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Only 1 in 4 people are Intuitive.
Are you one of them?
Embrace and Develop Your Intuition
Your gut tells you that you see the world differently than most people…
You are right.

You see reality through the lens of your intuition. You see what’s “behind the curtain.” You aren’t as interested in the mundane, day-to-day world as most people.

Your mind leaps to “what if?” scenarios.

You’re not only thinking ‘outside the box’, you’re thinking about the box, itself. Your passion sits in your heart and mind just below the surface…. And it’s dying to be free.

If this sounds familiar…. You are most likely an Intuitive.

What is intuition – and why it’s the most important ability you have
You change things. You invent. You imagine the impossible. You heal…explore… create… inspire.

Intuitives are the ones who push the human race forward.

Some may see you as crazy or weird… we see genius. Remember… the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Intuition is a pretty abstract word. It’s something many of us rely on for quick judgments and often life-altering decisions. On a social level we’re familiar with that ‘gut sensation’ that tells you when something is wrong, as well as the stereotype of ‘women’s intuition’.

What we’re talking about is something bigger, something that touches every aspect of your life. We’re talking about how you see and navigate reality, itself.

Most people – around 75% – primarily rely on their senses to navigate the world. They want what’s reliable and what’s verifiable to explain reality. But there’s a small percentage of the population like you, about 25%, that want to see something beyond ‘reliable’. You want to know what could be, what’s going to be, and you love discovering just how far down the rabbit’s hole goes.

Most people are happy to know what’s happening in front of the curtain, but you can’t stop thinking about what’s happening behind the curtain. “What could be” is your first love.

Intuitives learn to trust pattern recognition to help them understand information quickly and see things that aren’t ‘there’.
Basically, you extrapolate large amounts of information from only a few data points.

Everyone has this ability to some extent. But since they don’t trust it, they don’t exercise and develop it. Instead, they trust reliable information – things that can be verified in the Real World. Therefore, they become masters of historical information – their own history as well as other people’s. They also become fantastic at manipulating objects in real time. There is no need to question reality when it’s right there in front of them.

You and other Intuitives have a unique relationship with time. The future is more interesting than the past.

Most people can’t rely on what hasn’t happened yet, so the future becomes far less interesting. If real, reliable, solid information is what they choose to focus upon, then the here-and-now context becomes far more important, as well as past information (which used to be the here-and-now).

On the other hand, Intuitives are already comfortable seeing what ‘isn’t there’ – that is, you’re comfortable theorizing and speculating on what could be in both the here-and-now as well as into the future. The past doesn’t really hold your interest any more than a reference point for future predictions.

Intuitives place high value on possibilities, memes, paradigms, perspectives and concepts.
Non-Intuitives place exclusive value on things like family, tradition, getting into action, old friends, etc. These are all rooted in the known and knowable, and therefore can be trusted. Conversation for them will generally revolve around these things, and they have more comfort engaging in small talk.

Both Non-Intuitives (called “Sensors” by Carl Jung) and Intuitives have an important role. Sensors often “hold down the fort” and uphold infrastructures that keep us going as a society.

Intuitives are generally the “trailblazers” – coming up with new ways of looking at and doing things which fashion new technologies and paradigms. It makes sense that fewer Intuitives would be needed – too much innovation and everything collapses. But without innovation, the world stagnates.

The day Carl Jung unraveled the mystery of the Intuitive mind
Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. He’s credited as the founder of analytical psychology (also known as Jungian psychology), a school of thought that encourages individual ‘wholeness’ by integrating our unconscious processes, and the motivations that underlie our behavior.

His work lead to the discovery of psychological “types,” Jung pioneering the idea by realizing that people could be separated into different preferences, including what he called “Intuition” and “Sensory” learning styles. Much of his contribution comes from the study of archetypes seen through history and the world.

Continuing his tradition, Personality Hacker uses Jung’s understanding of Intuition and Intuitives to develop programs that meet the unique and individual needs of those with an Intuitive preference.

Are you an Intuitive living in the trap we call “Blending?”As an Intuitive you see the world in a RADICALLY different way than most people around you. Because people that use a Sensory learning style are looking for that concrete tangible, in their minds they have categories for everything. It is most satisfying when everything fits into a neat package.

And if you – as an Intuitive – don’t fit into that nice neat package… You have one of two options:

You either continue to be weird and no one knows where to place you.


You take control of the situation and place yourself into a nice neat package in their behalf, so Sensors can relate to you. But when you do this, you are giving up a part of your true, authentic identity. You’re fitting yourself into a definition someone else has for you, instead of creating your own definition. And you lose a huge piece of yourself in that process.

As an Intuitive people can praise you, disagree with you, quote you, disbelieve you, glorify or vilify you. About the only thing people can’t do is ignore you… Unless you let them.

Imagine growing up as one of these “different” people. It’s your first day of school. You’ve got your brand new backpack and lunch box. You’re scared, but also really excited!

You’re excited to meet your teacher, and all the other kids, and who knows what could happen?

Well, once you get to class and get used to the new people and new experience, you start sharing yourself. You share things you think are fun, or interesting or exciting.

Maybe you start talking about your favorite character from your favorite movie. You hope that everyone else will think your favorite is cool, or exciting or interesting too! But instead, you get blank stares. And you hear things like…

… “You’re weird.”

… “Why would you like that?”

… “What’s wrong with you?”

…”Why can’t you be normal like everyone else?”

If any of this sound familiar to you, keep reading.

Now imagine that kind of experience repeated over and over again. With topics that are even more important and personal.

For 20+ years.

Even worse, what if these comments aren’t coming from kids your age. What if they’re coming from your parents? How would you react to all of that?

I’ll tell you how most people react.

You would start faking it. You would start pretending that you’re just like everyone else. You would start hesitating before you share anything that is important to you, in case it isn’t “acceptable” or “normal” to everyone else. You would try to blend in with the people around you. That’s why we call it “Blending”.

What else could you do?

The problem is, Intuitive Blending doesn’t work.

Sure, it makes you feel less rejection in the short term. But it means that no one knows who you really are. And because of that, you can’t form any *real* connections with people.

You can’t pursue the things that *really* excite you. You can’t follow your true passions. You can’t be the REAL you.

Blending is a sure-fire path to a lonely, miserable, unfulfilled life.

Intuitive Blending SUCKS.

Fortunately, there is a path to embrace your Intuition.Remember how we said that 1 in 4 people have this “different” way of thinking?

Even though they’re “strange” and “weird” to most people (to the 3 out of 4 “normal” ones) they’re actually pretty similar to each other.

When you start spending time with the other “weirdos” out there, EVERYTHING changes. They actually understand what you’re talking about. They like a lot of the same things that you do. They ACCEPT you for who you are.

It feels like coming home.

It feels like you’ve finally found “your tribe”.

The difference is so huge… It’s almost magical.

The 2 Styles of Intuition
(Introverted Intuition and Extraverted Intuition)
Intuition is already a complicated concept. Add to that two different styles of Intuition and it makes navigating this space very nuanced. It’s not enough to realize you have Intuition and start using it – it matters which of the two styles of Intuition you have.

There are two types of intuition: Extraverted Intuition and Introverted Intuition.

The world needs both styles of Intuition. Without them, everything would stagnate. The more you give yourself permission and develop your Intuition to become more powerful and strong, you could be truly unstoppable. Influencing, making and doing great things.

We’ve given Extraverted Intuition the nickname “Exploration™.”

If your style of Intuition is Exploration:

Very few people use Exploration – less than 15% of the population – and it’s often misunderstood.

The way this process starts out is that –even from the time you were a little kid—you’ve been driven to “mess with your environment” in order to figure out how things work. You viewed the entire world as a laboratory filled with things to discover. This gave you an interesting advantage, since it allowed you to watch how patterns emerged from the various “buttons you pushed.” It also helped you see relationships between things that other people didn’t even realize were connected.

As you matured and became more sophisticated in both your experiences and learning, so did the Exploration process. Over time, the world becomes a huge spider web of connections and relationships, and you get really good at both seeing these connections and speculating on how things could be connected. And the process gets faster. For example, when people tell jokes, you’re usually at the punch line before they can deliver it. You “see where people are going” much quicker than the average person, because you’ve already gone there in some capacity before. People of your type usually score high on IQ tests due to the sheer speed of processing to which your mind has become accustom.

Since you can’t both carefully verify information and access information at these speeds, you end up speculating a lot. But people of your type are often surprisingly accurate when they speculate, and we recommend you listen to your process. This is often called “trusting your gut.”

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We’ve given Introverted Intuition the nickname “Perspectives™.”

If your style of Intuition is Perspectives:

This is the least understood mental process, represented in less than 10% of the population.

The way this process starts out is that –even from the time you are a little kid – you’ve been at least a little removed or disconnected from your own perspective. This gave you an interesting advantage, since it allowed you to watch how your mind formed connections. As you matured and became more sophisticated in your experience and learning, so did the Perspectives process. Over time, as you watched your own mind making connections, you also started to see patterns emerge. Then, you witnessed other people exhibit the same patterns that you had previously watched your own mind form, and you even began to figure out that there was a ‘pattern to the patterns’.

For example, your mind may have watched a similar pattern to this emerge: “When I think about dogs, my mind makes the connection between dogs and how my mom felt about them, which connects to her dog-related experience with my father, which references how much he hated dogs and didn’t let me have one as a kid, which reminds me how I feel about my dad and our strained relationship.” So, on some level, dogs mean a strained relationship with dad. When you’ve got that pattern fully formed in your mind, all it takes is a little hint from another person – maybe a behavior or expression that feels out of place – and you can pick up how they feel or think as if you were reading their subconscious like a book. You now know they don’t like dogs, and that they have a strained relationship with their dad.

This requires some speculation on your part since you can’t ever actually verify what’s going on ‘behind the curtain’ of someone else’s subconscious, but you’re most often accurate.

Both style of Intuition have unique needs that often go tragically unmet.

The 5 Basic Unmet Needs of an Intuitive

(If you don’t meet these basic needs you will die a little bit each day until you wake up and realize you are a shell of your former self. We call it “Death by 1,000 Cuts.”)

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NEED #1 – Freedom & Space To Explore

As an Intuitive, if you don’t have freedom explore your outer and inner world, you will die a little inside each day. You might be allowing your job, spouse, friends, family, parents, children or other circumstances prevent you from feeling freedom to explore. As an Intuitive – YOU MUST feel free to make connections, see patterns and explore your world.

NEED #2 – Permission To Self-Define

You know all those “life templates” that your friends adopted after high school or college. It starts like this …. get a decent job that pays the bills …. get married …. have some kids …. save money …. take 2 week vacations …. and race toward the end of life. And what’s weird is your friends are happy following that template. But that’s not you. You may be living that life right now – feeling stuck – feeling trapped. And inside there is a self ownership DYING to be free and live life on YOUR terms.

NEED #3 – Intuitive
Connection, Conversation & Community

Most Intuitives have one-sided relationships. Living in a Sensor world means that we have to adjust our life to fit in. But that means that we are usually starved for other Intuitives to connect with and have really great conversation. Humans are social creatures. We have a basic need to feel understood. If you are Intuitive – our guess is that this need is going unmet.

NEED #4 – Making An Impact & Influencing Your World

You need to have influence on your world. It’s deep in your soul. You can’t help it. You want the world to be a better place. And it seems like the ideas, concepts and skills you bring are met by most people with trepidation and fear. But that’s just it! You are coming up with world-changing ideas that need to get out.

NEED #5 – Mentors & Action Plan

The Karate Kid had Mr Miyagi. Neo had Morpheus. Bilbo Baggins had Gandalf. Not only did these characters have great mentors who supported them – but they also had an action plan for success. Your life is epic. You need mentors who will help support and guide you through your Intuitive journey.

It’s time to awaken, embrace and develop your Intuition…

We love the movie The Matrix. If you’ve seen this movie you’ll remember that the main character is given a choice between taking 2 different pills after his mentor Morpheus explains the nature of “reality.” The blue pill allows him to forget this new information that Morpheus has just given him. The protagonist, Neo, would get to retreat back into the comfort and safety of ignorance. But the red pill sends Neo down the rabbit’s hole to an awakening of his mind that he couldn’t have imagined.

develop-intuition-matrix-red-pillAs an Intuitive you have the choice between taking the blue pill and deciding to retreat back into a life of quiet desperation, disappointment and confusion.


You can take the red pill, awaken your Intuition to its fullest potential and start the exciting and rewarding journey of discovery. We can’t make you take the red pill – we can only show you the way.

If you are sick and tired of living the same old life. If you are ready to fast track what you’ve always known was deep inside your soul. If you are ready to learn from a community of people who understand what it’s like to be an Intuitive….

Then join us for your own Intuitive Awakening.

  • Awakening your Intuition can enhance your creativity
  • Awakening your Intuition can help you make breakthroughs in your career
  • Awakening your Intuition can help you improve your relationships
  • Awakening your Intuition allows you to identify your calling, passion, purpose and mission
  • Awakening your Intuition can help you make better financial judgements

When every area of your life has been awakened to your Intuition and you’re living in alignment with your authentic values, you achieve a state known as high-level Intuitive living.

A program backed by science and researchAuthor, Former UCLA professor, and personality typology expert Dario Nardi, has been doing research on the the neuroscience of personality. His work with EEG machines and brainwave scans have indicated that the once soft science of personality typology can actually be measured in brainwave activity.

Imagine giving yourself full permission to be Intuitive so you’ll never second-guess yourself ever again.

Here is what you’ll learn inside the Intuitive Awakening program…
  • Craft a plan for your life as an Intuitive. No more living by other people’s templates.
  • How to finally communicate with family members that don’t understand you.
  • Discover how to connect with a tribe of like-minded people and avoid one-sided relationships.
  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy Intuitives… and how to make sure you’re healthy.
  • If you have to make a living in “Cubicle Hell,” how to navigate that.
  • Learn “meta-models:” frameworks that create clarity and help you understand yourself and find your Life Purpose.
  • When to trust your Intuition and know it’s on point.
  • Finding your flow state to get incredible amounts of work done in a short period of time.
  • Real life examples of Intuitives that have changed the world, and the secret to how it’s done.
  • Understand compatible romantic types for Intuitives and how to make your relationship succeed.
  • Know the difference between “Passion,” “Purpose” and “Mission,” and where you’re at on your path.
  • Learn to give yourself the one thing nobody knows they need until they get it: PERMISSION…
    • To be different
    • To know and experience your greatness
    • To come out of hiding
    • To use Intuitive strategies, tailored made for you
    • To “fail again, fail better” and become unstoppable
Your InvestmentThe tuition for Intuitive Awakening is $197. That includes the Genius Style Assessment ($67 value).

We also have monthly payment plans to make this program affordable to more Intuitives.

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What have previous students said about the program?

intuitive-awakening-olivia-PersonalityHacker.comThe most outstanding benefit of Intuitive Awakening for me, was learning to see the way my mind works as a plus instead of a minus. I’m not broken. I spent a lot of time thinking I was, but now I understand that I’m specially engineered for a different purpose than most people. A fork can be very frustrated if it’s spent its whole life trying to be a spoon.

The second best part, was learning how to put systems in place for myself, so that the things I’m least suited to doing still get done but don’t consume all my energy. Also, these are skills I can pass on to my Intuitive son, who is still in that adolescent period of struggle, feeling out of step with the world at large. That’s HUGE, to me.

The last part, the part I’m still struggling with, has more to do with being an INTJ specifically. That is, breaking out of my analysis paralysis and exercising my Effectiveness. I’m actually making progress on certain goals, having accepted that a good portion of the knowledge I need to do what I want to do can only be acquired in the doing. Making those value judgments and getting a little dirty. I’m making things and doing stuff, then making it and doing it better. It’s incredibly energizing. I thank you guys for the opportunity to participate in Intuitive Awakening.

– Olivia Fowler

intuitive-awakening-glen-PersonalityHacker.comI believe that the Programs that I have taken with Intuitive Awakening has taken me to whole new level of understanding for myself and even much more my business. I’m now able to guide clients to better performance in their business through my Business Consulting company Biz Brain Interpreter. I have achieved this by first understanding their personality profile and how to move them to be in their flow state straight away which has saved months of work on their side and mine to get their business to reach optimal performance.

I want to recommend the programs from Personality Hacker. I have been interested and researched the topic of personalities for over 20 years but the insight that I gained from them has been light years ahead of anything I have seen. The simple way of explaining each component and taking the time and patience to ensure that I understood it fully was more endearing to me. The professionalism shown by them is next to none and I would sign up to all the new programs that they produce.

– Glen Morris

After having invested in the INFP Starter Kit and the INFX Unveiled Program, I felt that the next right thing for me to do in my personal development journey was to buy the “Intuitive Awakening” program from Personality Hacker, since I really want to start developing my co-pilot process of Exploration. I’ve just spent more than two hours watching the first session while being in a complete state of flow the entire time! What a great feeling, and what a great session that was! This might sound silly, but I actually teared up watching the intro of the program because I was filled to the brim with hope hearing that intuitives do matter in this world and hearing Antonia and Joel’s personal stories, and I can’t wait to learn how to fully embrace and develop the intuitive side of me! You guys were awesome in the first session, and I can’t wait to move on to the next one! Thank you for all the wonderful and important work that you do! You are a beacon of hope to all intutives (at least to this intuitive right here!)

– Johild Justinussen

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Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt,
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