Your Personality: The Owner's Manual


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Unfortunately, as of April 1, 2022, the Owner’s Manual Program is no longer available.

We’ll be re-purposing some of the program’s content for future programs, wherever it is most relevant, but the Owner’s Manual program as it existed has now been retired. If you missed them and would like more context around why this program has been retired, we’ve left the videos of Joel and Antonia for you below so you can learn more about this change.

And, that being said, it’s not all bad news!
If you’re interested in the best ways to use a deeper understanding of your unique mind-wiring and your best-fit Personality Type for growth, relationships, business, or even wealth creation, we do offer a ton of other programs and classes you can join to learn how to do just that. We’ve spent years working with and coaching people of all personality types and we would LOVE to get to be a part of your growth journey!

Check out our course catalog to find out which of our programs can best support you on the next phase of your growth journey.

PersonalityHacker.com_Joel-Mark-Witt_Antonia-DodgeWe can’t wait for you to begin your journey of making big impact in the world…

Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt,
Co-Owners | Personality Hacker

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We are retiring our program “Your Personality: The Owner’s Manual” at the end of March.

… After March 31, 2022 you will never again be able to invest in this program. It’s been one of our most popular programs and a great way to help you understand yourself and the gifts you can share with the world. We’ve always loved The Owner’s Manual, but since it was created nearly 10 years ago, it’s ready to go into retirement.

The best time to invest in Your Personality: The Owner’s Manual is RIGHT NOW before we place it in The Vault… forever.