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In this episode, Joel and Antonia continue their 3-part series on how to be an influencer and detail how to create high-value content for your audience.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • How To Be An Influencer Part 1 – You and Learning
  • As a creator, you have to ask yourself, “Where is the value in my content?”
  • Know your audience and how they will receive your content
  • People generally create content that entertains, motivates, or educates.
  • Do what you do well.
  • Know what you are trying to accomplish and make that the magnet in the middle of the field.
  • All high-value content has labor behind it: Time, thought, and effort.
  • If it doesn’t have a lot of value behind it, it becomes part of the noise.
  • The people with the most high-value content incorporate entertainment, motivation, and education.
  • You can probably do okay with 2 out of 3, but if you only use one, you become part of the noise.
  • The ability to motivate is essential because people are going to reciprocate with their value add.
  • Motivation requires decision and action
  • People may avoid being motivational because it creates polarity in people’s lives, and they may respond with negative feedback.
  • Everyone’s an armchair quarterback.
  • Negative feedback means you motivated someone. Good Job!
  • There’s a lot of incentive to sit on your butt and do nothing, so if you can motivate someone to make their comfortables lives uncomfortable, that is powerful.
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  • Advertising models tend to eliminate the community feel, and we prefer to build a community.
  • Being an influencer looks easy from the outside, but it requires a ton of strategy.
  • You can’t just hope it happens. It requires thought and dedication.
  • Oprah was an entertainer and an educator.
  • Joe Rogan is primarily an educator.
  • Both were interviewers.
  • If you go with education, you can be less polished.
  • If you go with entertainment, you need to be highly polished.
  • Joe Rogan is less polished than Oprah.
  • Youtube is a great discovery tool
  • How do you create content at all?
  • The thing that seems to allow some people’s info to rise above others is if they understand how to present the info for people to get it.
  • It’s hard to know how to articulate something to someone else when you are an expert at it because you’ve lost sight of how someone needs to learn it.
  • If you want to become an influencer, try coaching people first in the info you want to teach.
  • Get good at articulating the subject to people who don’t understand it well.
  • Get better at saying it to people in a way that excites them.
  • Practice talking to people one-to-one and see if you can get them excited.
  • What excites them? What doesn’t?
  • See yourself as a teacher first.
  • Can you explain the concepts simply?
  • Organize and structure your content into 5-minute discourses with 1 -2 points you want to establish or share.
  • Orchestrate it like an actual talk:
  • 20 – 30-second introduction introducing the points
  • 3 – 4 minutes to discuss the point(s) and establish its value
  • Conclusion summarizing why it is important for people to hear
  • Use bullet points
  • Record yourself and listen
  • Remove any word whiskers (um, uh, and pet terms)
  • Listen for hangups
  • Are you talking too fast/slow?
  • Are you staying on point?
  • Is your introduction interesting?
  • Does your conclusion make sense and wrap up the points nicely?
  • Do your bullet points make sense?
  • Are you nervous? Confident?
  • How’s your energy?
  • What is your schedule for release?
  • How are you going to get your message into the world?
  • Keep working at it.
  • It’s supposed to suck in the beginning. It gives you room to grow.
  • Be professional. Don’t worry about slick or polished.
  • Don’t start with the window dressing and forget the content.
  • Joe Rogan doesn’t edit his podcast, but he is very professional.
  • Make sure your lighting is good so people can see your face.
  • Make sure your sound is good so people can hear you.
  • Don’t ramble. Speak clearly and succinctly.
  • Make sure your background is clean.
  • Make sure no distracting elements are preventing your audience from enjoying your content.
  • Make sure there are no products in the background, like Pepsi cans or makeup.
  • Don’t use copyrighted music.
  • How To Be An Influencer Part 3 – Audience and Distribution

In this episode Joel and Antonia continue their 3-part series on how to be an influencer and detail how to create high value content for your audience. #influencer

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  • Michael (A.A)
    • Michael (A.A)
    • December 26, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    Hi there, I’ve learned a lot from this podcast, so thank you!

    I thought I’ve kindly provide the suggestion to listeners on this podcast to visit the website — it’s a website dedicated to becoming more aware of how social skills around social issues can be applied. I know this to be essential in creating content for an audience in about any situation, whether it’s for preventing racism, sexism, ableism or classism, in your own content. I find often when looking for advice on content like this, so much emphasis is based on how to gain as many views as possible, and less on the actual ethical decisions done with the responsibility used for influence. Yes, a person can be genuinely be full of good intentions, and many people acknowledge that, but it won’t really change the wrong action that was done, so please do so.

    Thank you for your time. I hope you visit and potentially share it to friends or even other content creators.

  • Brooke
    • Brooke
    • September 1, 2019 at 2:30 pm

    Well you demonstrated what you were teaching, in that you motivated me to action.
    I clicked on the podcast just because I was bored and I like listening to you two.
    By the time Antonia was breaking down how to give a five minute presentation, I found myself taking notes, having recalled that this week I set up a face-to-face with one of the co-founders of an educational app I am using in order to try to persuade them to add a feature I want in the app that I know will benefit other users as well and increase their success rates with students.
    So thank you.
    Now you all triggered a Joe Rogan craving lol but I am going to record my pitch instead. And I am an introvert. I think that has a big impact on the way we present and in what form. For one, we would much rather just write! Many times as I negotiated this meet up I was tempted to offer to simply email my idea.
    But deep down, in the same intuitive place where I know my suggestion has the potential to multiply their app’s effectiveness, I know a live pitch is key.
    Now the trick is transferring the responsibility and motivation over, so it isn’t me asking a favor but them taking the idea on as their own with intrinsic drive to put it in place
    For me, that means asking questions, finding out how THEY measure success, and then dropping an idea that will fuel those metrics, if they choose to act.
    Sorry, kind of got off on a tangent there.
    But great podcast, as always.
    Thanks again!

  • S.U.
    • S.U.
    • August 27, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    By having no ads in podcasts or website you show respect for the time as well as the mind of your viewers. It is greatly appreciated.

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