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In this episode, Joel and Antonia discuss achievement work in personal growth. This is the second aspect of the HAT Model. HAT stands for Healing, Achievement, and Transcendence.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • How does the HAT Model relate to personal growth?
  • What are the four different areas of life that can be addressed?
    • How does the achievement realm relate to the four different areas?
  • How can achievement benefit us?
  • What are some valuable components to do achievement work?
    • How do societal trends affect the way achievement work is viewed?
    • Why can people get push-back when doing achievement work?
  • What does it mean to do physical achievement?
  • What do we have to contend with when doing achievement work?
    • Do we all start at the same level?
  • How do beliefs affect achievement work?
  • Who should you be comparing yourself to in your achievement journey?
    • Antonia shares her experience with this.
    • What can you ask yourself when beginning your achievement work?
    • Antonia shares why it is important to compare yourself to the right things.
  • Why is it important to be aware of what is driving you to achieve?
  • What role should competition and external metrics play when achieving?

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1 comment

  • Erik Bland
    • Erik Bland
    • January 1, 2022 at 5:37 pm

    I’ve enjoyed this series, thank you for sharing!

    This episode really helped me to realize that prioritizing the development of one aspect (H, A, or T) over another can be ok, or even healthy.

    In my own case, a few years ago, I had done of lot of transcendence work with meditation, and I gained a lot in terms of my perspective and values. But over the past year or so, I haven’t been meditating as much, and I’ve been giving myself a hard time about it.

    Simultaneously, I’ve also been putting a lot of work into achievement, perhaps due in part to an unexpected career change…but also perhaps due to realizations I’ve slowly come to following my transcendence work that my current career trajectory wasn’t going to result in as good of an outcome for myself as I would like.

    This episode helped me realize that it’s ok not to work heavily on transcendence right now, I don’t need to criticize myself for not meditating “as much as I should”, for example. That it’s ok to focus on achievement for now, and I know that I’ll be back to heavier commitment to transcendence work at some point in the future.


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