Do you sabotage yourself when good stuff happens in your life? Are your highest emotional experiences… not very ‘high’, while your low emotional experiences are depressingly low? In this video Antonia talks about resetting your emotional thermostat to prevent self-sabotage.

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  • Joseph
    • Joseph
    • April 21, 2017 at 11:57 pm

    This happens to me all the time: often when things seem to be going right (especially in relationships) I’d expect things to crash and burn.

  • LeeAnn
    • LeeAnn
    • September 21, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    I just listened to your podcast, “How to Control Your Emotions”, which was spurred from the videos on emotion that you and Joel created, such as the one above. If any viewers want more of THIS I encourage them to check out your podcast. I absolutely loved it!! I love your thoughts regarding this HUGE topic.

    I personally loved when you touched how it would be related to your type. Your metaphor of an authenticity user having the capacity to either “slam on the emotional keys of a piano versus using the full range of emotional keys beautifully and skillfully on a piano” was perfect. As an authentic user this was helpful as I personally would like to accept my range of emotions as they are my guide and w/o seeing their importance I would be totally lost (and have been lost because I was taught to not express my emotions)…. However, if I am in the brooding, flooding mindset it is important for me to understand how the skill at which I play those keys are incredibly important and must be considered. For everyone and myself. I see my view that I lack emotional control (which I am recognizing is a view that is not based on reality, which your viewpoint has truly helped me to recognize) as a huge detriment. However, it was through learning my type and recognizing it as a super power that I have begun to see the control and power that I have in the emotional realm. Knowing that this is my strength has been incredibly empowering. I didn’t recognize the power of emotions until I became a mom and that was the catalyst for searching out emotional growth tools, and likely led me to your website.

    Emotional control and emotional work in general is definitely my growth stage right now. I often thought I had to bottle my feelings, and as an authenticity user this is incredibly damaging. Maybe I am reading this wrong as all people will be impacted negatively by bottling. I have picked up the knowledge you have given in your podcasts very quickly. They are laid out in such a way that has completely resonated with me! Thank you for your work and for your desire to wrestle with these growth skills. I believe that you both would be amazing at breaking the concept “How to control your emotions” down even more based on typology! I think that it could be really beneficial to all your readers/listeners/viewers.

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