Enneagram Type 8 Explained

Enneagram Type 8 is sometimes called “The Challenger” or “The Boss.”

This is a body-based type in the Anger Triad.

Each of the three types in the anger or body-based triad is going to be structured or shaped by their relationship to anger in some way.

Enneagram 8 Types have the easiest access to anger. Generally, this is a powerful, assertive type. This is someone who tends to appear very self-confident, strong, decisive. 8s are very direct and they can do conflict more easily than a lot of the other types.

Some Enneagram 8 Types say that they have no problem doing conflict. Some will say, they don’t really like conflict, but that they can do it if necessary.

Basic Strategy of Type 8

The basic strategy of Enneagram Type Eight in the world is to make things happen through being strong, taking control, and acting decisively. Enneagram 8 Types tend to be big picture thinkers, and they like to move big things forward.

However, a lot of their expression of strength and power in the world is actually an overcompensation for something they avoid, which is being vulnerable. So Enneagram 8 Types are a type that tend to lead with strength, with expressing power, but in a lot of ways their strength and power is a way of denying or going against any sense of weakness or vulnerability.

Key Challenges of The Type

Enneagram Type 8 challenges tend to be around contacting vulnerable feelings, being in touch with softer feelings, empathizing with others’ softer feelings, because in order to empathize with others’ feelings, we kind of need to be able to go there inside ourselves to feel those feelings inside ourselves in resonance with the other person.

Sometimes Enneagram 8 Types have a hard time empathizing with other people’s softer feelings, because they tend not to go there themselves habitually. So the challenge in their growth work for them is going to be allowing themselves to be more open, to depend more on others and to feel vulnerable feelings.

When Enneagram 8 Types do that, they really balance themselves out and they stop overcompensating by being strong and they just express a good kind of strength that’s tempered or balanced out by a consciousness of their vulnerabilities and, as humans, we all have them.

Grow Deeper With The Enneagram 8 Owners Manual

What Is In The Owners Manual?

Introduction To Enneagram
— Meet Your Teachers: Dr. Beatrice Chestnut & Uranio Paes
— How To Navigate And Use This Enneagram 8 Personality Owners Manual
— Resource: Your Enneagram 8 Personality Owners Manual Growth Companion Guide

Module 1: Introduction To Enneagram
— Lesson 1: Introduction to the Model
— Lesson 2: Enneagram as a Typology
— Lesson 3: Integrate the Shadows
— Lesson 4: Avenue of Growth

Module 2: Overview of Enneagram Type 8
— Lesson 1: The Concept of Personality – Overview of Enneagram Type 8
— Lesson 2: Center of Intelligence – Center of Intelligence for Enneagram Type 8
— Lesson 3: Passion – The Passion and Virtue for Enneagram Type 8
— Lesson 4: Fixation- The Fixation & Holy Idea for Enneagram Type 8
— Lesson 5: Focus of Attention
— Lesson 6: The Subtypes (Subtypes explained – Subtypes for Enneagram Type 8)

Module 3: Self-Observation & Action Steps
— Lesson 1: Key Tendencies
— Lesson 2: Blind Spots
— Lesson 3: Growth Path
— Lesson 4: From Passion to Virtue
— Lesson 5: Overcoming Patterns/Tendencies

Module 4: Continued Learning & Deepening Growth
— Lesson 1: Wings & Arrows
— Lesson 2: Growth With Wings
— Lesson 3: Growth With Arrows
— Lesson 4: Subtype Growth
— Lesson 5: Vision Casting Module 5: Toolbox & Bonuses
— 1 Hour Q&A Session Around Type

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