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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about power vs empowerment, the power couple, gender roles, and why men might fear being objectified.

In this podcast on the power couple you’ll find:

  • Most men spend so much time focusing on standards of female beauty but do nothing to improve their own physical attractiveness.
  • Men are used to being objectified as providers but are terrified to be objectified by their looks; that they have to look attractive to attract women.
  • There is a shift in viewpoint which developed overtime that women don’t need men as a provider but a lifestyle and romantic companion instead.
  • Collective unconscious in genetic memory implies that women have always been victims of exploitation. Some are even still looking for ways to prove that they are victimized by men. There is a sense of retribution in women to want men to experience their hardships.
  • Mentality creates reality. We can create or influence others to become predators by insisting that they are bad. This way, we are neglecting them and stopping them from having a connection with us.
  • Once the honeymoon phase in a relationship (which lasts one to two years) ends, the power struggle phase comes in and makes or breaks a relationship.
  • Both genders nowadays have almost equal opportunities open for them leading us to a current position of a gender power struggle. It creates a situation where one is forced to lose so that only one can have power; there can’t be shared power.
  • Power is about hierarchy structure where one is in authority and the rest are subordinates while empowerment is about personal power which can be achieved by everyone.
  • What is a power couple? A Power Couple is created when two people with equal skills and talents both give space for one another to be fully empowered making them unstoppable in doing extraordinary things.
  • There is currently an unprecedented level of competition wherein when one is able to provide something others can’t, it makes that person more attractive than most. In this sense, self-empowerment needs to be focused on by everyone regardless of gender.
  • Attraction is not a choice. Being the best version of ourselves is the best initial attractor.

In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about power vs empowerment, the power couple, gender roles and why men might fear being objectified. #powercouple

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  • Adrianna
    • Adrianna
    • December 31, 2014 at 2:01 am

    Something that you said really resonates with me. It bothers me that there are people who instead of wanting equal human rights, want a supremacy of whatever group they represent. It bothers me that some people instead of actually working for a goal really rag on the group “in power” (personally, I’ve never seen the point, all that does is make everything worse). Maybe it’s just an intuitive mindset, but I always wanted to see people fight for rights as purely people, not because as a part of race or gender.

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