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Use the Rapid Customer Rapport system to speak directly to the learning and decision-making preferences of your customers and create an instant connection.


Build Fast Rapport With Your Customers
Unlock your ability to connect with your customers
through meaningful conversation and marketing
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Not all people buy your products or services for the same reasons…

Each person uses one of four decision-making preferences to make their choice.


What is rapport – and why is it so important to build with your customers?

PersonalityHacker.com_rapid-customer-rapport-buildingRapport is the ability to create trust and understanding in another person. What most people don’t realize is that rapport happens on an unconscious level. When you build rapport with your clients or customers you are gaining access directly to their subconscious mind. This can be powerful – because you will create an environment where your customer is relaxed, comfortable, and open to suggestions.

Rapport Establishes Trust with your Customers

One of the best ways to establish trust with customers or clients is to show them that you aren’t hiding anything. You are genuine and you want to help them solve their challenges. When a customer or client feels that you put their needs first, they begin to trust you. The way you communicate with them is a key to how they will feel about the level of trust they can place in you.

Rapport Helps Customers Feel Understood

If you can explain a customer’s problem to them better than they currently understand it – they will automatically believe you have the solution. Using the rapport you build by doing this will lead your customers to believe you “get” what they are going through.

Rapport Builds Loyalty with your Customers and Clients

Customers love to keep buying from businesses they have a relationship with. If you can build rapport by speaking the language of your customer you will create loyalty that can keep your business thriving even during tough economic times.

The day Dale Carnegie unraveled the mystery of building Rapport

PersonalityHacker.com_Dale-Carnegie-win-friends-influence-peopleDale Carnegie was an American writer and lecturer and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. Born into poverty on a farm in Missouri, he was the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Continuing his tradition, Personality Hacker teaches similar rapport-building techniques that aren’t based on WHAT to do – but HOW to speak to your customers and create a platform of rapport for business.

Are you Speaking the “Decision-Making” Language of your Customers?

If you don’t speak the “decision-making” language of your customers you won’t make sales. It’s that simple. Fortunately, there are only four ways that every person on the planet makes decisions. If you can speak to these four decision-making processes, you are on a path to building rapport that will feel authentic and directly impact your bottom line. It’s a win-win!

PersonalityHacker.com_persuade-customer-to-buyAs a communicator – marketer – or business owner – you MUST speak directly to the specific decision making language of your customer – or you will NEVER make a sale.

The problem is, the shotgun approach to communication and marketing doesn’t work.

Are you guilty of being too general in your marketing and communication? We call this the “shotgun approach” of speaking to your customers. It doesn’t work. Because when you are talking to EVERYONE – you are actually talking to NO ONE.

Fortunately, there is a clear guide to communicate with people’s minds.

The Personality Hacker Genius system has identified the ways that your customers are already making decisions. In the Rapid Customer Rapport system, we take this insight and translate it into an easy to use persuasion tool for both marketing and teaching.

The 2 Ways We Help You Build Rapid Customer Rapport

There are two types of customer rapport:

  1. Speaking to the decision-making process, and
  2. Speaking to the learning process.

First, we will show you how to speak directly to the decision-making function of your customer’s mind

Knowing the mental processes your customers use to make decisions is powerful when you are creating marketing materials and advertising. If you KNOW the criteria that your prospects, clients, and customers use to determine a buying action – you have the ability to persuade them.

Second, we will show you how to speak directly to the learning function of your customer’s mind

The ability to speak directly to the learning functions of your customer’s mind will help them access and use the information in your products and services. We will teach you how to open people’s frames and get them to be receptive to your communication.

The 4 Ways People Make Decisions

PersonalityHacker.com_Cognitive_Function_Te_Effectiveness#1 – Effectiveness

Effectiveness is the part of us that asks, “Does this work?” When systems need to be put in place to accomplish goals, it’s Effectiveness that figures it out. When you see how resources can be managed and manipulated to make something happen, and when you’re determining a cost/benefit analysis, you’re using Effectiveness as decision-making criteria.

PersonalityHacker.com_Cognitive_Function_Ti_Accuracy#2 – Accuracy

Accuracy is the part of us that asks, “Does this make sense?” When data is incongruent or when it doesn’t add up, you’re using Accuracy to sort it out. When you make a decision based upon consistent, solid facts, you’re using Accuracy as decision-making criteria.

PersonalityHacker.com_Cognitive_Function_Fe_Harmony#3 – Harmony

Harmony is the part of us that asks, “Is everyone getting their needs met?” When you make a choice that takes other people’s feelings and needs into consideration, you’re using Harmony. Obviously, conclusions reached can range from the very small to the very large.

PersonalityHacker.com_Cognitive_Function_Fi_Authenticity#4 – Authenticity

Authenticity is the part of us that asks, “Does this feel right to me?” When we need to make a decision that is true and honest to who we are, it’s Authenticity that guides us. When you understand how an action or word will impact the subjective human experience or when you feel conviction, you’re using Authenticity as decision-making criteria.

The 4 Ways People Learn Information

PersonalityHacker.com_Cognitive_Function_Ne_Exploration#1 – Exploration

Exploration loves to think outside the box and ask “What if?” questions. They learn best if you can capture their imagination and co-create new connections. It’s not easy to introduce a new idea to an Exploration person, but if you do they’re yours for life.

PersonalityHacker.com_Cognitive_Function_Ni_Perspectives#2 – Perspectives

Perspectives doesn’t just think outside the box, it thinks about the box. The further down the rabbit’s hole of any topic you can go the more Perspectives people will be gripped.

PersonalityHacker.com_Cognitive_Function_Se_Sensation#3 – Sensation

Sensation people have trouble sitting still to learn. They have some of the highest kinesthetic intelligence and learn by building muscle memory. If you can get them into action, you’ve captured their attention.

PersonalityHacker.com_Cognitive_Function_Si_Memory#4 – Memory

Memory is the most focused on reliability. Teaching proven methods that have reliable track records wins the heart of Memory people.

It’s time to laser focus your business on speaking directly to the cognitive functions of your customer’s mind…

You can keep practicing “shotgun” marketing and communication hoping you get lucky with your customers…


You can learn our system for speaking directly to the minds of your customers and clients.

A program backed by science and research

111457_nardi-classroom-630Author, Former UCLA professor, and personality typology expert Dario Nardi, has been doing research on the the neuroscience of personality. His work with EKG machines and brainwave scans have indicated that the once soft science of personality typology can actually be measured in brainwave activity.

Imagine being able to speak or write and get your customers to act – almost on demand.

Here is what you’ll learn inside the Rapid Customer Rapport program…

  • How to use the Genius system to quickly establish trust with your ideal customer
  • Once you have a customer – how to create your products and services that speak to their learning process so they “get it”
  • Create a deep feeling in your customers of being fully understood
  • Build loyalty from getting your customers at the core level of their identities
  • The four decision-making styles that will impact your marketing
  • The four learning styles that will impact your teaching and product creation


The tuition for Rapid Customer Rapport is $97.

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What a previous student said about the program:

Dave Michaels here. Your Rapid Customer Rapport first session was a huge revelation and eye opener for me. My Genius Style report (Perspectives/Harmony) is totally on target for me. I take pride in the fact that I’m a ‘heart-centered’ entrepreneur and my Genius Style report raises an interesting situation for me. Thanks to you, I experienced, first hand, the power of the knowledge you have and I was surprised at how touched I was emotionally. I sorta felt like I was roaming the desert for most of my life until I stumbled on you and the knowledge you’re sharing.

– Dave Michaels

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PersonalityHacker.com_Joel_Antonia_Site_Pic1We can’t wait for you to begin your journey of making a big impact in the world…

Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt,
Personality Hacker


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