It’s time to carry on our annual Personality Hacker tradition. We’re here to bring you a wrap of our 12 most-listened-to podcast episodes of 2023.

Why not take a listen to our top episodes and let us keep you company this New Years? As one of our awesome Personality Hacker community members, you helped these episodes make the list afterall!

But first – Here’s our 2023 in a nutshell

Like many of you, 2022 saw us awaken and emerge from the hibernation type feeling left by the world events of 2020. 2023 gave us the gift of building on that momentum. You probably felt the winds of change blowing from our direction a few times!

Whether you want to catch up on what’s been going on at Personality Hacker or take a look back with us, here’s our highlights from the year.

We gave our learning platform an epic upgrade

Did you join or revisit a program from our course catalog this year? If so, you probably noticed a big improvement. We grafted behind the scenes for over 12 months to bring you this more intuitive, easy to navigate and enhanced learning environment.

We took Personality Hacker to new places – literally!

If you’ve been listening to us a while, you know Joel and Antonia love to hit the road and meet you all in person.

This year saw us hosting two live podcasts events – in Nashville, TN, and Atlanta, GA.

Three was the magic number for our Personality Life Path program. As well as hosting in-person Life Path events during our trips to Nashville and Georgia, we hosted one in our hometown of Gettysburg, PA.

And we can’t talk about travel without giving our Profiler Training live event a mention. Twice a year this deep-dive program in the art of Personality Profiling culminates in a 5-day in-person grand finale. We held this year’s in Pittsburgh and Orlando.

Our Profiler Training November 2023 Event in Orlando, Florida.


We embarked on a Personally Quests adventure

We know the difference a support network makes when you undertake personal-growth work. This year we launched Personality Quests with that in mind.

Every Sunday we meet with a small group of Personality Growth enthusiasts, like you. Together we watch a short clip, usually from the podcast, and talk about the concept, how it relates to our core identity, then gives way to application. It’s great to reflect on an idea, find our personal relationship to it, and support each other as we each set and discuss our individual personality-growth quests.


Want to join us on your growth journey? Find out more and begin your Personality Quests here. Adventure and community spirit.



Our 12 best podcasts

Now let’s get back to our top podcasts of this year.

Come across any haven’t heard yet? See an episode you want to revisit? We’ve hyperlinked the titles so you can jump right in and take a listen- enjoy!

Without further ado here we go…


12 – ENFP Careers – The Four Work Styles Of The Personality Type

You’re gonna see a theme here. Our Personality Types and Careers series proved wildly popular! Want to know more about ENFPs and their careers? Listen to our 12th most popular episode of the year to discover the 4 work styles that influence ENFPs.


11 – INTJ Careers – The 4 Work Styles Of The Personality Type

Want to find out what influences an INTJs career choices? How about the ways their career influences them? Check out this episode to find out about the 4 work styles of the INTJ.


10 – ENFJ Careers – The 4 Work Styles Of The Personality Type

Your last choice on this topic for now. ENFJs are known for their mastery of people and relationships. But have you ever wondered how their personality influences their career or vice versa? Tune into find out all of this and more.


9- Personality Types and Artificial Intelligence

The launch of Chat GPT hurled AI squarely into the front of collective conscious. So we knew this episode would pack a punch. Join INTP programmer and polymath, William Lancaster, together with Joel and Antonia to get their take on AI. Viewed through a Personality-Type lens of course!

8- The Limits Of Personality Type Theory Without Personal Growth

A topic that hits home for a lot of us when we first dive into the world of Personality Type. Get Joel and Antonia’s take on the topic, as they discuss their personal and Personality Hacker work to overcome this common pitfall.


7- The Dark Side Of Boomers And Gen X In Generational Theory

Don’t miss this popular two-parter! In this installment you’ll hear INTP Media Producer and Art Director Christian Rivera share his knowledge and insights on generational theory. Being Gen Xers themselves, Joel and Antonia bring their experience of their own generation to the conversation.


6- Unlocking Your Personality Flow State

When you discover type you get a better sense of your strengths and weaknesses. You feel inspired to become your best self. But did you know you take this further and use your type to find flow? Take a listen and find out how!

5- The Dark Side Of Millennials And Gen Z In Generational Theory

Here’s your chance to catch up with part 2! The second half of this mini-series is the most popular. This time hear what Christian has to say about the two younger generations – including his own – Millenials. Gain more perspective and insight as he, Joel and Antonia wrap up the topic.


4- Personality Types And Leadership Styles

What does leadership mean to you? Does it mean different things for different personality types? Tune in to find Joel and Antonia’s broad and rounded understanding of the topic as they unpack the principles of leadership.

3- INFP Careers – The Four Work Styles Of The Personality Type

Simply curious or seeking INFP type advice? Lots of you wanted to know about INFPs and their careers. How does their personality type influence this? Tune in to find out the 4 flavors of INFP and how they navigate the world of careers.


2- Personality Types And Stages Of Life

Our second-most-popular episode speaks to a need lots of us have in the Personality Hacker community. We want to to use Personality Type for personal growth. But what does this actually look like? Wonder no more as Joel and Antonia lay it all out for you.


1- INFJ careers – The Four Work Styles Of The Personality Type

And here’s your no.1 most-listened to episode of the year! Lots of you seek out our INFJ content, and were clearly dying to know about INFJ careers. Take a listen to discover the 4 work styles of the INFJ.


How did we do? Spotted any of your favorites here? Maybe we missed an episode you loved. Let us know in the comments below.

Thank You For 2023

Now we’ve reflected on 2023 – and shared our best dozen, we want to give a shout out to our team members, collaborators and friends. They helped make your favorite episodes happen!


An extra special thanks goes to Dr. Dario Nardi. Always a friend and inspiration to Personality Hacker! This year Dr. Nardi’s helped us bring you the popular Four Work Styles Of The Personality Types series. In 2023 we collaborated with Dr. Nardi more than ever. From live workshops to the pioneering “Personality Tools Of The Future” program, Dr. Nardi’s created some of our most epic content to date.


Last but not least, a big thank you to you, dear listener (as Antonia affectionately calls you!). Because of you we get to do what we love.

Cheers to you and wishing you the best 2024. We’re honored to be part of your journey and hope you’ll continue to grow alongside us next year.


We appreciate you. Peace.