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PersonalityHacker.com_INFP_personality_type_adviceIn this episode Joel and Antonia dive deep into the needs and desires of the INFP personality type.

In this podcast on INFP Personality Type you’ll find:

  • Why are INFPs misunderstood?
  • The cognitive function is a mental process that helps you learn information or make decisions.
  • The 4 letter code tells you how your brain is wired. It’s like an entrance on how you learn processes.
  • Authenticity – Is a way that you (as an INFP) make your decisions which is more inclined what resonates with you the most as a person.
  • INFPs understand emotions on a whole different level.
  • Questions to ethics become very intriguing to INFPs. For example: “what determines an ethical or moral action?”
  • Authenticity is very in touch with the subjective human experience.
  • Authenticity is where we humans find conscience. Because that’s when we ask, “how do we honor people’s individuality?”
  • Oftentimes, INFPs become masters of human experience in general.
  • The ability to determine that something resonates is a maturity of the Authenticity process. As it matures, it understands that not everything they experience is the same as everyone.
  • Do INFPs truly want to be understood?
  • Nobody could be 100% understand them apart from themselves.
  • INFPs feel being marginalized and dismissed way more than being misunderstood.
  • INFPs seek validation.
  • We want to acknowledge that they have a specific type of pain based from their personality type.
  • Authenticity type should be balanced with Exploration. Exploration (the co-pilot function) is about advanced pattern recognition in the outside world – thinking behind the curtain.
  • If you want more description or definition, check out our episode “Introverted Intuition VS Extraverted Intuition”.
  • Your superpowers are developed when you learn to master your co-pilot.
  • Art is one of the places where INFPs thrive.
  • Art is a communication of feeling and INFPs simply flourish in this context. They create art that’s impactful.
  • For INFPs, they tend to recall how they felt/reacted in the past.
  • They have the ability to mirror emotions. They don’t need to mirror emotions in real time. For example, the can look at an art piece and mirror the emotion to themselves.
  • Authenticity people tend to recall how they feel/how they imagined they would feel and then instantly replicating the emotion inside them.
  • The emotional language can be transferred in long extensive periods of time.
  • In order to be authentic, you need to have a mature and vast understanding of how the world works.
  • Intent: The Darker aspect of Authenticity. INFPs tend to try to give a reason that’s combated with logic.
  • INFPs tend to defend their intent, because they see a wide array of positive and negative intent. They understand how people can easily go and slip into bad intent.
  • Healthy INFPs view everything has positive intent.
  • Being able to understand that darkness is universal and part of the human experience will help you accept yourself.
  • How to go about making a living as an INFP?
  • Getting something done can sometimes be very challenging for INFPs.
  • INFPs have the desire to make an impact and be an inspirational leader. Oftentimes, they will disregard the passion they have. Passion is extremely important.
  • Authenticity people can have the tendency to marginalize people. Make sure you do what you’re passionate with. Check in with yourself what you really want.

In this episode Joel and Antonia dive deep into the needs and desires of the INFP personality type. #MBTI #INFP #myersbriggs

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  • Sheri Bortz
    • Sheri Bortz
    • September 23, 2023 at 10:42 pm

    I think I am a very Fi ENFP. I share a lot with this and tested as INFP on your test. Would like to hear ENFP info as well.

  • John O'H
    • John O'H
    • September 12, 2023 at 4:43 am

    Just had to pause halfway through this podcast to process how I feel about listening to people completely understand and articulate how I navigate my way through this existence ?
    I’m feeling very validated – thanks for this guys.

  • Elizabeth Ellis
    • Elizabeth Ellis
    • March 30, 2022 at 12:51 am

    Thank you both!! My name is Elizabeth. I loved this podcast & appreciate your efforts . Listening I felt more understood than any thing I’ve listened to before this. At 68 years I’ve been learning Enneagram & Myer Briggs since I was 40 years of age. It took 3 months to know I’m a four on enneagram though could not fully recognise I’m INFP & not ENFP until this year! The things you asked for feedback on are spot on especially the part about invalidation or marginalising me versus misunderstanding me. One can still love someone without understanding them. The difference is accepting the differences without other types of people questioning and criticising my essence. Yes validation would prevent a feeling of alienation! Being authentic I love ? ~ it’s genuine & sincere & profound ! The dark side which rarely rears up &
    brings about a shame. It was helpful to suggest I allow the feeling & then let it go & accept it as human rather than entertain the feeling or squelch it ( bringing on a possible loop) The safest aspect for me is that we are not valued or appreciated enough as it is beautiful to be Ennegram type four once embraced. Vocational wise at school I didn’t do well my family of 7 I was born into had me at the lowest in pecking order. Now they jealous & resentful I’ve turned out doing 16 vocation s of every interest & passion that became a job. When lost in segregation ( esp re covid changes) I don’t apply myself in disciplines for order & keeping on track. Enneagram study to go against the grain as the gram indicates really helps in practical steps to balance & apply how to ideas. Perhaps somehow you could incorporate that into Myer -Briggs to show possibilities how one can go beyond a “type.” I love the way you described what to say to others about how I can’t make you fully understand me as I m not able to articulate it but please validate I’m bringing best sincere intentions. Brilliant work you two . Much appreciated! Kindest regards, Elizabeth

  • Melissa Y Laurel
    • Melissa Y Laurel
    • November 22, 2021 at 12:32 am

    Never, ever has there been a moment, aside from the time that i became a born again Christian, when I have felt such a soul shaking, earthquake explosion of revelation inside of me!!!!!!! The all soul and mind encompasing EEEEXXXXHAALLLE. exhale. Fireworks, light bulbs. you. name it. thank you. i wish i could explain the relief or gladness that i feel ..It’s Like an eternal itch I could not scratch, all my life, which is that yearning, desire to understand why I (now i know as an INFP) FEEL so different. Why do I FEEL everything..Why am I so emotional? Why can’t i turn off my feelings??? THis pod cast has helped me to connect the dots in my mind that I daily struggle with. My internal realm, where I experience every flavor of the ying and the yang throughout life . Good and bad allike because good and bad i feel are just a few degrees away from eachother on the scale.. one has to exist for the other to exist. I dont condone evil darkness malice or meaness not at all. please dont misinterpret but like you mentioned, i have an keen awareness of hte dark corners of the soul also. my favorite poem is The raven by Edgar Allen Poe. I digress, back to the dark side… NOt because i feel like I am evil, sometimes I worry why can I understand such deep dark concepts? I read the bible alot and I often write scripture and memorize it on the chambers of my heart so that I am remindedthat inately I am good. I have dreams where I fight with evil things and i have always overcome through the power of Jesus Christ. Although I have an understanding of my dark nature. I am a person who used to cut her arms, not severely, kind of on the surface but enough to get me to “feel” the cutting instead of feeling the actual intensity of whatever emotion i was going through. Now Please know that I have also experienced so much joy, had such a phenominal sense of elation, love and just overall happiness in my life. As a single mother of two beautiful intelligent, bright indendepat young adults, my kids and my family have given me so much joy. I can look at a pecan on the ground and it can bring me joy as i metaphorically compare it to my life or discern it to be some sort of message from above to help me work out whatever emotional dissonance i have. in my heart. I like to describe myself to others that i feel comfortable with when they struggle to define me. I want to be open and available to them but i know I’m just a big weirdo. When I love, I love to the ends of the earth and i mean that in every sense of the word. Sometimes i cannot pass up a homeless person on the street withoutt my jaw starting to chatter because i start to think back to when they were kids, they had a momma . how did they get here? As a christian, though i let that spark me into the spirit of service and i’ll bring them a warm meal later on that day or some clothes i may have or blankets, fruit water, a word.. anything. i dont say that to glorify myself in any way, God know s im no mother theresa! But, I’ve found that my spirituality as an INFJ and through jesus christ is a place where i can postively discern and sort through my feelings and not have to feel guilty or like i am not “tethered” to anything bigger than me. It can get so very lonely . Even with several people in my home. I often tune down my emotions,if they feel dark. , But I dont always tune down the cheesy loving ones becuase i know they can be over bearing on my family. but sometimes i say what the hell, I dont give a s#8t! I want to hug you all NOW just because !! and that joy from trusting myself to commmit to those moments and the love i feel my children share and receive is truly the elixir of life for someone like me. We hurt alot, a whole lot. but these little moments make all the inner drama worth while. BLess you bless you for navigating these waters and bringing such a breath of understanding, the big AHA. Thank you so much i cannot thank you enough. Gracias!! Your work and this podcast are truly. transformational. THank you for helping me understand me.

  • Renee
    • Renee
    • August 22, 2021 at 12:31 am

    Personality Hacker,

    As an INFP i completely resonated with this podcast. So, i’m at the age of 32 and never heard of the myers-briggs theory or any of this stuff till this year and yet i’m glad i have because when i look back on my life, i can see everything you talked about played out word for word. I learnt at a very young age that i had a very intricate array of emotions that people didn’t understand and i blamed myself for that because in my mind it was my fault that i didn’t have the language to explain it to them…it was around that time i was diagnosed with depression at the age of 12. I thought at that time i wanted nothing more then to be understood…by my parents, my friends, my the people i considered close to me, who i cared for. When i didn’t get that it did feel lonely and isolating…but even worse i felt unloved and unwanted as well, and my life could have easily gone down a really dark path but luckily it hasn’t.
    But you guys are right, years later in my late teens i realised that it wasn’t that i wanted to be fully understood, i just wanted people to take me seriously…for people to say that i am valid in the way that i think and feel as i do for them. I wanted this the most from my parents but never got it and to this day, i haven’t seen or spoken to them in 7 years. It’s definately not what i wanted and i remember my sister saying to me at the time to just be quiet and do what they say/want because making mum and dad happy is more important. And because i wanted my family in my life soo badly i tried doing just that…and yet kept failing all the time. I wasn’t living my life true to my authentic self and whether i meant to or not, i’d start reverting back to doing or saying what was true to my authentic self. Thats when the fighting would begin and the comments such as, “your a bad daughter,” “you’re such a disappointment,” “why can’t you be more like your sister” etc etc. Theres only soo many comments like that you can take before you finally just pack your bags and go. It took a lot of therapy to get rid of the self doubt and negative self-talk that was running through my brain at a young age. My head is a lot more peaceful nowadays i must say! Even though a part of me wonders if i had learnt about my personality type and the myers-briggs theory earlier on in life would have been a good thing? Maybe…maybe i’d still have my family in my life, maybe it would of saved me a lot of days i clocked suffering…but in a way i’m glad it worked out this way…i may have learnt the long and hard way but i was immensely emotionally mature from a young age because of it…i worked out what techniques to use to help me through more challenging times in my life and how they can impact me emotionally all on my own. I’m in a good place now. Thank you for the podcast i absolutely loved listening to it!

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