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Discover Your Personality And “Know Thyself”

Know Thyself.

Those two simple words that carry epic meaning. They have been attributed to at least 11 of the great Greek philosophers. Plato indicates that his mentor Socrates used it frequently in his teachings, though Plato makes it clear that this was long established wisdom.

From some perspectives to discover your personality and know thyself is the single most important goal in life, and is its most noble pursuit regardless of the result. And, yet, some of the most successful and happy people of all time credit increasing self-knowledge as their guiding star.

Written into the maxim is the insinuation of a journey. Self-knowledge isn’t simple, and it isn’t for the lazy. It’s a life-long process, made even more complex by our changing and plastic nature.

So… where does one start?


Uncover Your Unique Genius

Every person is hardwired to see the world a little differently. It’s time you discover your personality. And while no two people are the same, there are patterns to how we think. Incredible minds of the past have uncovered certain patterns, which reveal an incredible truth: Each of us has a genius that lives in us. These styles of genius are a little different, and if we don’t understand them we can diminish their value… which means we diminish OUR value. The genius styles focus on a certain set of talents:


We are all unique and have the potential to bring amazing help to the world. The best way to understand how we can be a gift to world is to discover… which genius style are you?

Become The Best Version Of YOU

The quality of your life, relationships and business depends on you becoming the best version of yourself. You do this after you discover your personality. By knowing, loving and trusting yourself you will be on the path to becoming the best version of YOU.

Using personality psychology to understand who you are is just the beginning. A true understanding leads to something most people don’t know they need until they get it (and then they don’t know how they lived without it in the first place!): PERMISSION.

Permission to be yourself (know thyself) – and then permission to become the best version of yourself – gives birth to self-leadership, self-ownership, and self-sovereignty.

helen mccarthyAntonia… since doing my profile with you, I have the validation to be me. Since my childhood I have felt like a square peg in a round hole….and I didn’t interact with you on line as my Perspectives Self was creating a new model for my future business alongside your dialogue… it feels absolutely ok to do that now. Let the patterns run. I have thoroughly researched my ‘profile’ through other avenues yet have not been provided with the detail that links it all together – you provided that for me.
– Helen McCarthy

Take Your Own Personality Test To Discover Your Personality

If you want to know how your brain is wired to learn new information and make decisions, discover your personality, find language for why and how you get defensive, shine a light on your personal blind spots and see just how they’ve been impacting you your ENTIRE LIFE, and know what the highest leverage growth activities are for your personal type…


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