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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about how each set of personality types can activate their full potential through personal bravery.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Integrating our functions with Dr. Dario Nardi’s book The Magic Diamond.
  • Giving preference to our co-pilot (auxiliary function) over our 10-yr-old (tertiary function).
  • The oppositional tension of our MBTI type’s role in society vs what we really yearn for inside.
  • How our Enneagram strategies vs our core essence experience the same oppositional tension.
  • Which role should we show up with in society?
  • Is there reward, like reaching our highest potential, when we accept our type role in society?
  • What xNTPs and xNFJs battle with in type role vs inner desire.
  • The principle of being “ambitiously lazy”.
  • What can happen for xNFJs and xNTPs when accepting their type roles.
  • Being brave in dealing with the consequences of your type role.
  • How each type’s extreme course correction inhibits their role in society and finding each type’s “sweet spot” in society:
    • How xxFP can move from being the shadow artist.
    • The ways xSTPs and xNTPs can have healthy calibration.
    • Finding balance for xSFPs and xNFPs.
    • The ability for xxTJs to build with true intent.
    • How xSFJs can live with boundaries and awareness.
  • Our willingness to go through discomfort for a time.
  • The rewards of transcending our type fears: Getting what we feared we’d lose.
  • Figuring out what work you have in front of you.

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  • Angela
    • Angela
    • November 14, 2020 at 2:32 am

    Just listen to this and was really surprised when you mentioned how infjs who end relationships lament not being connected and how that reflects on them as individuals versus an infp who stomps away, dismissive, of anyone who doesn’t understand them. I think I’m infp but the infj assertion resonated with me more. It would be great to hear more about conflict in relationships and type in the future.

  • DD
    • DD
    • September 25, 2020 at 8:19 pm

    Great podcast guys! I like the concept of bravery, of embracing the parts of us that make us strong, that represent our best selves, but maybe not valued in society today.

    I did have some issue with the conversation at the end of the episode about cancel culture, how we are ready to take down any leaders who’ve made mistakes. Here is my SJW take:

    I definitely agree that I’d prefer leaders who’ve made mistakes and learned from them, than have people who did nothing to avoid being seen as a bad person. However, there is a difference between making regular, human mistakes, and being an abusive POS (like Thomas Jefferson or Columbus) who has benefitted from institutions of oppression such as anti-black racism and slavery—the impact of these institutions are still very much alive today (i. e. the terrible Breonna Taylor verdict this week).

    Yes, everybody has done things that are messed up. I am assuming here that the statues you are referring to here are the “confederate monuments” that activists have been calling to be taken down because of their racist histories.

    I’m wondering why you all are criticizing the desire to take down these statues, since they are the statues of racists and slaveholders standing tall in a time where racism is still rearing its ugly head. I know that worrying about statues might seem like a non-priority, or like these activists are being petty, but the fact that these people are being honored despite OWNING other human beings is pretty wild.

    And yes, everyone has a past, as do I—and I don’t want to be honored with a statue if I am not bringing good to the world, so if people go back into my past and find that I am a known racist or owned slaves, please take my statue down ASAP.

    I get where you’re going here, and that I’m harping on just a small point in the episode, but I also think that it’s important to be mindful (if not focus on) current context. The Breonna Taylor verdict this week is a heavy reminder of the devaluation of Black lives in this country, which unfortunately these statues represent. Trump threatening to not accept a peaceful transfer of power is a symptom of a messed up system that has allowed him to hold office despite being an abuser, despite being totally unqualified, despite willfully letting 200,000 Americans die of coronavirus.

    I would really urge you to consider the why’s: why people are calling for the breakdown of oppressive systems, why do people focus on leaders’ past mistakes. Maybe you’re just not fully understanding why these systems are oppressive, or the serious, unrecognized harms that have emerged from mistakes made long ago.

    Otherwise, great podcast, and sending love to you, Antonia as you go through your journey <3

  • Eve
    • Eve
    • September 24, 2020 at 6:20 pm

    This one didn’t work for me. As a TJ, I don’t feel any kind of animosity around my systems-building and if people want to tear it down. If it’s not working for the world, we might as well take the e out of Te. As for TPs being the truth-tellers that the world needs, maybe, but to a TJ, I laughed sadly. It sounds like TPs are supposed to say whatever “truth” they have in mind to say it and then feel oppressed when people don’t jump up to thank them for their truths, or that’s been my experience with this type of TP. Thank you for the content and I am looking forward to the next podcast with Dr. C.

  • Danielle
    • Danielle
    • September 24, 2020 at 6:48 pm

    A “cancel Quaker,” I absolutely love the way you phrased that! I might use it myself if the opportunity ever arises.

  • john
    • john
    • September 24, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    OMG the last 15 minutes of this show! I hadn’t listened to the last part.

    Joel lays out the TJ version of the issue Antonia presented with the fear of building something that gets ill intent projected on it. This is an incredible insight. While I’m at it, joel’s other sneaky insight about the FP ambition to be lazy (though Joel, I think you’re still applying this too broadly, I think it’s an FP thing, the FP version of this issue precisely — antonia alluded to this — not an all-types thing). Joel nailing the FPs and the TJs whether he knows it or not lol. I think you guys are onto something with this conversation. And yes, it is about bravery.

    Also, the notes on the state of the world are important because we are going to be here a while, living and dying by the sword. Though, this helps me realize how much I’d rather die by the sword than live by it. Call me a conscientious objector to the purity wars. A Cancel Quaker.

    This show totally worked.

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