creating systems that are replicable that other people can implement as well in order to make it this infrastructure that everybody can benefit from. What’s really amazing about the ENTJ is that they coupled this with the process, an intuitive process called Perspectives, which gives them the ability to see long range into the future. This is one of the reasons why they make such great military strategists, great leaders and great CEOs of companies.

JOEL MARK WITT: Yeah, if you’re an ENTJ, you’re probably to attracted to stuff like military strategy. You probably maybe played the game ‘Risk’ when you were a kid. You probably are attracted to leadership qualities and you probably exhibit a lot of these yourself and you’re able to make decisions rather quickly and decisively and usually they are very good decisions you make.

ANTONIA DODGE: Yeah, actually, ENTJs are some of the most decisive and the most quick to make decisions of all the types which is another reason why they make great strategists and leaders is that they make quick decisions and don’t really question them very much. Now, that works for good and for evil and there can be times when they don’t take in quite the right information in order to be making those quick decisions. They really need to be focused on developing that co-pilot process of Perspectives. Perspectives gives them the opportunity to go inside, sort of mull over the information, taking more and more content and get more of a zoomed-out perspective in order to make the best decisions possible.

In the genius style assessment, we go further into this type about how to develop the Perspectives piece and not to get too expeditious, maybe too efficient and go the ten year old process of what we call sensation, which is just looking for in-the-moment information in order to make a decision.

Going into the Perspectives process which requires more patience but also has higher payoff, is one of the best ways to make amazing decisions that we all benefit from. We recommend that you take the genius style assessment at personalityhacker.com, if you believe you might be in the ENTJ, and consider going for the premium content. The premium content really breaks down the dynamic of what’s going on inside you and gives you recommendations on how to be the best version of any ENTJ possible.

JOEL MARK WITT: Yeah, if you’re going to grow as a leader and grow as a person or however you’re going to grow, your personality can really help you if you understand the nuances of your personality. It’s a great lens for personal development and personal growth.

ANTONIA DODGE: What do you think is one secret about ENTJs or Effectiveness/Perspectives people that most people wouldn’t know?

JOEL MARK WITT: I would say for my perspective that the ENTJ is a fiercely loyal person. They have loyalty. When I saw loyalty it’s going to peer to the people that they’re loyal to in the outside world they’re positionally loyal. That right hand man that’s been at the side all the time being a supporter or a different person in your life, it looks like they’re positionally loyal but I actually believe it’s a heart loyalty, it’s a very personal, deep-felt loyalty that doesn’t always get communicated to the person you’re loyal to. That loyalty, sometimes gets caught up in that positional loyalty, but it really is part of their heart. They really do feel very fiercely loyal at a personal level for that in their emotions.

ANTONIA DODGE: Yeah, I think I would agree with you. My brother is an ENTJ. I would say that that’s something that I’ve always admired about him is that he has this strong sense of integrity. But even more so it’s that loyalty and it could look positional, it could look like it’s not really personal to the individual. But I think that once you’re in, once they are, the ENTJ is loyal to you, it is definitely personal, it is about the personal relationship with you. I would agree. I would say that that’s a great number one secret about ENTJs that most people don’t know.


ANTONIA DODGE: Thank you very much for joining us on the riff of the ENTJ personality tpye or the Effectiveness/Perspectives type in the genius system.

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  • Steven
    • Steven
    • November 12, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    Now we need a video on how to convince some of the more stubborn ENTJs to watch these videos. Especially when their view on Jungian-based personality types has already been tainted by other unreliable sources.

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