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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about using your romantic relationship for personal growth.


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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Check out our growing together Couples Mapping program.
  • 2 huge extremes happening with romantic relationships in today’s world.
  • What does it take to have a great relationship?
  • What defines an ideal relationship vs a “bad” relationship?
    • How being growth-oriented helps even ideal partnerships.
    • What is the foundational thing people want from being a couple?
  • What unique growth only exists within a relationship?
    • An unexpected leverage point in your relationship.
    • How a simple behavior makes huge changes for you as a couple.
    • What the Couples Mapping program is all about.
  • The 3 relationship realities.
    • How are your life goals and circumstances affecting you?
    • What it really means to have each other’s back.
    • Why some couples fail after so long.
    • What makes a relationship get so mundane.
    • When growth-oriented couples face pressure.
  • What about being single?
    • The things that being single can’t teach you.
    • How being single can actually help your next relationship.
  • What does compromise truly mean?
    • When you think you’re compromising, but not really.
  • Ways to understand your relationship according to Bruce Muzik.
  • The #1 thing that is the lifeblood of every relationship.
  • Does your relationship have an opportunity for more growth?

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  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
    • March 30, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    Men generally grow from relationships, women do not. Women do not grow from relationships due to their cognitive wiring, and their innate narcissism, solipsism, and selfishness.

    Kohlberg’s stages of moral development:

    “In Carol Gilligan’s famous paper in the 1977 Harvard Education Review titled In a Different Voice: Women’s Conceptions of Self and of Morality, she writes, “Kohlberg’s stages begin with an obedience and punishment orientation sequence (Stage One), and go from there in invariant order to instrumental hedonism (Stage Two), interpersonal concordance (Stage Three), law and order (Stage Four), social contract (Stage Five), and universal ethical principles (Stage Six),” (Gilligan 489).”

    “The crux of Gilligan’s thesis in her paper was that Kohlberg had concluded, based on his research and scoring system, that women became stuck at interpersonal concordance in Stage Three and did not progress passed that stage to attain the same understanding of abstract ethical principles, such as the sense of “justice” men obtain, say, as they head off to war.

    “In 1969, Kohlberg and Kramer identified Stage Three as the characteristic mode of women’s moral judgements claiming that, since women’s lives were inter-personally based, this stage was not only functional for them but also adequate for resolving the moral conflicts that they faced. Turiel (1973) reported that while girls reached Stage Three sooner than did boys, their judgements tended to remain at that stage while the boys’ development continued further along Kohlberg’s scale,” (Gilligan 489).

    The reason Kohlberg and his contemporaries claimed women progressed to Stage Three quickly and then remained there was because the qualities that make a “good woman,” “tact, gentleness, awareness of the feelings of others, strong need for security, and easy expression of tender feelings” were moral attributes of interpersonal concordance, or the kind of outside reassurance teenagers seek from forming social cliques as they come of age.  So the “care” and “concern” expressed by a morally “good” woman was, for a man, a juvenile sense of moral development. Thus, it can be concluded that based on Kohlberg’s theory, women never achieve the independent thought of an adult."

    If Kohlberg is correct about women’s moral and cognitive development, which he is, the claim could be made that they don’t grow from relationships.

    In case any of you are deluded into believing women love men, the following video experiment should put that delusion to rest. In it, a man holds out a rose to various women walking by, NONE of them take the rose. He then holds out dollar bills to women walking by. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN walking by takes the money. This experiment tells you a lot about the mindset of women and what they REALLY value. Here is the link:

    Whatever the things are that being single can’t teach you that are outlined in this podcast, ultimately they don’t matter.

    To men I say this: don’t get married and stay free. Marriage is prison and misery for men, and divorce destroys him financially when the woman robs him in divorce court.

  • Lajla
    • Lajla
    • March 24, 2021 at 8:10 pm

    Thank you Antonia for putting Word to this… « I dont want to kill HIM I just wish he didnt excist»… I know the feeling and it is really really hard and shamefull to be like that…but as you say a lot ..the only way out of it is through it…this is true also to this toxic thaught…Been there ..done that…and it was the hardest thing I ever did …but Even If I went through partner left me…noW Im batteling the Grief prosess …only there is no grave..I lost my partner ..but he is not dead.. he is madly in love…to a New perfect partner…and so on all the signifikant dates..where One would go to the grave and Get support from family laws…Im all alone…and its a paradox…me having and batteling this thaught..maybe If I didnt..I would be happy to be free…noW Im just crushed…and almost not functioning…

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