In our Couples Mapping program, we talk a lot about how you and your partner show each other love.

We make a lot of assumptions in relationships. It’s easy to do. Our culture often forces us to see most relationships as the same. People giving relationship advice make blanket statements about HOW partnerships must look.

But you and I know that each romantic partner is wired differently based on their unique personality. And so one partner may be looking for “signs of love” from the other.

If we don’t receive our expected “sign of love” it can feel like a rejection. Or worse, when we try to send an expression of love our partner doesn’t see it or they criticize it from lack of understanding. Your parter may be showing you love right now and you’re blind to it because of your personality differences.

It can be challenging for for many to understand their Harmony partner.

When an Harmony user says “I Love You” it may not be with words.

In fact, your partner meeting your needs may be the greatest signal of love they can give.

We recorded the this video about Harmony users and how they show love to their partners.

Start Your “Couples Map”

Create A Side-By-Side Map Of Each Other’s Personalities To Be Truly Seen, Accepted And Understood By Your Partner, And Wake Up Happy Together

What if your partner just ‘got you’? What if the things that drive you crazy became your favorite parts? What if you didn’t avoid communication, but instead raced home to talk over your day? What if they were the person you trusted most with your emotions?


  • Tim
    • Tim
    • May 21, 2021 at 4:46 pm

    For most of my infj-ness i hated what i was. totally despised being me.

  • Dana
    • Dana
    • March 27, 2021 at 2:31 am

    Everything you said is completely accurate and definitely resonates with me as an Fe user. I do have to say though that this video was substantially more negative than the Fi video. It focused a lot more on the ways that Fe love is annoying or smothering to other types. Of course it’s not wrong, but I didnt get that same vibe from the Fi video even though Fi love can be just as infuriating for those who dont use it. It just seems like a lot of your personal preferences and biases crept into the framing of this one.

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