Enneagram Type 3 Explained

Enneagram Type 3 is sometimes called “The Achiever,” “The Performer.” Now we’re in the heart triad.

This is a emotion-based type in the Heart Triad.

Each of the three types in the heart-based triad is going to be structured or shaped by their relationship to emotions in some way.

Enneagram 3 Types work very hard with focus on productivity and effectiveness. They are image conscious.

All three of the heart types are fairly image conscious. They’re all aware of wanting to create an image and having a sense that people, when they see them, they’re making certain judgements.

Enneagram Type 3Basic Strategy of Type 3

The basic strategy for Enneagram 3 Types is to appear successful in the eyes of others.

So Enneagram 3 Types work hard. They work toward goals. They work at tasks all to achieve things. And in achieving things, they try to appear successful in whatever context they’re in. They tend to avoid failure at all costs.

To be seen as successful, failing is really the last thing that you want. So Enneagram 3 Types really avoid failure. They also don’t like wasting time and being viewed as ineffective or incompetent. The goal is to project an image of competency and effectiveness and success.

And as you can probably guess, Enneagram 3 is actually the “type” of American culture.

Enneagram 3 Types tend to get rewarded for things that aren’t necessarily good for them because when they become so good at matching an image of success, of being who people want them to be, or being someone that people will admire.

Key Challenges of The Type

Enneagram 3 Types can lose touch with who they really are apart from their image.

They put so much energy into creating an image that they can forget their real self, how they really feel, or where do they really stand on something.

They are shapeshifters. But they shapeshift in different ways based on different goals.

Enneagram 3’s want to be perceived as competent and successful, so much that they can identify an image and then become that.

Type 3’s are good at entering any situation and saying, “Okay. This is what’s successful in this situation, and I’m going to match that image.”

So Enneagram 3 Types are actually the prototype for all of us. They are someone who adopts a persona or a personality or an image as a way of getting along in the world, as a way of getting needs met and navigating through life.

Grow Deeper With The Enneagram 3 Owners Manual

What Is In The Owners Manual?

Introduction To Enneagram
— Meet Your Teachers: Dr. Beatrice Chestnut & Uranio Paes
— How To Navigate And Use This Enneagram 3 Personality Owners Manual
— Resource: Your Enneagram 3 Personality Owners Manual Growth Companion Guide

Module 1: Introduction To Enneagram
— Lesson 1: Introduction to the Model
— Lesson 2: Enneagram as a Typology
— Lesson 3: Integrate the Shadows
— Lesson 4: Avenue of Growth

Module 2: Overview of Enneagram Type 3
— Lesson 1: The Concept of Personality – Overview of Enneagram Type 3
— Lesson 2: Center of Intelligence – Center of Intelligence for Enneagram Type 3
— Lesson 3: Passion – The Passion and Virtue for Enneagram Type 3
— Lesson 4: Fixation- The Fixation & Holy Idea for Enneagram Type 3
— Lesson 5: Focus of Attention
— Lesson 6: The Subtypes (Subtypes explained – Subtypes for Enneagram Type 3)

Module 3: Self-Observation & Action Steps
— Lesson 1: Key Tendencies
— Lesson 2: Blind Spots
— Lesson 3: Growth Path
— Lesson 4: From Passion to Virtue
— Lesson 5: Overcoming Patterns/Tendencies

Module 4: Continued Learning & Deepening Growth
— Lesson 1: Wings & Arrows
— Lesson 2: Growth With Wings
— Lesson 3: Growth With Arrows
— Lesson 4: Subtype Growth
— Lesson 5: Vision Casting Module 5: Toolbox & Bonuses
— 1 Hour Q&A Session Around Type