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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode Joel and Antonia answer a question about intuitive parents raising sensor children.

Intuitive Parents and Sensor Children #myersbriggs #parents #children

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  • Jenny
    • Jenny
    • January 16, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    I found the end of this podcast interesting from a dynamic point of view. I am ENFP and my husband is ENTP. There was a subtle put down from Antonia re ‘expertness’ which I found really resonated as something that gets put to me often from many people – I’m wondering if this is to do with me also being ENFP and people assuming a lower intelligence because of the way I show to the world (where I am expected to be highly intelligent)?

  • Rachel
    • Rachel
    • August 30, 2015 at 3:04 am

    My parents are both sensors, and four of their five children are intuitive. My sister is the only sensor. The results of this are: 1) My parents think we’re all crazy, and my sister is the only sensible child, 2) My sister is extremely comfortable when hanging out with intuitives. She contributes her own thoughts on outlandish “what if conversations”, or topics like politics, theology, and science stuff. Her comments usually are more grounded in reality, relating to what actually was said or happened. As opposed to being more theoretical or topic-jumping.

    I think the bigger barrier is being a perceiver in a family of judgers. I’m the only perceiver, and it manifests in my being extremely disorganized, constantly late, dropping plans, losing my stuff (and their’s) undertaking massive and unrealistic projects, and needing bailed out of messes. It’s annoying to everyone involved, and something I am constantly trying to grow in.

    Also, the majority of us are introverts (five out of seven). It’s interesting to me, because the introverts really dominate the spirit of the family. My mom has become more introverted over time (she’s an ESFJ). She loves her friends, but has less of a need to go out all of the time than she used to. My ENTJ brother also has developed a lot of introverted hobbies, and is perfectly happy when isolated. We all have to work on remembering his need to be with other people, and I try to encourage him in that.

    And all but two of us are feelers. So a lot of emotional things happen. I’m the only introverted feeler in the family (in terms of leading processes). Keeping the family in a state of harmony and assuring that everyone’s needs are being met can sometimes feel like a driving theme. Especially since my mom is an ESFJ and my sister is an ISFJ. All of the functions interplay in fun and problem-some ways. Interesting talk.

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