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In this episode Joel and Antonia explain the difference between Introverted Intuition and Extraverted Intuition.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Intuition is an effectively advanced pattern recognition. It is a learning style basically speculating the train of thought following what’s behind the curtain.
  • Intuitives are not the majority so the world is not designed for them.
  • People who have sensory learning styles aren’t comfortable speculating. They want more information to be safe and secure.
  • We don’t have enough explanation why some people see the world profoundly
  • Everyone uses intuition to some degree.
  • Intuition isn’t judgmental. Its nature is really just trying to understand what’s happening behind the curtain.
  • Inside us, our intuition is working in conjunction with our mind’s ability to evaluate the information it takes in. All by itself, intuition is totally non-judgemental. It’s simply a process of learning.
  • 2 types of intuition: Introverted vs Extraverted Intuition
  • Introverted Intuitive Style = Perspective. Perspectives have the ability to watch their own minds form a pattern. When they hear people talk or do something, their mind will shift into the other person’s perspective and get a sense of what’s going on.
  • Perspective users oftentimes don’t reveal this kind of genius. They almost have the ability to predict future events.
  • In perspectives, you are able to see how large groups of people are going to react.
  • The process of learning takes some time to develop. Perspectives are very easy to be distracted. It’s almost like a fragile process sometimes. If there’s a lot of sensory input, it’s hard to stay focused because it’s a fragile process.
  • When working on problem, they wouldn’t know how they arrived at the solution. If they get distracted, they might never be able to pick up the trail again.
  • Out of the 25%, only 10% are using perspectives.
  • Perspective people tend to have a lot of one sided relationships and so they have very unique needs.
  • Because they don’t have that many people who understand how it works, it’s difficult for them to rise up to become better version of themselves.
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  • Extraverted Intuition = Exploration. Unlike perspectives who are slow paced, exploration on the other hand, is more about exploring the world and understanding patterns on the outside world. They tend to be very interactive and engaging.
  • They’re able to understand the connections and relationships to things that other people don’t. It’s about new connections.
  • Intuition is interested in speed of information and depth of insight. Both types of intuition do this but Exploration is more inclined to speed of information and Perspectives likes the depth of insights.
  • The world needs both styles of intuition. Without this, we would actually stagnate.
  • The more you give yourself permission and make your intuition more powerful and strong, you could be truly unstoppable in making great things.

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  • Brian
    • Brian
    • June 8, 2022 at 3:43 pm

    A followup comment. I woke up this morning with a-ha’s and woo woo! My woo woo has served me well as a Pastor, Church musician and now moving toward a hopeful teaching or performing career in Classical voice and opera. Woo woo is very helpful in Music Theory/Composition and the Music History courses I took. You can see the patterns and thinking of the composer in their composition and can bring their messages and nuances to life. In one of my composition classes there were several Intuitive. We studied Bach’s method of composition to draw out principles of tonal counterpoint and voice leading. The composition majors were in their element and have a-ha’s woo-woo’s and feverish exploration. We white boarded and showed on a screen our compositions and the compositions majors turned on the woo-woo and improved everyone’s compositions. That is an awesome use of extraverted intuition. They could do deep dives into music the whole class. But as an ENFJ at some point I have to jump off the merry-go-round, wrap it up, get my class critique and suggestions and move on. My composition friends could do this for days at a time. Same thing was true in Music History. The Music History is actually the history of the style and remarkable features of composers throughout recorded history. It’s learning their musical patterns and the innovation each composer and era bought to the table and to the world about their music. The History majors would kick in to woo woo mode and could talk for days about all the distinctive feature of various composers and their unique music style down to the motives, motifs and sometimes the very measures of they music. Like the Tristian chord by Wagner in the opera Tristan and Isolde. Historians and Comp major could fire up their woo woo, a-ha’s, geeking out and Exploration tools for days talking about Wagner if you let them. Love the woo-woo!

  • Brian
    • Brian
    • June 8, 2022 at 8:02 am

    Learned about woo-woo today! Love that description! I tend to think about my Co-Pilot Perspectives as advanced pattern recognition that works in the back of my mind overnight as an ENFJ. Then, first thing in the morning I get “a-ha” moments when I wake up or have deja-vu occasionally. I also think of it and explain it as spiritual discernment – the ability to see the long term effects, consequences and landing point for a course of action or the decisions you take today. I am not really attached to woo-woos and gurus. But love the term.

  • laxmi
    • laxmi
    • January 20, 2021 at 1:15 pm

    But being an INFP i have the ability to see from other’s perspective as well with Fi and Ne?

  • Kathleen
    • Kathleen
    • September 8, 2020 at 11:10 am

    When you talked about that test where you take a fork and a ketchup bottle, and ask “If these were married, which one would be the man, and which one the woman,” my very first thought was: “Why man and woman? What if they´re gay, or lesbian? Or non-binary?”

    So that´s extroverted intuition, right? :)

  • Aisha Musa
    • Aisha Musa
    • December 28, 2019 at 10:22 pm

    I am an INTJ. I have always chosen a spot in the room where my back is to a wall and I can see the entrance to the room because it gives me a sense of safety and control. Thank you for making sense of this.

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