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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about how to move forward in the midst of disappointment around world events and other factors beyond our control.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • What do you do when things don’t work out? When the world is falling apart around you?
  • As we go down this road of self-development, not everyone else is going to be in the same space we are.
  • A lot of people who don’t feel they got the political result they wanted are demoralized and frustrated.
  • Many are displaying a sense of grief and anger against everything.
  • There is a concern that we weren’t attending to something properly so now we have the results we didn’t want.
  • When we bring a general sense of negativity to everything, and we keep doing it, we end up creating the catastrophe we initially feared.
  • The previous political election was lame because the opposite party refused to cooperate with anything.
  • Shift the negativity to something more positive.
  • Personal growth transcends dichotomous systems.
  • Graves Model Podcast
  • There are aspects of our personality and society that are stratified.
  • Society is a macrocosm of us: a microcosm.
  • Some candidates are more attractive to certain types of people.
  • A big piece of why people are dissatisfied with how things went down in the recent election is because there is still a lot of in-fighting.
  • When you are at a higher level of development, you have the means to remember how you were in the lower levels of development. You can take in more territory.
  • A big piece you can bring to this context is the ability to meet people where they’re at.
  • You can also be aware that there are individuals who are seeing things you might not be aware of.
  • It’s not about being right or wrong. Someone who takes a different position may be seeing something we’re not seeing. Address them with curiosity instead of hostility.
  • The World appears to be shifting away from globalization with some of the local political choices.
  • It’s not the quality of people’s character. It is a false assumption that if someone disagrees with us, they are betraying some deeply fundamental flaw.
  • Ask: Are they contextually right? Is this a period where their perspective is accurate? Even if their perspective would be inaccurate in another situation/context?
  • Systems Thinking – there are nodes in the system that indicate whether or not a particular emergent is good or bad.
  • Timelines are a major node in the system.
  • The now is not the trajectory forever.
  • Trajectory is not just a line where we are moving either forward or backward. Just as the space shuttle needs to make corrections to reach the moon, our society will occasionally need to make corrections.
  • A single perspective is a disastrous trajectory. We need the check and balance system to keep us on the desired path.
  • At no point in history has progress gone backward. It may stall out for a while, but progress continues.
  • There is a lot more going on than just election results.
  • Unsustainable systems usually crash. These crashes encourage corrections to help us get on the correct trajectory.
  • More messaging. More space. More open to different perspectives. Instead of shutting down differing viewpoints, listen to them.
  • Generational theory podcast
  • Winter Season – a need to conserve resource. Seek safety.
  • Winter ends
  • The work you’ve done has prepared you for this moment. Show up at your best.
  • This is not a time to retreat and be demoralized. Not a time to wallow.
  • Become galvanized. Find ways to connect with other people.
  • Put yourself in an emotionally and psychologically abundant space so that you can give back to others.
  • These are the moments that can help you find your sense of empowerment.
  • Regardless of your political alliance, there is a palpable sense of miscommunication right now.
  • Be of service to the rest of humanity. Find a way to improve communication.

In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about how to move forward in the midst of disappointment around world events and other factors beyond our control. #currentevents #sadness

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  • Michie
    • Michie
    • November 29, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    When I listened to your podcast on the Graves levels, Antonia’s comment about the world coming to on a level up soon resonated with me. The comment about this level up not looking as bloody as previous level ups was not something I could quite square. With having been at war for the span of two (8 year) presidencies, the social unrest lately causing various “(Blank) Lives Matter”, it seems to me like we are at the tip of the iceberg. During the primary, I was exploring the varying candidates through the lens of the Graves levels. I hypothesized what Graves level each candidate was pandering to, which the outcome shows me a pull back from the level up. Going up in Graves levels is scary on a personal level. Looking at the current political climate, society seems to be retreating to something that feels safer, trying to recreate the nostalgia of yesteryear, firmly safe in the middle of a Graves level. But this also seems to help the level up process. It shows how many people are scared about the future. It opens society up to discuss and to learn from each other. My personal realization with the election was how disconnected people are from each other. We can build online tribes so readily that we can hide from other points of view. The hope that I see is that the world is in the struggle to level up right now. It is the growing pains we have to go through for the world to catapult forward.

  • Antonia Dodge
    • Antonia Dodge
    • November 23, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    It’s likely that we’ll keep our primary podcast focused on basic personal development subjects, though how people are impacted by the world is a node in the system of their development. We’re kicking around the idea of starting a secondary podcast to dive into more timely “what’s going on in the world” topics. Your choice to subscribe to it or to remain subscribed to our primary podcast is totally yours, of course.

    That said, phrases like, “pandering to the Left that can’t handle reality” and “not as a resource of band-aid for overgrown children that can’t deal with the world” indicate that your position isn’t exactly neutral or concerned with growth in this particular topic. People are at varying levels of development. To determine that another person’s response to world events should be marginalized when it’s clear that no small amount of people feel destabilized by said events shows a level of hubris I don’t think it warranted.

    I recommend checking out the Live Mind vs Dead Mind podcast. We echo Robert Anton Wilson’s recommendation to subscribe to news platforms which represent the opposite bias you have. For example, if you’re Christian subscribe to Skeptics magazine. If you’re an atheist or agnostic, subscribe to a religious magazine. If you’re liberal, weekly consume content from a conservative perspective. And if you’re conservative, subscribe to a liberal magazine.

    In this way we keep our minds alive and curious, we remember that people who disagree with us are adult humans with nuanced experiences (not ‘children’ who ’can’t handle reality’) and we truly avoid echo chambers.

    Thanks for being a listener.


  • Marius
    • Marius
    • November 23, 2016 at 12:53 pm

    I think the political suggestions that you are making here are not what you should be concerned with generally. Someone lost, some people feel upset, they should just get over it. I’d like it if you’d cover more relevant, generic concerns, rather than pandering to the Left that can’t handle reality. Please, treat people like grownups, instead of emotional children. I’d like this to stay off politics and handle development, not as a resource of band-aid for overgrown children that can’t deal with the world. I don’t decide what you post or talk about, but my decision remains in being subscribed or not. Feel free to take into consideration that siding politically with sides usually ends badly. Keep it professional and do not slip into activism because you will create an echo chamber filled with nothing but thought void.

  • Charis Branson
    • Charis Branson
    • November 21, 2016 at 1:51 am

    Thanks for the comment, Taylor! I just bought that book and haven’t had a chance to read it, but WOW! That is insane. Thanks for sharing!

  • Taylor
    • Taylor
    • November 20, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    After you guys had Jesse Newburn on talking about Generational Theory, I went out and ordered the book “The Fourth Turning” by Howe and Strauss. This book was written in 1997 and how they predicted 2005-2025 would pan out according to generational patterns. This is just an excerpt from the book, explaining what they thought would happen mid-Crisis.

    “Soon after the catalyst, a national election will produce a sweeping political realignment, as one faction or coalition capitalizes on a new public demand for decisive action. Republican, Democrats, or perhaps a new party will decisively win the long partisan tug-of-war, ending the era of split government….the winners will now have the power to pursue the more potent, less incrementalist agenda about which they had long dreamed and against which their adversaries had darkly warned. Where leaders had once been inclined to alleviate societal pressures, they will no aggravate them to command the nation’s attention”.

    As Jesse said, the fourth turning is like winter. Winter is darker, colder, and it depresses many, but the positive message is— its just a part of the cycle. I don’t know, the startling accuracy of this prediction (along with the 2007 financial crisis and wars in the Middle East which they also predicted) makes me think irregardless of what candidate won, disruption and crisis are a natural part of restoring balance. And, as with seasons, are not the end of the world, only a temporary period to get through.

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