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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia explore the 4 work styles that influence ENTP careers.

Discover more about subtypes in Dr. Dario Nardi’s “The 64 Subtypes in Depth”


In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Why are Joel and Antonia discussing careers for each of the personality types?
  • What are some popular career choices for ENTPs?
  • Introducing the ENTP subtypes by Dr. Dario Nardi.
    • How to approach the concept of the four subtypes.
  • Check out our previous podcast episode where Dario introduces the four subtypes of each personality type.
  • Why choosing a career can be stressful for ENTPs.
  • The energy and flavor of the four subtypes.
  • The four ENTP subtypes:
    • Dominant subtype – how these ENTPs make things happen.
    • Creative subtype – how can these ENTPs channel their range of interests?
    • Normalizing subtype – how do ENTPs who thrive in the corporate world show up?
    • Harmonizing subtype – how do these ENTPs excel in conversational skills and understanding people?
  • What’s Antonia’s ENTP subtype?
  • Why it’s important to train yourself in the skills of a different subtype.

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  • Amy
    • Amy
    • April 20, 2023 at 12:58 pm

    I identify most with the Normalizing ENTP subtype at this point in my life, but when I was younger I was probably more of a Creative or Dominant. I can definitely see the influence of my first career on my current subtype – I was a military officer, which tends to be technical, big-picture, and project management-oriented. That training and education changed the way I problem-solve and organize projects, and I even tested as an INFJ at one point (though the test showed a low consistency score in my answers).

    I was able to job-hop a lot in my first career, and now I’m in an entirely different second career working as a consultant for healthcare software implementation. My job has a lot of variety, and I’ve realized that the most important thing to me is to have creative freedom over my projects. If I don’t have that, I absolutely must have a creative outlet somewhere else. I can actually track my mental health over the years based on when I had both, when I had only one, and when I had neither, and those “neither” times were pretty dark.

    BTW, you guys have the most approachable, interesting, and informative personality podcast I’ve found so far. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Kristi Kneedler
    • Kristi Kneedler
    • April 19, 2023 at 5:14 pm

    Hi, I know this is going to sound crazy, but I figured out that I’m an ENTP! I wanted to be an ISFP so bad and really didn’t want to be a thinker, but I’m an ENTP. I’m actually excited that I finally figured it out, and you’re so awesome Antonia I’m proud to have the same type. I identify as normalizing, but I want to be harmonizing, so I’m working on it.

  • Cathy
    • Cathy
    • April 18, 2023 at 1:22 pm

    I have been in higher education most of my life (other than a short stint as a church receptionist), but I’ve taught physics, environmental science, and biology and I do STEM education research. When you first read the list of careers I thought, “Uh oh, I think I mis-typed myself.” But then I could see myself in every description, and you mentioned education for the three subtypes that I resonated most with. Harmonizing was really spot on (including mistyping as INFP when taking traditional MBI), and I think I have spent a fair bit of time in the normalizing realm. My teaching style is very student-active—learning more about how students think and learn about the topics I teach is super interesting to me and keeps it all fresh! I definintely have frustrations with the higher-ed system and would love to get more involved in changing it and I have experimented with ungrading and other practices to increase equity and inclusion. To do more large scale systems-change work, I think I might need to draw on some dominant subtype skills :).

  • Job
    • Job
    • April 18, 2023 at 8:39 am

    Hi Guys,

    As a harmonizing ENTP I’m trying to get some access to my dominant ENTP side through the normalizing part.
    I like my harmonizing side and the openness and people skills it brings, but I think my career would really benefit from some more of the analytical sides of my cognitive functions. Any chance for some extra tips on that in future podcasts?

    Regarding seeing a kid be a harmonizing ENTP according to my experience:
    Imagine a little kid thought of as an “old soul”. Good in understanding others in conversation but never being able to make decisions or give feedback because the “frameworks”, “models” and general knowledge/information are missing.
    There is some good pattern recognition, but not enough referential knowledge to for instance differentiate between the “multiple scales/layers” you guys were talking about (macro economic, finances for company & the smaller groups within them). -> a lot of data, bit of information in the moment, but no knowledge or wisdom. just recognising logic.

    A kid very curious for others’ insights and always absorbing a lot of information. Missing a structure to place that information however it results in a perpetual information gathering and often naïve gullibleness without knowing what to do with it, so the kid is very receptive to others’ input on what to do or how to act. Nice obedient quiet(er) version of an ENTP in class. Great at simple tests of understanding, horrible at making longer term assignments, because that would require some decisiveness and self guidance.

    Personally I really needed to force myself into a normalizing subtype to actually get something done before I could place all my gathered information and viewpoints in a frame that actually shifts me more to the K & W in the DIKW model (Data, Information, Knowledge & Wisdom). Still very much a work in progress though.

    Thanks for the great podcast again!

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