Enneagram Type 2 Explained

Enneagram Type 2 is sometimes called “The Helper,” “The Giver,” or “The Befriender.” Now we’re in the heart triad.

This is a emotion-based type in the Heart Triad.

Each of the three types in the heart-based triad is going to be structured or shaped by their relationship to emotions in some way.

Enneagram 2 Types are caring, interpersonal people. Twos tend to be friendly, people pleasing, generous, and likable.

To get what they need, sometimes Enneagram 2 Types can help a little bit too much and become intrusive.

Enneagram Type 2Basic Strategy of Type 2

The basic strategy for Enneagram 2 Types is adapting to others.

There’s a sense that Type 2’s get what they need, not through asking directly, but through being pleasing, gaining approval, being supportive and helpful.

There is a strategy of shape shifting, of adapting their presentation to create alignment and rapport with others. This is a lot about gaining approval from others and doing the kinds of things for people that will garner approval.

Enneagram 2 Types tend to avoid being rejected or disliked. If Type 2’s believe that they get what they need through creating connections with people, especially positive, friendly connections, then being rejected or getting disapproved of is something really hard to deal with.

A lot of approaches to the Enneagram really, really stress being helpful and giving as a key part of Enneagram Type 2. It’s actually a means to an end than the main focus.

The main focus of Enneagram Type 2 is being liked, creating alignment with people, and emphasizing parts of yourself that you think people will like and want to be around. This includes de-emphasizing parts of yourself that you think others will reject, or won’t like for one reason or another.

Key Challenges of The Type

Enneagram 2 Types struggle with finding a realistic sense of who they are. Because they get so much value from what they offer people, they sometimes feel like they can be all things to all people, they sometimes believe that they can and should meet everybody’s needs out there.

This is partly an unconscious strategy to get their own need met because they hope that people will then meet their needs in reciprocal fashion when they help them.

But Enneagram 2 Types can tend to sort of puff themselves up a little bit. Type 2 has this core belief: “If I’m not liked for who I am, maybe I can present a different kind of image so that I can get the approval that I really want.”

Grow Deeper With The Enneagram 2 Owners Manual

What Is In The Owners Manual?

Introduction To Enneagram
— Meet Your Teachers: Dr. Beatrice Chestnut & Uranio Paes
— How To Navigate And Use This Enneagram 2 Personality Owners Manual
— Resource: Your Enneagram 2 Personality Owners Manual Growth Companion Guide

Module 1: Introduction To Enneagram
— Lesson 1: Introduction to the Model
— Lesson 2: Enneagram as a Typology
— Lesson 3: Integrate the Shadows
— Lesson 4: Avenue of Growth

Module 2: Overview of Enneagram Type 2
— Lesson 1: The Concept of Personality – Overview of Enneagram Type 2
— Lesson 2: Center of Intelligence – Center of Intelligence for Enneagram Type 2
— Lesson 3: Passion – The Passion and Virtue for Enneagram Type 2
— Lesson 4: Fixation- The Fixation & Holy Idea for Enneagram Type 2
— Lesson 5: Focus of Attention
— Lesson 6: The Subtypes (Subtypes explained – Subtypes for Enneagram Type 2)

Module 3: Self-Observation & Action Steps
— Lesson 1: Key Tendencies
— Lesson 2: Blind Spots
— Lesson 3: Growth Path
— Lesson 4: From Passion to Virtue
— Lesson 5: Overcoming Patterns/Tendencies

Module 4: Continued Learning & Deepening Growth
— Lesson 1: Wings & Arrows
— Lesson 2: Growth With Wings
— Lesson 3: Growth With Arrows
— Lesson 4: Subtype Growth
— Lesson 5: Vision Casting Module 5: Toolbox & Bonuses
— 1 Hour Q&A Session Around Type