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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode Joel and Antonia discuss how someone using Introverted Feeling (Authenticity) can better communicate with someone using Introverted Thinking (Accuracy).

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  • Antonia Dodge
    • Antonia Dodge
    • January 6, 2020 at 2:48 pm

    You got it. For an INxP, Si will recall details that have been filtered through the judging function since the cognitive priority is placed on that Ti or Fi evaluation. More simply, Si can’t capture what it didn’t register in the first place, but will capture what has been deemed important. Of course, when Si is a dominant or auxiliary function (in SJs), its capture mechanism is more about what struck the individual subjectively than what was filtered out via a judging function.


  • Andrea
    • Andrea
    • January 6, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    Hey! I’m curious about how Fi might blend with Si differently than Ti as well. My husband thinks he’s most likely an INTP and I’m most likely an INFP – but his fact recall is worlds better than my own, which I always thought was pure Si…but now I’m wondering if it’s Ti put together with Si that produces excellent fact recall related to his topics of interest.
    My own fact recall seems more limited to memories that were deeply impactful and dredging them up, I can “feel” them resonate with me just as before. Then I can recall many details, but it seems so connected to my inner feeling map/web/what have you, whereas my husbands seems more connected to an inner structure that is more categorical and compartmentalized, so he seems to access it easier.

  • Kit
    • Kit
    • April 30, 2018 at 6:47 am

    Type test and consultation has typed me as INFP. But I so resonate when Antonia mentioned about “sorting people” for information. I do that too. Hence there were times I thought I am INTP.
    But after Joel talk about “problem solving” and “clean slice”… then I know i am an INFP. Haha… Information/Thoughts are always Cloudy for me.

  • Sarah
    • Sarah
    • August 31, 2016 at 6:51 am

    To add to it, for e.g. if I hesitate or don’t want to do something, he interprets it as me being uncomfortable and being bogged down by societal expectations. Sometimes it is true, sometimes it isn’t. He wants me to not feel uncomfortable. He wants me to reach where he is – where what people expect of him doesn’t matter to him anymore. He has broken all the barriers. He has accepted others as they are and nothing affects him now. He is questioning me for my own good. He makes me feel uncomfortable in hopes that I will get over it. I want him to challenge me but not by making me uncomfortable, that’s not okay to me

    Hope this clarifies a bit

  • Sarah
    • Sarah
    • August 31, 2016 at 6:36 am

    Hey, I am an ENFP woman dating an ENTP man. He is incredibly smart and believes he is way ahead of the rest in terms of personal growth so much that people can’t comprehend his perspective. He believes this makes him not capable of having an emotional connection with others. It is true that he has done a lot of personal growth, but there seems to be something off here.

    He believes he has complete mastery over his emotions. When I talk to him I don’t feel like I am in a respectful dialogue, but a ‘guinea pig’ he keeps poking and in the end gives his opinion. I appreciate the insight he brings as I personally am a very open-minded person and would readily accept cognitive dissonance he points out in me, atleast on most days.

    I am personally on track of growing my Fi after ignoring it and using Te for some time.

    I hope that made sense. I would really appreciate your advice
    Thank you

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