Podcast – Episode 0292 – How To Be An Influencer Part 1 – You and Learning

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about your personal inner work to understand the value you bring to online content creation.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Denzel Mensah: The Future Of Typology (Interview with Joel & Antonia)
  • Podcast with Naval Ravikant and Joe Rogan
  • Our competition is in whose narrative is outdoing everyone else’s narrative
  • People have to stand out when they are applying for a job
  • It doesn’t matter if you want to be an influencer, you still have to learn how to spin a narrative if you’re going to compete in the job market.
  • Entertainment is the easiest way to attract attention
  • Then you need to motivate your audience toward action.
  • Next level is education – teaching people how to do what you do
  • The higher you go, the harder it gets.
  • Entertainment is easier than motivation.
  • Motivation is where a lot of the money is and requires more skill than entertainment
  • You have to cut through the noise
  • The most lucrative is education 
  • Not just info but advice – how to do something
  • If you can blend all three of these, you are unstoppable.
  • Learn, create, broadcast
  • Advice is greater than information
  • Information is mostly free
  • We give away a ton of info for free here at Personality Hacker
  • Experience, advice and applied information is way more valuable than opinion and information
  • DIKW Podcast
  • Advice = wisdom gained thru time, experience, and leg work
  • Advice isn’t free because it wasn’t free for the person offering it.
  • What we think only matters to us. How we’ve applied the info and turned it into a more successful life is what attracts people. 
  • Reference experience is important.
  • Opinions have less importance than real-world experience.
  • If you ask for value exchange, you’re going to have to give something of value.  
  • Others value sound advice and wisdom.
  • Iconoclast = It’s tempting not to honor the giants that came before us.
  • There is nothing new under the sun.
  • We barely scratch the surface. There is so much more to learn.
  • Just because you can broadcast your opinion doesn’t mean that it’s more valid than someone who has studied a subject for decades.
  • It is so easy to create narrative without any training credentials or experience.
  • There are some people who have come before who are experts and have years of experience
  • Don’t have hubris and overvalue what you think you know.
  • You can believe whatever you want to, but if you’re going to become an influencer, you need to honor those who have come before.
  • People respond to us more because of our energy than our data.
  • Wisdom comes from honoring what has come before.
  • Find the right vibe by not assuming you know what you’re talking about but by putting things into practice and gaining the authority that people are looking for.
  • It’s hard to take energy out of context
  • Some people project a judgy know-it-all attitude, and that is the type of people they attract
  • PH attracts a ton of people who are re-evaluating their religious paradigm, and we repel people who are afraid to re-evaluate their belief systems.
  • When you want to be an influencer, you have to think about the quality of character you are as a person and the kind of person you want to attract.
  • Bake your energy into the content you create and realize you will attract the people who resonate with your energy.
  • If your audience is all negative, what energy are you putting out there?
  • Try harder
  • Type is the vehicle we are using to get the message of “Keep going” across.
  • Think about what you’re communicating and how you’re articulating it, and that will determine your audience.
  • Create value for other people
  • Value exchange = know the value you are bringing to the table. 
  • Transition your communication from money to value. 
  • What is your value? 
  • Where do you come to the table with the value add that you have?
  • Visionary, Calibrator, Implementor 
  • Your Mess is your Message Podcast
  • Visionary – sees down the road
  • Implementor – makes the vision happen
  • Calibrator – keeps everything on course
  • Where is your value?
  • Are you a visionary, implementor, or calibrator?
  • Integrator = Implementor
  • There are a lot of calibrators in the typology community.
  • “It’s not quite like that; it’s more like this.”
  • “What is a better way to think about this?”
  • Don’t forget the importance of test iterating and implementation.
  • Recalibrate after implementation
  • Figuring out our value is not just identifying where we’re at but also our blind spots and where we fit in the system.
  • Implementor framework “10 Steps to Lose Your Belly Fat.”
  • Visionary framework – Inspire people toward a better future. 
  • Calibrator framework – helping people make nuanced tweaks in life to make their life/performance better (coaches)
  • Implementors have the most obvious value
  • Understand what component you bring to the table and which one you’re missing.
  • When you give enough value, it triggers reciprocity, and people want to return value
  • You are the product
  • You have to stay in alignment with the message you are giving to your audience.
  • Your audience can read hypocrisy.
  • It is hard to find people who are sincere and in alignment with their message.
  • Experience and advice trump opinion and information
  • Know the value you add and then transition it into a value exchange 
  • Work for free to get more experience
  • If you don’t have any direction, don’t just give everything away for free.
  • Make sure you have a niche and can gain some learning from the experience
  • Working for free to get exposure isn’t the best way to go about it.
  • Give value before requesting it back.
  • Work for free if you know why you’re working for free. You have a target
  • There is no wasted effort if you are learning
  • Next episode Creation


In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about your personal inner work to understand the value you bring to online content creation. #influencer

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  • Jits

    Interested in speaking or communicating with you. I left the following on a couple of your comment boxes but no response. Looking forward to a discussion when you are available. Here is my bio.

    ’m a typical ISTP. As a kid. Football. Motocross, BB gun fights. Ect… started at 17 basic training, infantry school, airborne school, college for 1 1/2 years, Navy basic, parachute Riggers school, navy Navy SEAL school ( BUD/S)), failed due to injury after 10 months. It’s a 6 month program. Walkabout for 8 months. Paramedic, back to reserve special forces unit, unit deactivated so went active duty Us Army Ranger Regiment 2/75. Bachelors degree, Officer candidate school, Recon Platton leader, became Federal Agent, major case agent, Task force agent, I started the task force, National SWAT Team, major league door kicker, Sniper, Firearms instructor, Special Operations Combatives Instructor (SOCP), undercover agent, Jiu jitsu, Thai boxing, judo, MMA. Was injured in line of duty and forced into retirement after 22 years as a federal agent due to a mild brain injury and repetitive concussion syndrome. practice Christianity and Zen. Fell into a rut and lost all sense of self ego and all desire. Analysis of my situation and realized I had attained what zen practicioners strive a life time for and came out of my shell when I took up surfing, paddle boarding Rivers and white water, paddle board surfing the ocean and as of yesterday day skydiving. Married a ENFP and due to my Zen mentality, I must be a zen master self made, because my ENFP WIFE is my life. Even though she is crazy as a Fox, and sexy as one also, We are best friends and spend all our retired time together. She compliments me and keeps me inline when I only see the the present which is all the time. Your thoughts? I am thinking of doing a podcast. Please email me and give me your thoughts.

  • Joey

    That bit about “energy” just killed it for me.
    It’s all about the vibes, isn’t it?

  • Kelly

    Hey thanks for this excellent and well thought out episode, though I could say the same for pretty much all your shows! I appreciate you guys. Question for you — at one point Antonia mentioned that she had a link for a library of research on type that has been accumulated over time. Would you be willing to share that link? This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to dig around and find, and a library already compiled sounds like a dream!

    Thanks again guys!

  • Dayna

    As an INTP and new freelance writer just getting started in creating and growing my brand, Antonia said something that resonated with me so much. Something along the lines of “if you really want to know about wasted effort, try starting a business.” This is painfully true. The other day I couldn’t help but do a hard face-palm after realizing I had just spent 45 minutes attempting to find the “perfect” stock photo to put in a section of my website. Intentional allocation of time and effort, while often overlooked, is extremely valuable when starting a business. Good stuff guys!

  • Jeff

    My working labels are INTJ with Perspectives in the Driver seat.
    Here’s what is rolling around in my head:
    I am exploring new ways to create value for others. I am wondering how to create content and provide value based upon my strength. Is a new perspective of enough value to receive value in return? How do I package perspective?

  • Kit

    Fantastic. “people vibe with your vibe” & not just sharing knowledge or content we read somewhere, it is about sharing wisdom/experience of using the knowledge. It really hit me when you mentioned the visionary, implementers and calibrators. I used to have vision(s) which I have no idea how to take steps towards it. It really helped just knowing my own type and others, harnessing other’s strength than to always want to go at it alone. Look forward to the next part! – Kit (infp)

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