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In this episode, Joel and Antonia highlight a live talk about the Enneagram instincts and passions given by Dr. Beatrice Chestnut live on the main stage at the Profiler Training event in Los Angeles.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Dr. Beatrice Chestnut gives an understanding of the basic building blocks of the Enneagram and how we can put it into work in our lives.
  • Dr. Beatrice Chestnut’s biography and fateful introduction to the Enneagram.
  • How the Enneagram is a “grand theory of psychology”.
  • The ancient roots of the Enneagram and how it applies to today’s psychology.
  • Why the work of balancing the three centers of intelligence: the head, heart and gut is challenging to Western cultures.
  • Using the Enneagram symbol to transform according to George Gurdjieff.
  • Where our survival instincts are rooted and how they work:
    • Why it is so important to know about the instincts in the Enneagram.
    • Our 3 types of instincts.
    • How distortion happens when our instincts get incorrectly used or unused.
    • What happens when the self-preservation instinct is misfiring in today’s world?
    • Understanding the order of our instincts, from dominant to repressed.
    • How our dominant instinct shapes our subtype.
    • The costs and injuries we experience when repressing 1 instinct.
    • Freud’s theory on instincts.
    • How the 3 instinct types interact with each other.
    • The pitfalls of overgeneralizing how our instincts show up in our subtypes.
  • What the self-preservation instinct is concerned with.
    • How self-preservation changes the flavor of different subtypes.
    • Its less favorable Shadow side.
    • The intensities of the repressed version of self-preservation.
  • The motivations of the social instinct.
    • The God-complex of the social instinct.
    • How a repressed social instinct mistrusts.
  • The bonding needs of the sexual (or one-to-one) instinct.
    • What sexual does and doesn’t mean in the Enneagram.
    • The intense Shadow side of the sexual instinct.
    • The diminishing effect that occurs when the sexual instinct is repressed.
  • The delicate interplay of the instincts and subtypes in finding your Enneagram type.

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1 comment

  • Toni
    • Toni
    • October 2, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    Amazing! More please!

    I am fairly new to the enneagram. This introduction to the sub-types blew my mind and I had several insights in quick succession. I am a sexual 9 and I saw how my social instinct is repressed. Whilst I can read a room easily, I have a pattern for not trusting groups and pulling away. (I wonder what work to do for that?) I also had insight that I fall asleep to myself by becoming very wrapped up in the needs of another. And I keep on having these moments of awareness: ooh there’s sloth again! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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