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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about the unique way your personality is “hardwired” for wealth.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • People kept asking why they constantly fail on their business when they follow certain advises based on books.
  • In Hard Wired for Wealth, we took examples of people with different personality types and how they’ve done well for themselves and have a mass extraordinary resource.
  • No matter who you are, we want you to understand that you are hardwired for wealth.
  • Everybody has a path to wealth creation and you are going to do it on your own way.
  • Every single personality type has a single specific function or mental process or hardwiring. The hardwiring of your mind has the first point of entry that’s referred to as your dominant cognitive function or your driver mental process – this is the lens where you see life.
  • Understanding your type based on your wiring is very powerful than knowing your 4 letter Myers Briggs code.
  • Introverted Sensing – is used by all SJs (ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ISFJ). Memory is more about being in touch with concrete reality. Impressions of the world is being understood through memory – a learning process that captures info and later on, thinks about it. Taking new info to old info. This is a past oriented learning process, so this more traditional. Example is Martha Stewart – she’s had more influence on how Americans eat, entertain and decorate their houses.
  • Extraverted Sensing – is used by all SPs (ESFP, ISFP, ESTP, ISTP) basically the mental process that’s real time, using information in the present moment. It’s using information based on what’s happening right now. All of these types are very good in understanding information within and beyond their 5 senses. If memory is focused on looking in the past, sensation is about the present moment. What am I seeing and engaging right at this time? Adrenaline comes in as a factor and advantage. People of this mental process have high kinesthetic abilities. Example: Donald Trump – generating wealth in real estate. He loves the adrenaline rush of being in the game and making deals. It’s more about the deal than it is about the money.
  • Introverted Intuition is used by all NJs (INTJ, ENTJ, INFJ, ENFJ). They use the perspectives process to pattern-recognize how people think. It’s an ability to escape from your own perspective and watch your mind form patterns. Example: Charlie Munger (which is the right-hand of Warren Buffet). He uses his perspectives process in order to anticipate trends. Perspectives is future oriented. He started as a real estate attorney but stooped to work on investment management full-time. On a creation/creator standpoint, maybe an author who creates an entire world for the novels, the perspectives process can be used to build giant timelines, entire worlds and systems that’s created out of thin air.
  • Extraverted Intuition. NPs (ENFP, INFP, ENTP, INTP). Exploration is about pattern recognition in the real world. Connections are made fast. Example – Ashton Kutcher. Ashton is an actor in Hollywood and now he’s into business investing where he is pattern recognizing how Hollywood and Silicon Valley are merging.
  • Extraverted Thinking. TJs (ENTJ, ESTJ, INTJ, ISTJ). Effectiveness is all about what works. They value all things that bring results at the end of the day. Oftentimes, Effectiveness people are really good at managing projects and timelines. They understand how to talent scout. They’re great in creating systems. Example: Jack Welch, the CEO of GE for many years. He led the company into a 60 B a year company.
  • Introverted Thinking. TPs (INTP, ISTP, ENTP, ESTP) Accuracy is about what makes logical and analytical sense. This process is interested in systems, it’s more about being a mechanic. It’s about taking all the best stuff and conglomerating. Example: Tony Hsieh. He focused more on the employees than the customers.
  • Extraverted Feeling. FJs (ENFF, INFJ, ESFJ ISFJ) Concerned about the emotions and needs of people. What will get people’s needs met? How can I make sure that they’re getting taken care of? Example: Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has been facilitating conversations about getting needs met.
  • Introverted Feeling. Process used by all feeler perceivers FPs (INFP, ENFP, ISFP, ESFP). Some INFPs and ISFPs feel like they’re hardwired to not know where they should be heading with wealth generation. Example: Richard Branson made his wealth by starting Virgin records. He was fulfilling records. He’s hardwired to go take risks and work in alignment with his values. He used his innate hardwiring to create massive wealth.
  • There are many creative ways on your path to wealth generation.
  • Understand that you are hardwired to have amazing talents that you can build skills upon.
  • Check out our Hard Wired for Wealth course and let us know your feedback in the comments section.

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  • Chandni
    • Chandni
    • February 14, 2020 at 2:51 am

    Thanks for the reply Antonia, makes sense. And appreciate the honesty with which you responded, that’s why I enjoy your and Joel’s work so much. The way you have demystified the cognitive functions, without resorting to stereotyping. And always staying true to the admission that type doesn’t explain everything. At best, understanding the hard wiring of each of our cognitive functions, helps us navigate the world better. But finally, each one of us is unique. The interplay of the 4 functions in our stack itself can yield different behaviour.

  • Antonia Dodge
    • Antonia Dodge
    • February 13, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    There are two kinds of typing, or what we call profiling – passive and active. Passive profiling is doing so from afar, usually on people you don’t personally know. Like celebrity types. Active profiling is a skill developed over time, using yourself as the instrument built upon a strong understanding of cognitive functions.

    Anytime people are profiling from afar it has a much higher likelihood of being inaccurate. The only celebrity types I ‘stand behind’ are the ones I’ve met personally. I strongly doubt Branson is an ESFP – my suspicion is that he’s an NFP Enneagram 7 – but until I meet him I won’t have a definitive opinion on it. Unfortunately, using celebrities to illustrate a point is often leveraged since everyone knows them, and sometimes it’s unavoidable.


  • Chandni
    • Chandni
    • February 13, 2020 at 6:30 am

    Hi Antonia and Joel. I enjoy listening to your podcasts and find them very informative. I Had a question – you suggest that Richard Branson is an INFP, though he has been identified as an ESFP in several other places ( including INFP leads with Fi/Ne ans ESFP with Se/Fi . Doesn’t this make typing a rather inaccurate exercise ?

  • Antonia Dodge
    • Antonia Dodge
    • September 11, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    Most of the best connections I’ve made is going where people are gathered around the topic – events and seminars, particularly on money generation, can be great ways to connect with the right person. You may or may not be able to give them a personality test, but you probably won’t need to if you vibe with the person. Many cities have local gatherings that are low or no-cost, and of course there are always events and seminars around the world that are a bit more expensive but may be higher leverage.

    Happy hunting. :)


  • Raederle Phoenix
    • Raederle Phoenix
    • September 8, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    Thank you for this great podcast. I listened while painting with my non-dominant (left) hand, as something I’m doing to help train my brain to be more flexible (and also to train my body to be more balanced, of course).

    I’m an INFJ and (of course) HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). I am the author and artist of (to name a few) Waveward Dreams (the coloring book), Appliance-Free 5-Minute Revitalizing Recipes (the lectin-conscious recipe book), Voice of Conscience (the party game of ethical quandaries), Numinous Nonflict (the beautifully illustrated strategy game), and Living Big and Traveling Far on $8,000 a Year (an informative, personal, practical, how-to guide to maximizing life with your existing wealth).

    As you can see, I’m very accomplished in my creations. And yet, as you can tell from the title of the last book I mentioned, I’m not very wealthy in dollars.

    I feel like my type (INFJ) is capable of selling one’s own goods to others using Fe, for sure. But I find that making a big effort to engage in networking saps my life-force. I find learning about marketing fascinating and I have a wealth of knowledge about passive income, effective sales pages, sales funnels, the works. And yet, I hardly use any of that knowledge for myself. (Mostly, I analyze other people’s sales funnels for fun.) I’m sporadic, inspired, inspiring, endlessly creative, and accomplished. I do live a wealthy lifestyle with organic bed sheets and organic clothes, a lovely home in an eco village, a gorgeous permaculture garden, and a generous diet of all the best foods available to a well-educated person. (I source, for example, all of my animal products from a local Amish farm so that I get top-notch A2A2 dairy for maximum vitamin K2 and D with minimal animal protein and toxin load.)

    I would love to become more successful mainly because I want to spread my creations. I want more people coloring Waveward Dreams, more people using the process I created Perspective Alchemy (another of my books not mentioned above), more people utilizing the recipes in my recipe books, more people benefiting from analyzing their own ethics through the Voice of Conscience game. I want the pride and joy it would bring me to sell thousands (or millions) of copies of my creations.

    I honestly feel this won’t happen without a partner in business who loves what I do and who is a different type. Perhaps a ENFJ, for example. I need someone reliable, passionate, and good with people who can book speaking events for me. (I LOVE public speaking!) I need someone who will provide customer support. (I provide support . . . But sporadically.) I need someone who will contact book stores and game stores and ask them about stocking my products.

    I’ve come to knowledge that I can’t be a one-person operation. Yes, I can write AND draw AND study nutrition AND develop recipes AND take stunning photographs.

    But I can’t also be on call AND promote my work consistently AND be continuously seeking out speaking gigs and places to sell my work. For these roles, I need a partner, and I’m not sure how to find them. My current circle of family and friends doesn’t contain the right person – I’ve asked. And as an INFJ, you know how important it is to me to conserve energy. I don’t want to crash and burn seeking people out. (I already spend a lot of effort on finding and maintaining friendships that feel nourishing to me.)

    So my question is this: How do I (as an INFJ) find the right business partner? Where do I look? How do I know when I’ve found them? How do I approach them? Do I befriend them first, or do I exclusively look for someone to fill this role?

    Thank you for reading this. Any response is appreciated.


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