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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about intuition and how all of us use it in our personality. They discuss the degree to which intuition shows up for you and how to honor it in your life.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Intuition is our first love at Personality Hacker
  • Intuitive Awakening
  • Intuition is a perceiving style in the Myers-Briggs system
  • Sensor-based learning looks for reliable, verifiable info.
  • Intuition is advanced pattern recognition; speculating on the observed patterns.
  • Helping Intuitives honor their intuitive processes is near and dear to our hearts.
  • 25% of the world is Intuitive
  • It may feel like the world doesn’t encourage your Intuitive tendencies.
  • Many Intuitives blend in to appear less different than everyone else.
  • The Introvert movement taught us how differently introverts are wired.
  • It gave Introverts a lot of permission to be different in spite of the worlds tendency to reward Extraversion.
  • Intuitives, like Introverts, have a different experience than the world at large.
  • The world is set up to challenge the Intuitive perspective.
  • We don’t see a lot of acknowledgment that some people are wired to lead with speculative perspectives.
  • Just as there was an Introverted movement, we believe we are headed toward an Intuitive movement.
  • There is not as much scientific info burgeoning around Intuition right now.
  • Intuition hovers in the realm of philosophy.
  • We want to help people understand that all of us have an Intuitive piece that shows up slightly different.
  • What does it mean when Intuition shows up in different seats of the car model?
  • Just because something can’t be measured doesn’t make it untrue. We used to think bacteria didn’t exist because we hadn’t the tools to measure it, but it didn’t prevent it from being a thing that impacted society.
  • If you are looking for hard science, think of these things as philosophies.
  • Open your mind to new ideas.
  • Intuition as a Driver process – INJs and ENPs
  • Intuition in the Driver position means you are filtering everything you experience thru this pattern recognition lens.
  • You thrive on meaning-making and speculation and “what if?” questions.
  • This thinking fuels INJs and ENPs, which sets these types apart from the majority of the world.
  • Intuition as a Driver means you can’t shut it off.
  • When you get pushback from the world, you may have had to fight for the way you think.
  • The world’s pushback is good for the Intuitive process and can help us build it up like a muscle.
  • But not everyone realizes this.
  • They may use their Intuition without spending the time to develop it.
  • There are some schools of thought that believe we don’t have to develop our Driver process.
  • “You don’t have it. It has you.”
  • That’s like saying you don’t have to exercise your body.
  • It is inaccurate.
  • When we exercise our Driver process, we make it a better instrument for use.
  • Feedback from the outside world helps us calibrate our Intuition.
  • Speculative leaps are never 100% correct. They need calibration.
  • Develop a relationship with your Intuition where you understand that it is a big piece of who you are.
  • Become fully self-accepting that you are going to be different from everyone else.
  • Accept the outer world feedback that challenges your intuition to hone it to be its best.
  • Most Intuitive Drivers have found a way to express their Intuition in some specific way.
  • Find ways to expand that in other areas.
  • The better you get at intuition, the more fun it becomes and the less insecure you feel.
  • Intuition as a Copilot process – all ENJs and INPs
  • In the Copilot, ENJs and INPs may tend to marginalize their Intuition until they need it.
  • When Intuition is a Copilot, it needs exercise and development, but it doesn’t give you the fun energetic feel as your Driver process does.
  • As a Copilot, ENJs and INPs can get impatient with their Intuitive process because it takes a lot of work.
  • When the fun stops they drop the tool.
  • ENJs need to slow down to use their Copilot. Recognize they have a bias toward action.
  • INPs need to get brave and get outside of their comfort zone. Recognize they need to waste resource to get the full benefit from Extraverted Intuition.
  • INPs think they can exercise their Intuition by staying indoors and learning something new.
  • That’s not how it works.
  • Have a complete relationship with your Copilot by forcing yourself outside of what feels natural.
  • Intuition as the 10 yr old process – all ESJs and ISPs
  • Our general relationship with our 10 yr old is that we tend to exploit it.
  • It can have some wisdom, but only after we have consulted our Copilot.
  • We tend to use our 10 yr old when we are defensive to validate the Driver’s conclusions.
  • A 10 yr old is easy to manipulate.
  • If the Sensor with tertiary Intuition isn’t careful, they can use “good enough” pattern recognition to rationalize their ideas but not good enough to know how accurate they are.
  • They can use their tertiary Intuition to support speculative leaps that can appear specious.
  • Specious = 10 yr old intuition: it sounds good, but that doesn’t make it true.
  • A better way for ESJs and ISPs to use their tertiary intuition is by adding spice to the conclusions of the Copilot.
  • ISPs can use Intuition to add meaning to the real-time observations of the world.
  • ESJs can use Intuition to add speculations to the real world reliability of their Copilot.
  • Don’t reject the 10 yr old.
  • Don’t exploit it.
  • Use it in a healthy way for insight and creative power.
  • ESJs are very creative when they diversify.
  • ISPs can have extraordinary insight into how the human mind works.
  • But only after they have used their Sensory process first.
  • They become less afraid of Intuitive things when they start using their intuition correctly.
  • 10 yr olds can’t figure out when they can trust themselves and when they can trust other people.
  • ESJs and ISPs Sensory process helps them vet things and become comfortable with their speculation and other people’s speculation.
  • The biggest challenge for ESJs and ISPs is a tendency to over-rely on their tertiary like we all tend to do.
  • When the Copilot gets stronger the 10 yr old gets stronger.
  • Intuition as a 3 yr old process – ISJs and ESPs
  • Our general relationship with the 3 yr old is that it doesn’t feel like us.
  • When Intuition sneaks up on ISJs and ESPs it doesn’t look good.
  • Can often look like paranoia or catastrophizing.
  • Uncomfortable. Impending doom.
  • The healthiest ways a Sensor can use their 3 yr old Intuitive process is through aspiration.
  • There is a strong creative drive with Sensory Drivers.
  • They can use it to add meaning or ask “what if” questions.
  • Your job as a Sensor is not projecting what is coming next or reinventing the wheel.
  • Inferior, 3 yr old Intuition doesn’t have to be scary. It can find meaning in the chaos.
  • Other people’s Intuition doesn’t have to be scary either.
  • Once you have built a skill with something, can you expand it to more of a speculative area?
  • We are all Intuitive.
  • We are all Sensors.
  • It isn’t an Us vs. Them situation.
  • The apparent dichotomy of the 4 letter code of your personality isn’t the end of the story.
  • Intuition is an essential part of the social ecosystem.
  • The technological advancements we are making today require speculative leaps because Intuition built the technology.
  • Intuition is becoming imperative to our modern age.
  • Be open to intuition. It isn’t a threat. It is important to how we grow as a species.
  • What is your relationship to intuition?
  • The world is getting more complex.
  • Understanding the world is going to require some speculative leaps and advanced pattern recognition.
  • A lot of people want an easy to swallow pill to solve their problems.
  • Simple solutions cannot solve complex problems.
  • We need to look at patterns and see what is going on.
  • Intuitives also need to get better at communicating things in ways that can be understood by others.
  • Don’t over-rely on Intuition. Don’t marginalize it.
  • Build a positive relationship with Intuition on an individual level.
  • Take responsibility for honoring your Intuition.

In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about intuition and how all of us use it in our personality. They discuss the degree to which intuition shows up for you and how to honor it in your life. #podcast #intuition #intuitiveawakening #mbti

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  • Lili
    • Lili
    • July 18, 2018 at 1:07 am

    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast as y’alls passion is extremely contagious. And it’s clear the immense growth both of you have achieved since your earlier podcasts. And thank you so much for keeping those podcasts free of charge.

    Humanity is going through birth pains for sure, and I believe the intuitive few are going to help in bringing full understanding and meaning as tools to ease these pains. And though there’s reluctance in handing over the torch, which is understandable given that the world we live in relies on factual data that can be measured according to the senses.

    So yeah, intuitive movement is happening for sure, quietly but with an incredible force behind it.

  • Hannah Tucker
    • Hannah Tucker
    • June 27, 2018 at 1:56 am

    56:45-58:19 YASSSSS JOEL

  • Norm
    • Norm
    • May 7, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Jami, I can relate to making sure I have the fundamentals down 100% first. With me, it is probably even more extreme since my iNtuition is even further down the stack. I often get so bogged down with the fundamentals that I usually fail to venture beyond it to try and create anything new.

    Hope to continue the conversation with you in future threads.

  • Neena
    • Neena
    • May 7, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    Thanks! Very interesting and hopeful, I think!

  • Nora Gainey
    • Nora Gainey
    • May 5, 2018 at 11:28 am

    I learned a lot and I am listening to some interesting thoughts in my head after the show.

    I know intuitive was what I tested as, but I was not so clear on the implications of that. I also notice that i will come up with solutions that no one else sees, though they seem obvious to me. I also come up with garbage solutions at times. Keeps me humble.

    I don’t always lead with my intuition but I think i need to. The words that feel like it to me are look for the miracle.
    I may listen again if i can find the time.

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