How Your 4 Letter Type Code Impacts Your Relationships

Understanding Personality Differences In Your Relationship — Part 1
(Romantic Type Pairings Mini-Course Part 1 of 4)

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Compare Your 4-Letter Code (Dichotomies) With Your Partner

Personality types are described in terms of four-letter codes, like ESFP or INTJ. Each of the four letters signifies a key aspect of an individual’s personality.

Each dichotomy consists of two distinct and opposing styles, for instance Extraversion versus Introversion.

One of the first ways to determine your personality type, is to discover your preference on each of the four dichotomies.

— Introversion vs Extraversion
— Sensing vs Intuition
— Thinking vs Feeling
— Judging vs Perceiving

Watch this video and then see if you and your partner can identify the ways your dichotomy differences impact your relationship.

The dichotomies is a great starting point for understanding your dynamics as a couple.

As we continue this mini-course, we will go deeper into the cognitive functions, loops of behavior, and mental fixations that also impact how type shows up for you and your partner.

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