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In the social ecosystem, there are two very rare types that fill a crucial but often misunderstood role. Making up less than 5% of people, INTJs and INTPs can find themselves on the outside of humanity, disconnected, unsure of their purpose or if purpose can even be found…

Make no mistake. Your role IS crucial.

INTJs / INTPs are the relentless information gatherers and truth seekers, and humanity is the benefactor of your tireless need to know.

When you are at your best – you root out cognitive bias, insisting on a higher standard of knowledge from themselves and others.

Entire societies experience reality differently based on the intellectual rigor used by these types.

But mind bending novel truths eventually become mundane reality. When that happens it’s easy to marginalize your talents and take those skills for granted. “We’ve always known that,” they say, forgetting that there must have been a point of origin.

People especially don’t like it when the truth you’re vetting is something they’ve grown attached to.

Influencing how society thinks may be a fantasy that makes the marrow of your bones sing…

…but the harsh fact is most INTJs and INTPs aren’t giving to the world on the level you could be.

And that makes sense.

It’s difficult to hone talent, build skill and give gifts to the world while licking wounds.

Self-doubt, dysthymia, uncertainty, fear and low energy can plague INTJs and INTPs, wasting extraordinary human resource in the process.

When an INTx is emotionally low, you either can’t see yourself showing up with value, or you don’t believe the value you have will be appreciated by others.

It’s easy to shrug and ask, “Why bother?”

And you almost get away with it, until the pain of aimlessness and wasted talent becomes too much to bear.

What You Told Us About You

Last year, we sent out a survey to INTJs and INTPs asking you to tell us a little bit about yourself – what you think you’re good at, what challenges you face and where you struggle.

We received over 600 responses with the same struggles articulated over and over again.

Small talk was a major pain point. Both INTJs and INTPs mentioned the exhaustion, awkwardness and frustration you felt around small talk. But small talk seemed to be a window into a deeper pain – the struggle to find meaningful connection and stimulating conversation.

Relationship confusion, a lack of energy, self-criticism, fear of vulnerability, and a growing lack of interest in the world were common themes.

We knew we had to create a program for INTJs and INTPs.

But neither of us is an INTx – we’re ENxPs. How do we light the way on a road we haven’t personally walked?

And then we realized – we know amazing people who have walked that road.

They’re the candle bearers, they light the way.

Our job was to make sure we capture all of their wisdom.

What INTx Unleashed Became

INTx Unleashed is a series of 6 interviews with top performing INTJs and INTPs, men and women.

  • One INTJ is a personal development celebrity in his home country
  • Another INTJ is a sociology professor at an ivy league university
  • And finally, one INTJ founded a thriving and successful consulting business
  • One INTP got her doctorate studying genocide and now works for Fortune 500 companies
  • Another INTP built mastery and teaches the art of charisma and socializing
  • And finally, one INTP runs one of the most respected websites on type theory

Each one discusses their battle with:

  • Fear
  • Existential crises
  • Energy management
  • Self-criticism
  • Judgement
  • Emotional management
  • Relationships

They all found themselves navigating to the same place: happiness and connection.

After each interview we recorded a ‘highlight’ session, focusing on what we felt were the highest leverage pieces of advice given and any additional wisdom we had to share.

We also recorded a quick introductory session using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a guide to determine which interview is most relevant to your personal context.

That makes INTx Unleashed comprised of 13 total sessions

To help you determine if INTx Unleashed is right for you (or a loved one that happens to be an INTJ or INTP), below we introduce you to each INTJ and INTP interviewed.

“I would look around and ask myself, ‘What is all this chaos?'”

Brent Brewer is an INTJ who founded a thriving consulting business in New Brunswick, Canada.

In classic INTJ fashion, Brent talks about his experience of being generally baffled by the world and the decisions people would make. He’d ask, “What is all this chaos? What is the point of all of this?”

Through a series of risk taking and a lot of test/iterate, he discovered peace, increased connection with his family, and a source of energy from within he calls “always there and self-generating.”

More from Brent’s interview:

“You are not your mind.”

“A friend once told me: Love people, manage systems.”

“As an INTP I will question everything, including my relationship.”

A.J. Drenth is an INTP and founder of

An expert in personality type theory, A.J. is very familiar with how the INTP mind works, and gives himself full permission to be in his strengths – but only after years of existential crises.

“Doubt is a part of the INTP makeup, including the relationship. That doesn’t mean the relationship is in trouble, and your spouse needs to be aware of that.”

More from A.J.’s interview:

“I found energy in other people’s feedback. I had to be willing to bring in the Fe process to get the energy I was looking for.

“I realized it was me that had been blocking love.”

Kathryn Lively is an INTJ and tenured professor in the Department of Sociology at Dartmouth University.

Finding her femininity had been a lifelong struggle. Unsure of her place and her worth, Kathryn found armor in the form of her career. Then she realized her armor was actually her prison.

“In social science we call it role-person merger. I was totally over-identified with my role.”

More from Kathryn’s interview:

“I was very judgmental and critical… I realized it was me that had been blocking love. Judgement and love cannot exist in the same space.”

“People don’t know what you’re going to do next, and they don’t care. That was very liberating.”

“If you want to dominate life… dominate your emotions.”

Christian Ramos is an INTP who teaches charisma and social prowess. You read that right – an INTP that teaches charisma.

After years of isolation, putting his foot in his mouth and destroying relationships, the pain of loneliness eclipsed the fear of rejection.

“When you’re isolated from the tribe it feels like you’re dying.”

By using his native systems thinking to deconstruct ‘socializing’, he took natural strengths and applied them to skills not normally in the INTP wheelhouse.

More from Christian’s interview:

“That’s what life is about – sometimes you get knocked down. It’s not time to get bitter from it, it’s time to learn and grow from it.”

“Have an adventure in your life for God’s sake.”

Tom de Kok is an INTJ and personal development celebrity in his native country. He’s hosted more than 800 workshops on the subject of identity and the nature of reality.

And no wonder. Experiencing deep pain upon learning at the age of 4 that he was adopted, Tom decided he would never let anyone in again. It wasn’t until years later he would begin his journey of self-discovery, ultimately achieving ego transcendence.

More from Tom’s interview:

“Do something you can’t predict. At least you felt alive instead of being a robot. Be alive. It’s either living in safety and fear or living an adventure. It’s not a safe adventure.”

“You can’t plan connection, it’s just something that happens. The fear is that you’ll lose yourself. You can’t lose yourself. TRY to lose yourself. It can’t be done.”

“I think ‘What kind of trouble can I get into today?'”

Patrycja Slawuta is an INTP and PhD of Psychology. Originally studying genocide and the darker parts of humanity, she now works with Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies as a consultant.

Coming from Polish heritage, Patrycja reveals that at times her life was so desperate she ‘woke up feeling fear and went to bed feeling fear’. When asked what her fear was she responded, “extermination.”

Finding solace in running (she now runs marathons) and charting a path through her own existential crises, Patrycja shares with us how to find light when experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul.

More from Patrycja’s interview:

“I’m always looking for a bigger bracket, a bigger frame. The mind is like a muscle – it contracts when it’s afraid.”

“My North Star is ‘Do Epic Shit’. I think ‘What kind of trouble can I get into today?'”

The 4 Steps to Getting the Most Out of This Program

STEP #1 – Identify where you’re at on your growth path.

Session 1 reviews Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help you determine which need is currently going unmet and directs you to interviews focusing on that need. Step 1 is to identify what you’re working on:

  • General fear?
  • Your career path?
  • Healthy relationships?
  • A sense of accomplishment?
  • Ego transcendence?

STEP #2 – If you’re an INTP, listen to the INTJ interviews. And vice versa.

All of the sessions have something of value.

  • Christian’s (INTP) guide to charisma and not ‘killing the vibe’
  • Kathryn’s (INTJ) pathway to femininity
  • Tom’s (INTJ) insistence you not waste your life
  • Patrycja’s (INTP) use of ‘annoying’ people as a custom-tailored development gym
  • Brent’s (INTJ) discovery of endless energy

STEP #3 – Take notes, and listen to the Highlights.

Joel and Antonia spent hours reviewing each interview to glean the best of the best (in our opinion). We’ve recorded our favorite moments and a-ha moments from each interview.

But take your own notes! We know you’ll find something we didn’t – these are INTx to INTx Vulcan mind melds. There’s gotta be stuff we just didn’t catch. But you will.

STEP #4 – Take Action!

Don’t let this program be the course equivalent to an inspirational poster. Recognize that each one of these INTxs found their success when they:

  1. Were willing to fail.
  2. Kept moving despite pain, fear and – at times – anguish.
  3. Didn’t allow limiting beliefs or overwhelming emotions control them.

It’s time to unleash an unstoppable Inner Strength deep inside you…

If you are sick and tired of living the same old life… if you are ready to fast track what you’ve always known was deep inside your bones….

Then join us for “INTx Unleashed

This program is a thirteen session audio presentation that has been pre-recorded. Each of the thirteen sessions varies in length: there’s a 10 minute introductory session, six interviews running approximately 60-90 minutes, and six highlight sessions averaging 45-60 minutes in length. When you invest in “INTx Unleashed” program, you will get your own personal member page where you can access the program whenever you want, as many times as you want. The program can also be downloaded for access off-line.


The tuition for “INTx Unleashed” is $197 USD.

{This program is currently unavailable}
Let us know if you would like to be
notified when we open up enrollment again

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We can’t wait for you to begin your journey of making big impact in the world…

Joel Mark Witt & Antonia Dodge
Personality Hacker